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This post is all about luxurious bedding tips.

I’m coming at you with another interior design hack! I’m an interior designer by profession, and there’s certain things that I do in every single room that I design that just make it look a wholeee lot better.

I’ve learned about and found so many amazing hacks to elevate your spaces while still on a budget and I absolutely love to share them with others. If you’re looking for ways to get that luxury bedroom design without spending a fortune, then these luxurious bedding tips are perfect for you.

Today’s tip is all about your DUVET!

I’ve deconstructed my duvet to show you how I make it look so much better. (I swear by this and I do it in every single project that we do.)

I always use two duvets in my duvet cover, and I can guarantee that that will give it that fluffy look that you see at all the furniture stores like Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. It looks a lot fluffier and hotel-like without needing to use a plush duvet cover that can just get hot and annoying.

And this is how I get them to stay together: I’ll take safety pins and safety pin the duvets together all over.

I do it on all four corners and then in the middle on each side, and that keeps the two duvets from coming apart from each other and moving all over the place in the middle of the night.

So round up of all that: TWO DUVETS. You needdd two duvets. It will make your bed look so much better and if you get an all-seasons duvet, it doesn’t get too hot. And then safety pin them together so they stay together all the time and they don’t get clumpy in the middle of the duvet.


1. My Duvet Inserts

Here ya go! The duvet insert that took my bed to the next level to make it feel like five-star hotel bedding. Make sure you order two of them!!

2. My Duvet Cover

This is my duvet cover that fits two duvet inserts perfectly. It’s super simple and honestly very cheap compared to many other duvet covers.

3. My Bed Frame

My bed frame is the beginning of my glamorous bed ensemble. I’ve tried a few really different bed frames and I absolutely love this one above the rest of them.

4. My Mattress

I got this mattress a little less than a year ago and it’s safe to say I am obsessed with it. I have recommended it to so many of my friends because it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever tried.

5. My Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If my mattress wasn’t enough I also got this mattress topper a few months ago just to try it out, and it added another level of comfort to my bed that I didn’t even know I needed.

6. My Mattress Pad Topper

This may seem unnecessary, but trust me… you need it for the best bed and sleep ever.

7. My Mattress Protector

This is an obvious one for any bed, but I just had to add it in here.

8. My Sheet Set

This sheet set is one of the most elegant bed linens I’ve found on Amazon. I love Amazon sheets and I got soo lucky with these. They literally say “hotel” in the title because they’re so soft and feel like you’re laying in hotel sheets. (The best!!)

9. My Sleeping Pillows

I loveee these pillows. I know people can be specific about pillows and not everyone likes the same kinds, but these are down and so soft.

I’ve bought pillows from this brand almost 40 times (not exaggerating) because I love them so much lol. They go in all of my client’s homes and every single pillow in my house is from this brand.

10. My Satin Pillowcases

I’ve been seeing everywhere that satin pillowcases are so much better for your hair so I quickly made the change and I actually love these ones. I got them in white but they also come in so many other colors!

11. My Velvet Pillow Cases

A couple of my throw pillows on my bed are from Crate & Barrel and they’re SO pretty but sadly, are not sold anymore.

These are my other throw pillows (I bought in size 24×24) which I also really love and I’m linking the pillow inserts for them down below. I think they make for some really chic bed throw ideas.

12. My Pillow Inserts

These are the pillows I put in the velvet covers I linked above in size 26×26. I swear by these pillows for any decorative pillows! They’re the best and the same brand as the pillows I use for sleeping.

Another one of my favorite luxurious bedding tips is to size up the pillow inserts for the covers. These will make them choppable and look so high-quality.

13. My Green Throw Blanket

I’ve also bought these throw blankets for other projects in the past and I think it really adds to the premium bedding decor. I also love buying from Etsy and supporting small businesses!

This post is all about high-end bedding ideas.

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