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7 Cheap Winter Date Ideas All College Students Should Go On

This post is all about cheap winter dates.There’s nothing more romantic than winter. The cold weather, steamy hot chocolate, and the desire to get cozy are almost irresistible.Not to mention the oodles of Christmas love songs on the radio that you can’t really listen to until December (Hey Alexa, play “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”) With the semester drawing to a close,…

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22 Genius Friend Care Package Ideas Guaranteed To Make Them Smile

This post is all about friend care package ideas.Care packages are an easy way to show your friend that you are thinking of them.Whether they are going through an exciting life event or need a pick-me-up, a friend care package will show them they have been on your mind and you care about them. It can be hard to decide what…

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25 Healthy College Snacks That Won’t Make You Feel Guilty

This post is all about healthy college snacks.Let’s be real, majority of the junk food we eat happens when we’re snacking. After awhile, we all get sick of eating unhealthy food and just want some easy and healthy college snacks.Whether you’re bored, overly hungry (and just don’t want to walk to cafeteria), or are drunk eating at 2AM, eating unhealthy…

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49 Of The Best Gifts For Boyfriend This Year

This post is all about best gifts for boyfriend.Every girlfriend has experienced having NO idea what gifts to get their boyfriend. These are the best gifts for boyfriend this year.Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, Valentines Day, Anniversary, or “just because” gift, boyfriends can be really hard to shop for.Most of the time, they just buy themselves whatever they want. Other times…

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26 Best Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend

This post is all about gifts for long distance boyfriend.When you and your significant other are miles apart from each other, finding gifts for long distance boyfriend can be really hard. Not only does it have to be something that can easily be shipped, but you also want a creative long distance relationship gift that shows you put a lot of…

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23 Best Dirty White Elephant Gifts Ever Given (VERY Inappropriate)

Inappropriate White Elephant Gift IdeasThese dirty white elephant gifts are hilarious and will have the entire party laughing. There is nothing better than finding that perfectly dirty white elephant gift idea that you just know will be a major hit with the group.White elephant gift exchanges are all about having fun and my friends and I always find that the dirtier…

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