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Want to know how I completed the best garage organization? Here are all of the best bins, shelves, hooks, and tips and tricks!

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Hallelujah, the job I've been putting off for forever is finally done...the garage is cleaned! Does anyone else's garage just become a dumping zone for all of your crap? My garage was a mess, so I spent a couple of days (and a couple of hundred dollars ?) and made the organized garage of my dreams.

Here's everything I bought and all of the steps along the way. For an in-depth demonstration, make sure to watch the youtube video where I complete the process!

This post is all about garage organization.


Step 1: Go through all of your stuff

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This is probably the most painful step. It took me all day to go through everything and purge all of the stuff I didn't need. If you get through this step, you're practically halfway there.

I had all of the stuff from Shelby's college apartment, decor for every single holiday, extra home decor, paint, tools, rugs, and on top of all of that, two HUGE kayaks. Plus all of the other random stuff that just gets thrown into the garage!

When you're going through your garage make sure to opt to donate stuff instead of throwing it all away! Someone else can definitely put your old stuff to good use.

Step 2: Plan out how much storage you really need

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This is my pro-tip for any organization project. Whenever I have organized anything (my laundry room, closets, etc.) I always block out the bins and storage space on Canva. If you don't have a Canva account yet, get one ASAP because it is by far the easiest graphic design tool to navigate.

So as you can see in my photos, I knew how much stuff I had and how much storage space I would need for each item. I then roughly estimated the size of the bins I purchased and placed them on the shelves. You can color coordinate by what's inside the bins, or what type of bin you are using (like I did).

Step 3: Buy all of your garage organization supplies

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(lol at ben in this photo)


Costco was really on my side this week because everything ended up being on sale. If you go in stores, you are wayyy more likely to find all of the sales and good deals. If you don't have a Costco nearby, Amazon will be your best friend while buying everything for your garage organization.

As you can see in the picture, I bought 3 more racks, and then (not pictured) about a million clear plastic bins. They were sold in packs of three and only $12.99!! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stock up.

I also bought a lot of the black and yellow plastic bins you can see on the shelves to hold larger items.


These Amazon products are pretty much the exact same products as the Costco items, and will get the job done just as well! Like I said before if you don't have a Costco, utilize Amazon!

Step 4: Put everything in your shelves and bins

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This is definitely the easiest step. Now that you have all of the supplies and you know everything that has to get put away, all you have to do is stick stuff in bins.

I organized my stuff by holiday, and I also had bins for random decor and stuff for the flip home! This was definitely the quickest step for me, and it should be for you too. 

I wanted to include some other garage organization items that may come in handy. I ordered this Christmas tree bag to store my fake tree, and it looks so much better than a loose tree or an old cardboard box.

If you have old blankets, or clothes that you're holding onto and take up a ton of space, you should opt for vacuum-sealed storage bags! You will be shocked at how much air comes out and how much room you can save.

The last item I included is some smaller bins because I think they would be nice to have if you have extra shelf space. In the smaller bins, you could store things like smaller tools or papers that would get lost in the bigger bins. 

Step 5: Hang large items on the wall

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One of my biggest pet peeves about my garage was that I couldn't see what I had because it was all just stacked on top of each other. I love that I now have all of my wreaths hanging, so I don't have to do any digging for one when it's time to switch it out seasonally. 

I also hung the cornhole boards that I made so they're easily accessible and there's nothing left on the floor! I don't know about you, but I feel like when things are organized and easy to access, I will use that stuff way more than before. 

I linked two sets of hooks depending on what you are looking to hang. I purchased the exact 12 pack of black hooks that I shared above. It was a super simple installation process and they seem pretty sturdy!

Step 6: Enjoy your super organized garage! 

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Woo hoo! So glad this process is finally done, and I can enjoy the benefits of having a clean, organized garage. I can now park my car in here and I have a ton of space to collect decor for the flip home and more holiday decor as the years go on.

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This post was all about garage organization.

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