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Two things that I love most in this world are Target and life hacks. Putting these two loves of mine together, I’ve created the ultimate budget-friendly decor hacks from Target decor that I am so excited to share with you.

That being said, I absolutely love Target candles and wanted to share this creative candle repurposing hack that I thought of and now love to do whenever my favorite Target candles run out!

This post is all about Target shopping hacks.

The Target Candle Collection

Target fun fact: I buy these candles at Target (obviously) and once the candle is done, I put it in the dishwasher and use it as a serving dish. And it is so cute! So not only do I get a candle, but I also get a cute serving dish. Talk about sustainable home decor!!

My favorite Target candles to use for this DIY candle serving dish are the large, six wick candles. You need a bigger candle in order to have a larger serving dish.

These are some of my favorite candles that Target has right now, but you can also find so many more options on Target or on many other sites.

How To Transform Your Candles

To be able to actually implement these easy candle reuse ideas, we have to make sure we are doing it in a safe and smart way! A lot of people may be concerned about the wax residue and harmful chemicals leftover in the candle containers, but if you clean it the correct way, it is not at all harmful to use at all.

  • First step is to melt down the candle entirely. You should be able to see the start of the wick and the whole bottom of the candle! You want to make sure you are using eco-friendly candle disposal and not putting wax in your sink or dishwasher too.
  • Next you need to get the wick and wick glue/sticker off the bottom of the candle container, and there are a few ways to do this…
  • The first way is to take pliers or another utensils to pull off the bottom of the wick and any residue left behind.
  • The second way is to pull off the sticker and then soak the bottom in white vinegar for a little under an hour to get rid of the rest. One of these solutions should work perfectly for you!
  • After the bottom is all cleared out, use an alcohol wipe to thoroughly wipe down the whole container.
  • Hand wash a couple times with soap and water, run through the dishwasher, and it should be good to go!

You have just completed a super stylish candle transformations and you are ready to put together so many cute and delicious dishes!

From Candles To Delicious (Serving) Dishes

There are SO many fun dishes, appetizers, and desserts you can make to serve in these DIY serving dishes! I have so many delicious appetizer ideas I’ll share below, but Pinterest is also one of my favorite places to find super yummy and easy recipes.

I found this salsa recipe in 2020 and STILL make it today!! It is soo delicious and perfect for a Mexican night with margaritas! It would be a perfect appetizer for hosting and look really cute in a repurposed candle.

If you don’t know what Snickers Salad is then you are missing. out. This is a classic Wisconsin staple and is pretty much guaranteed to be at any family event or get together. Weirdly so delicious and perfect for Target candles!

Don’t forget that vegetables are also super important for every meal!! A pile of delicious broccoli or other roasted vegetables would look perfect in a ceramic candle serving dish.

Cookies can be displayed and served in anyyy way and they will always be snatched up and loved by all the guests! Putting cookies in a pretty serving dish just makes them that much more enticing.

More Target Home Hacks

Kitchen Utensils Holder

This is one of my all-time favorite Target shopping hacks! I have used an outdoor flower pot as a kitchen utensils holder for many years and I actually get tons of compliments on it. If you look in Target in the outdoor flower section, you will find so many more options for kitchen utensil holders.

DIY Doormat Hack

target hacks

If you have followed me for a while you know that this is one of my favorite hacks EVER!! You can find all of the supplies at Target and typically in the spring when they put out the outdoor home decor.

It is so easy and so fun to make. It would be such a fun activity to do with girlfriends as well!

How To Make Your Home Smell Good

If you struggle with keeping your house smelling good and clean, you should totally try this home hack! Trust me, your house will smell sooo good afterward.

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

Another OG life hack that you have definitely seen from me if you’ve followed me for a while. I promise you that your jewelry will look spectacular and so sparkly if you use this jewelry cleaner! I literally swear by it.

This post is all about Target candles hacks.

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