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27 Dorm Essentials You Can’t Forget

This post is all about dorm essentials.When moving into a dorm room, a lot of money can be spent. To save money, let’s focus on the dorm essentials you actually need.When I moved into the dorms freshman year, I bought everything and anything. I can’t believe the amount of money I waisted!I didn’t use half of the things.After living in…

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Free Printable Graduation Party Food Labels

This free printable graduation food labels can help your guests see the food your serving while also decorating your table.It’s the perfect mix of cute and practical!These graduation party food labels are customization so you can label them with whatever food you are serving!FREE PRINTABLE GRADUATION PARTY FOOD LABELSGraduation season is here and in full swing. It’s hard to keep…

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42 Best Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

This post is all about deep questions to ask your boyfriend. Confession: My boyfriend and I are really bad at going to restaurants and going on our phones. I know, it’s bad. We (I haha) are REALLY working on it. Last time I was visiting him (we’re long distance) I ended up searching Pinterest for some really good questions that could spark…

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Free Printable Graduation Best Friend Quotes

This free printable graduation best friend quotes is the perfect way to let your friend know how proud you are and how much you are going to miss them!Plus, it is a super special gift that can be done really cheap (without looking like it’s cheap of course :). You can print out this free printable and add it to a…

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