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How I Made $2,149.98 In August 2018 Blogging

Welcome to my second income report ever for August 2018! August was a really exciting month for the blog because it is the first time I not only passed $1,000 in a month but actually $2,000!!! Majorly freaking out over here. It really is crazy what a ton of hard work and prayer can do! This past month I was…

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Dorm Room Storage Ideas | 12 Brilliant Dorm Room Storage Ideas

This post is all about dorm room storage ideas.Fitting all your belongings in an 8 x 12 dorm room can prove to be difficult but knowing the best dorm room storage ideas can almost make you forget the small space you are living in. With all the dorm room storage options available, it can be hard to decide which ones will…

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32 Easy Costumes to Copy That Are Perfect for the College Halloween Party

This post is all about easy costumes to copy that are perfect for college parties.Halloween is quickly approaching which means costume planning is/will be in full swing.What you wear for Halloween is a big deal, especially in college. Usually, you need not only one costume but three! hellooo, halloweekend 🙂I have put together a roundup of the BEST halloween costumes…

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25 Genius Tips on How To Do Long Distance Relationships

This post is all about tips on how to do long distance relationships.Can you believe that over 75% of college students have claimed to be in a long distance relationship before? (source)With the technology available today, it is not uncommon to be in a relationship with someone who lives miles apart from you.When you tell people you are in a…

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