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21 Mouthwatering Mug Meals You Can Actually Make in Your Dorm Room

Let’s be real. College food sucks. And I think if I have to eat one more thing out of the dorm cafeteria I might die. This is where I usually say how I am being dramatic and kidding, but I am serious. Dorm food is the worst.  These recipes are home cooked meals perfect for your little dorm room microwave….

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How I Have Increased My Savings by 300% With One Easy Step

Let’s admit it, saving money is a pain in the butt. It takes constant willpower to work and then basically act like that money never existed (especially when you see the latest trendy shoe that you NEED to have go on sale). But when you save and see progress, it is the best. thing. ever. In the last two months…

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7 Life Changing Beauty Care Tips for Your Nighttime Routine

The way you treat your skin at night, could be the single most important “beauty care” you do all day.  Did you know that every night you don’t take your makeup off,  you age 14 days?! Not 100% sure that stat is right, but it’s what my Godmother has been telling me for years and she’s never wrong;).   Take…

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32 Easy Costumes to Copy That Are Perfect for the College Halloween Party

Halloween is quickly approaching which means costume planning is/will be in full swing. What you wear for Halloween is a big deal, especially in college. Usually, you need not only one costume but three! hellooo, halloweekend 🙂 I have put together a roundup of the BEST halloween costumes that I could find… easy, cheap, with a sprinkle of sexy added…

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8 Disgusting Things In Your Dorm That Need To Be Cleaned Immediately

Its been about a month since you’ve moved into your dorm and if you’re anything like most college students, your dorm room needs a good cleaning. Not just a “throw my books in my desk, and give it a vacuum” type of clean- a real, deep clean. Don’t think I am telling you not to vacuum though, that is essential…

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How I Get Paid To Shop Online

Want to know a secret? I have found a way to make money by doing absolutely nothing. Yep, you read that right. I don’t do anything! In these last few months, I have been all about earning money anywhere and way I can (let’s not take that out of context though ;). Are you looking for a way to pay…

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