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8 Things People In Their 20’s Need To Stop Spending Money On

Did you know that seven out of 10 college students feel stressed about their personal finances, according to a new national survey? That number should be surprising but with the amount that I used to spend and the amount that I see other people spending, it is expected. The fact of the matter is that we are consistently spending more…

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The 5 Study Tips That Helped Me Earn a 3.7 GPA In College

I have always been a student that tries really hard, but doesn’t always get the best grades. I ended high school with a 3.4 and was really content with that. Everyone makes college out to be the hardest thing in the world and I was expecting my grades to completely plummet, but luckily, I have been getting so many better…

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6 Genius Side Jobs All College Students Can Do From Their Dorm

As a college student myself, I know just how impossible it is to have a “normal” job in college. Between already taking on a full load of work with the number of classes and homework you have to your irregular schedule that changes every three months, it is so hard to secure a job that will work around this schedule….

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How To Get Lululemon Leggings for Half The Price

Lululemon leggings are the best of the best– but they are so dang expensive!! I have continued to pay for them because they truly do last longer than any other brand I have ever tried. They don’t fade, don’t stretch, and don’t get holes in the butt (you know what I mean ;). BUT, you guys won’t believe what I…

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The Most Effective Way To Organize Your Checking Account

I am a checking account whore. Probably the best type of whore you could be 😉 On a more serious note, ever since I started following Dave Ramsey and have been getting extremely organized with my finances, I have found that the way I have my checking accounts set up greatly affects how much I save for a given month….

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5 Must-Know Ways to Make Sure Your Long Distance Relationship Lasts

My boyfriend and I live eight hours apart 75% of the year, and let me tell you, it is not easy. However, being apart this much has taught us so much and ultimately brought our relationship closer than before. You know the saying, distance makes the heart grow fonder ;). Ben (my boyfriend) and I have been together for almost…

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The Best Sales of The Week- February 2nd-9th, 2018

*Click the item you want to take you to take you to the store website.* Question- Is Michael Kohrs and Nasty Gal going out of business? There are so many good sales there this week!! It’s the time of the year where I am so divided on wanting winter and spring clothes. Wisconsin still has a long way to go…

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