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One year ago we bought a (well-loved), but run down home that hadn't received updates in years. The landscaping was overgrown, the windows needed to be replaced, and it just overall looked "blah." Today, we have an insanely beautiful Tudor home that oozes with character while still looking updated and new. 

One of the reasons I wanted to renovate a home like this was to be able to take you through the entire process with me. I want to be able to try out paint colors so you can know the good ones, order the front door letters and get your approval, make mistakes so you don't waste money on it, etc. And now I finally get to share it all with you!! Let me show you the two biggest before and afters and then I'll dive deep into all the paint colors and products we used.

Here we've compiled ALL the room reveals from the 'GBOGH' House! I hope you enjoy. 

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