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We've officially made it to the final reveal of The Sophomore House. I have absolutely loved sharing all the reveals with you and hearing your thoughts. 

The Sophomore House truly felt like my sophomore year of interior design school in the REAL world. You can only learn so much in the classrooms. With each house it feels like four years of college crammed into one. 

The family room was a playground for me. From the wet bar to switching up the space from what was originally a dining room, I really allowed myself to have fun with it!



Originally, the room that we made into the family room was designed to be a dining room.

The kitchen wasn't open to any type of living space.


I wanted to make sure the space could always function as a dining room, but by opening up the archway as much as possible to the kitchen, we were able to create a more open living concept in the area.

We made some changes to the room, including removing two cabinets to open up the archway and adding a bar, which adds character to the space.

The wet bar was one of my favorite additions to The Sophomore House. As soon as I saw the room, I knew I wanted to knock out the cabinet and make this little space into fun bar space. The cabinets match the color of the flooring which I adore. 

When I first saw this house, I immediately felt that it was meant to have a dark-colored floor. I had some pushback on the dark color because people are really into light colors right now, and the floors did look good when they were sanded down.

However, I felt that the richness of the dark floor added character to the house.

I'm so happy that we went with that choice. It's a standard color that your floor refinisher should be able to find (123 Coffee Brown/Duraseal (water popped)).

I planned to put a framed TV above the console table, but I ended up using the framed TV in my own house 😂. Instead, I found a Juniper print shop where I could buy affordable prints and put them in a large Ikea frame. It looks great and after the house closed we placed the print in Ben’s office.

This house is designed for a younger family, and I envisioned having the kitchen space close to a TV area so that when I'm making food, my kids can be watching TV in the room next to me.

family room


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