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32 Genius College Tips Every Freshman Should Know

This post is all about college tips.I’m going to be honest with you, I was terrified to go to college. I had no idea what to expect and felt like I didn’t know any college tips or how to successfully make it through.I was the oldest in my family and didn’t have an older sister to tell me the do’s…

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100 Funny Questions To Ask A Guy

This post is all about funny questions to ask a guy.Let’s be real, guys love hilarious conversations. But, it can often be hard to think of things to make them laugh.These funny questions to ask a guy are the perfect thing to pull out when out to dinner with your man (it will lead to the BEST conversations) or just…

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50+ Most Popular Cheap Tapestries To Buy This Year

This post is all about cheap tapestries.One of the simplest ways to decorate a room or dorm is by hanging up cheap tapestries.Especially in dorm rooms, people are constantly looking for inexpensive ways to fill up the ugly brick walls and a wall tapestry is the perfect solution.When I was in college, it was almost guaranteed that in every room…

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25 Insanely Healthy College Meals You Can Make In A Dorm

This post is all about healthy college meals.Finding healthy college meals is not an easy feat. You are surrounded by tempting unhealthy food but after awhile you just want something that you can feel good about eating.I know when I lived in the dorms and was only eating the cafeteria food, I felt so disgusting all the time. I was searching…

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7 Cheap Winter Date Ideas All College Students Should Go On

This post is all about cheap winter dates.There’s nothing more romantic than winter. The cold weather, steamy hot chocolate, and the desire to get cozy are almost irresistible.Not to mention the oodles of Christmas love songs on the radio that you can’t really listen to until December (Hey Alexa, play “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”) With the semester drawing to a close,…

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