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This post is all about apartment patio ideas.

patio ideas

Probably one of the worst parts about living in an apartment is that there’s no yard or real outdoor space. And unless you’re super lucky, your patio or balcony is probably pretty tiny and hard to decorate. As an interior designer who has lived in an apartment with a pretty small balcony and teeny tiny patio, I know a thing or two about how to make the most out of a small apartment patio.

It can be really hard to decide what apartment small patio ideas are the best and what ideas will work for you. If this is something you’re struggling with, I think the following 17 ideas will be so helpful to you. All ideas I love and would absolutely try if I was still living in an apartment!

This post is all about small patio ideas.

1. Keep it clean with neutrals

I totally recommend getting furniture and decor that are neutral. This will make a small patio look less cluttered and very clean. I absolutely love neutral colors and shades and will always recommend this over bright colors. Don’t get me wrong, bright colors can be really fun, especially in an outdoor space. But neutral colors are just look soo good.

2. Transform the balcony into a breakfast bar

This is such a brilliant idea that I haven’t seen before!! A bar top that you can hook onto a balcony railing is so perfect for small apartment balconies. If you love to sit outside and drink your morning coffee, a DIY bar top is just the thing you need.

3. Liven it up with plants

I am a huge advocate of using plants to make spaces feel lighter and more full of life. I make sure that every room I decorate has at least one plant or flower, and this definitely includes a patio. Patios are also the best place to keep plants because you don’t have to worry about them getting enough sunlight.

4. Hang string lights

There’s no better way to create a perfect summer patio than with string lights. There are so many ways to hang string lights and so many kinds that you can really customize it to your liking.

5. Go with smaller furniture

One of the smartest small apartment patio ideas is to stick with smaller furniture. This may seem obvious if you have a small patio or balcony, but it’s still the most important thing to keep in mind when planning your apartment patio. Smaller furniture is typically way cheaper than big furniture, too, which is always good!

6. Make it cozy with a DIY couch

An amazing way to make a cozy balcony is to add or make a couch. I love this idea of creating an outdoor couch using wooden pallets. This also allows you to make your couch unique to you and exactly how you want it to look and fit in your outdoor space.

I think the look of a pallet couch is so cute, but if it isn’t for you there are plenty of outdoor couches to look at as well! Outdoor couches are definitely more expensive and may not fit in a small apartment patio, but they will make your patio look so nice and luxurious.

7. Make it private with outdoor curtains

I love the idea of hanging curtains on an outdoor balcony or patio! Outdoor curtains are the best apartment patio ideas for privacy, too. I’ve never really thought about hanging curtains outside, but I think it makes a balcony so much more private and comfy.

This is especially a great idea if your patio is really close to your neighbors. They can fix this problem so easily! And they’re not ugly… outdoor curtains can look really good.

8. Get a set of comfy chairs

I’ve found so many comfortable outdoor chairs that I absolutely love. Buying a set of chairs can be all the apartment patio furniture you need for a small patio, which makes decorating your patio so much easier.

9. Go big with a dining table

patio bench

This is what I did for my old apartment balcony and I loved it! I got pretty lucky with a pretty big balcony at my old apartment, though, so this may not be reasonable for lots of apartments out there.

A dining table outside is perfect if you love to host people at your apartment, though. It makes it so fun to host people and have dinner parties, especially when the weather’s nice.

10. Add turf to make it feel like real outdoors

The feeling of grass on your feet is one of the best feelings in the world. But you have to be superrr lucky if you can get that while living in an apartment. If you love the grass and being outdoors, it’s a super cool idea to add turf to your patio! This is a great tiny patio ideas because it can make a really small space feel so much more alive.

11. Make it fun with a patterned rug

I love outdoor rugs, and I think adding an outdoor rug to a balcony or patio is one of the smartest apartment patio ideas. This makes your patio feel cozier, and can add some much-needed color or texture to it as well.

12. Get creative with floating shelves

Floating shelves are such a unique and creative idea! If you’ve got an empty wall that you’re just not sure what to do with, floating shelves are a super easy piece of decor. You can also put pots and plants on the shelves to add some greenery! The perfect 2-for-1!

13. Declutter with bigger, fewer furniture pieces

Larger chairs or couches are at the top of my list for large balcony ideas. You don’t want to clutter it with lots of decor, small chairs and couches, or little tables here and there. Getting a couple bigger chairs or larger table will make your patio look boujee and super put together. If I didn’t put a dining table on my patio, I would’ve 100% purchased some big, comfy chairs for my apartment balcony.

14. Play around with color to make it exciting

If you’re a colorful person, you’ll definitely want some pops of color on your apartment patio. You don’t have to go too crazy with adding every color of the rainbow, but some pops of one or two colors is a fun idea. Colorful pillows, chairs, or rugs are what I would recommend to bring some life to your patio.

15. Personalize it with a framed print

The last thing you may be thinking of doing on your patio is putting anything on the walls, but I love this idea to make your patio feel more like a part of your home and like a second living room.

16. Make your own personal garden

If you’re a gardener but don’t have the luxury of having a huge garden and a backyard, make a section of your patio your own personal garden! I love this apartment patio idea especially if you don’t need to have a ton of furniture on your patio. What better way to start your day than grabbing some fresh veggies from your makeshift garden??

17. Spice it up with a fun chair

If you live alone, treat yourself to a fun outdoor chair! This is a great idea if you’re not trying to get seating for five other people. Make this patio your own little sanctuary and get a super fun, big chair for your outdoor time.

1. How can I make my apartment patio nice?

To make your apartment patio nice you’ll have to put some time and effort into it. I recommend keeping it simple but finding cute and comfy furniture and decor for your outdoor patio.

2. How do I build privacy on my apartment patio?

The best apartment patio ideas for privacy is to use outdoor curtains! It’s still pretty but will keep your patio private.

3. How do you enclose an apartment patio?

Completely enclosing an apartment patio may be pretty tricky, but curtains or a room divider is the best thing I can recommend to try to enclose an apartment patio.

4. What is the difference between a balcony and a patio?

A balcony is any outdoor patio that is not on the first floor or isn’t on the ground, however a patio is on ground level.

This post is all about small apartment patio ideas.

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