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This post is all about the best White Elephant gifts for this holiday season! From funny to cheap to gifts that people will fight over, there is something for everyone in this gift guide.

white elephant gifts

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White Elephant is one of my favorite games to play during the holiday season! Every year my family and friends all get together and spend a whole night trading gifts and laughing so hard at all of our hilarious gift ideas.

I’ve been doing White Elephant for so long that I think I have become quite the expert at finding all sorts of gifts for all different groups of people. Some years I try to find the funniest gifts I can, and other years I try to find the most popular gift I can that everyone will trade around and fight over.

If you don’t know what to get for your White Elephant this year, whether you’re a pro or a newbie, I have found 45 of the best White Elephant gifts that are perfect for anybody.

This post is all about White Elephant gift.


1. Hot Dog Maker

I actually got this for my friend for her birthday last year and she loves it haha. I do think it is the perfect White Elephant gift, though!

2. Bath Wine Glass Holder

Perfect for the wine lover!! My group of girl friends would love this in our White Elephant gift exchange.

3. Cold Beer Coats


Any guy is going to love this gift idea!

4. Sushi Making Kit

This is such a creative gift idea, and would make for such a fun friend night.

5. Mini Rice Cooker

Makes cooking rice soo easy, especially for those who only cook for one or two people a night.

6. Vegetable Chopper

If you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with this veggie chopper. This is 100% one of those White Elephant gifts everyone will fight for.

7. Brumate Can Insulator

I loveee my Brumate!! Makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves a seltzer.

8. The Mug with a Hoop

If you have kids in your White Elephant game, this would be perfect for any of them.

9. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This has always been on my wishlist so it is the perfect gift to get for anyone.

10. “Clear”ly Impossible Puzzle

People are going to love but absolutely hate this one lol!

11. Hydroflask Travel Tumbler

A little bit more expensive of a White Elephant gift, but is perfect for men and women.

12. Dessert Dog Apron

white elephant gift ideas funny

Such a cute gift!! Perfect combo of funny and useful for the best gift idea.

13. Indoor S’mores Maker

This is another gift that will everyone fighting for it all night long.

14. Popcorn Maker

Perfect for the popcorn or movie lover! Which is everyone right??

15. Screen Magnifier for Phone

This is also a great gift idea for younger kids or teens.


16. Singing Justin Bieber Toothbrush

A singing toothbrush is hilarious!! And Justin Bieber makes it even better haha.

17. Urinal Shot Glasses

Any weird shaped shot glass makes the perfect White Elephant gift, and urinals are some of the funniest I’ve seen.

18. Shot – Gun

Hilarious play on words! This would be so fun at parties.

19. Light Saber Chopsticks

This is such a clever (yet useful!) gift idea.

20. Sloth Yoga Pose Figurines

I can. not. with these yoga sloths! This is one of the best funny White Elephant gift ideas I think I’ve seen.

21. Ross from “Friends” Sequin Pillow

In honor of Matthew Perry, this is such a funny Friends-inspired gift idea.

22. Desktop Punching Bag

If you’ve got a bunch of office workers in your White Elephant group, you NEED to get this.

23. Tortilla Blanket

This is such a classic but a very good idea none the less!

24. Toilet Golf

I don’t know what else you would buy this for except White Elephant. It’s perfect!

25. Mini Uno

I got this one year and it was so funny. I’ve never used it, but it does make the best gift.

26. El Corko

Lots of this is drinking themed, but I honestly think that’s perfect for White Elephant. Love this bottle stopper idea.

27. “Have a Great Day” Mug

This mug is hilarious!

28. “F*uck…” Notepad

Similar vibes of the last gift and equally hilarious. Great idea for White Elephant gift ideas for adults.

29. Funny Drinking Koozies

College kids would love these!

30. Fish Flip Flops

A classic gift idea. If you’ve ever seen these in person, you know they’re hilarious.


31. Tabletop Bowling

For anyone who has a desk, they need this little desktop bowling.

32. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

If you have never played this game, you need to buy it and try it! It is SO fun and interactive, and will have you and all of your friends laughing.

33. Shower Margarita Machine

This may just be the very best funny White Elephant gift ideas for adults…there’s a good chance I will be buying this this year.

34. Wordle

Perfect for the people who are obsessed with Wordle!

35. Dog Spoon Holder

A funny gift idea and super cheap!

36. Mini Desktop Vacuum

I neeeed one of these for my office, and I am sure every other office worker does, too.

37. Car Cleaning Gel

Friends and family of alllll ages could benefit for this super cool cleaning gel.

38. Wine Condoms

This is also such a funny and clever White Elephant gifts under $20.

39. Dachshund Ice Cube Tray

SO cute!! I might just need to get these for myself for fun.

40. Iced Coffee Maker

This is a greatttt White Elephant gift. So useful and so cheap.

41. Monopoly Deal

If you’ve never played Monopoly Deal and don’t like Monopoly, you need to try this out. It is so fun and way better than the actual Monopoly!

42. French Press

Another great gift for coffee lovers.

43. Inflatable Tube Guy

Another classic gift that is so perfect for funny White Elephant gifts.

44. Toilet Night Light

I have never seen this before but I love this idea haha.

45. Pickle Grabber for Pickle Jar

This is honestly so useful and I would absolutely love to get this in a White Elephant game.

This post was all about White Elephant gift ideas.

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