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If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that last week I talked all about my 5:00am morning routine. I am obsessed with getting up early and it really did change my life (after I got past the insanely tired phase 😜). It's been a few years of me waking up this early and I've really learned some tips and tricks that make it way easier to get up at this time. 

This was super popular on my stories and Tiktok so I thought it would be helpful to really expand on your questions in this post!

If you haven't watched this Tiktok definitely do - it explains my top tips for getting up so early!

To sum it up...

  • I use an actual alarm clock so I'm not tempted to use my phone
  • I bought six workout sets on Amazon so I never have to think about what I wear to workout in the morning.
  • I always turn my dishwasher on at night and unload it in the morning.
  • I found this knife ring that I use on walks.
  • Three days out of the week I do my laundry. I use this laundry hamper from Amazon that has three sections so when I get undressed I can just plop them in their appropriate section (darks, lights, whites). This saves me so much sorting time!
  • Atomic Habits book changed my entire mindset on mornings 
  • I don't eat breakfast in the morning 😅 this saves me time haha 
  • I time block my mornings so I make sure that I am getting everything I need to do. That way after work I have an open schedule and can relax/go out with friends. 

Where is the workout sets from that you wear every morning?

I swear by the brand Kamo Fitness brand on Amazon! I even wear them over my Lululemon workout pieces which I feel like says a lot. They don't sell the tops and leggings in one order so you have to do some digging. I'll literally search "kamo leggings" and "kamo tops" on Amazon to try to find matches.

I know this is an upfront investment, but it seriously does save me time in the morning. And I also feel cute wearing them, which helps the motivation of actually going to workout ;).

Here's some of the sets they do have in stock right now...

Do you get nervous something is going to happen since you don't sleep next to your phone?

No, because Ben sleeps with his phone! I figure if there is an emergency and someone needs to get in contact with us, they will call his phone.

Not sleeping next to my phone is literally game-changing. I know for me, I would immediately turn off my phone alarm and go straight to Instagram or Tiktok. It was just an unhealthy way to get up each morning haha.

I bought this alarm clock from Amazon (which goes perfectly with my decor) and sleep with my phone in the kitchen. Some mornings I don't even check my phone until right before I start working and it's really good for the mental health. 

Do you ever meal prep for lunch to bring to the office?

Yes! I find that in fall/winter I am way better at meal prepping than in the summer.

Since I am doing the 75 Hard right now, my lunch is different than what it usually is. I've been eating sugar free greek yogurt with some sugar free granola. A mozzarella stick and a bag of skinny pop.

When I meal prep, this is the meal I make 99% of the time! It's so good and I actually look forward to eating it at lunch. 

What time do you go to bed?

I ~should~ go to bed at 9:00pm to get that full 8-hours but realistically I go to bed at 10:00. Really trying to work on this actually because I have been feeling like I need more sleep in my life haha.

When do you get up on the weekends?

I refuse to wake up with an alarm clock on the weekend so my body naturally wakes up at 7:30 or 8:00. BUT, I could then lay in bed on my phone for like 2 hours after waking up haha. So sometimes if we have nothing going on, I won't get out of bed until 10:00.

I really let me body do the talking on how much sleep I need for the weekends. Especially since I am usually up way later on the weekends I try to soak up the sleeping in time. 

Do you drink coffee? Or just tea?

Just tea, but I feel like eventually I'll go to coffee. I looveee the smell of coffee but hate the taste in this phase of my life ;). Same used to be with wine and now I love wine, so it will come!

If I am at home, I religiously drink lipton black tea with milk. If I am at at coffee shop I get peach blossom tea with honey :). I always drink multiple cups of tea a day. 

Do you incorporate any house chores in the morning?

Yes! I really try to make my morning routine work with my lifestyle. I'd be lying if I said we do these things perfectly every week, but we try to get these two things done...

1. Dishwasher: We have found that if we load the dishwasher at night, and unload it in the morning our kitchen stays WAY cleaner. That way when we come home from work and are making dinner, we can just throw the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on while we sleep. 

2. Laundry: I try to throw a load of laundry in every MTW before I go to work. I use this hamper that has three sections divided out, so when we take off our clothes we throw our darks into one compartment, lights into another one, and whites in the last one.

That way in the morning I can easily just grab one of the compartments and throw it in the wash. When I come home from work, I put it in the dryer and before I go to bed I hang it up and put it away.

I haven't found that letting it sit for those hours I work makes it musty but try it out for yourself :).

How did you "train" yourself to wake up earlier?

I just ripped the bandaid off and accepted the fact that I would be a cranky b-word for a week. Now that my body is used to getting up this early, if I have a morning where I am so tired and physically can't get out of bed I DO let myself sleep in. 

But in the beginning you just got to do it. Read the book "Atomic Habits". This is one of my favorite books ever and will change your thought process on how to make a habit like getting up early.

How is your alarm clock? is it really loud or annoying? 

I love this question and would have asked the same thing hahaha. I would say my alarm clock is way less annoying than my phone alarm. The phone alarm triggers me haha. This one is similar but not as loud? Maybe a little higher pitched. I'll put it on my Instagram stories so you can hear it haha.

This post was all about the Sophia Lee morning routine.

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