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by sophia lee morning routine

I am INSANE when it comes to my morning routine. My days are so much more productive and I can tell when I get off of it. I am huge into productivity and I really feel like getting up early is the secret to me being able to get 23829402 things done during the day.

I have a lot to say about my morning routine/why I do things but I want to say I started getting obsessed with the idea of a morning routine from The Skinny Confidential Podcast.

I think a lot of people think it is insane that I get up at 5:30am but I know my body and I know that I am my most productive in the morning. Around 4:00pm, I start losing steam and it's basically pointless me trying to get anything done. My sophomore year in college I started forcing myself to get up early. It was super hard in the beginning but I forced myself to do it and after two weeks, my body was used to it.

Now, if I sleep in until 7:30 on the weekends I call it a win. If you train your body to get used to waking up early, it will get easier and easier.

Annnndd lastly, this is the BEST casinero for my morning routine. I would say I actually am this efficient 75% of the time. I'm trying to listen to my body more and if I think I need more sleep, I'll move my workout to night so I can sleep more. Like, last Thursday, I let myself sleep in until 7:00 (which I know is early to some people but thats 1.5 hours more than usual). We're human and not perfect.


I have three morning routines that I alternate based on the plan for the day. Call me crazy, but I actually have been considering getting up even earlier because I feel like I don't have enough tie haha.

I try to do a hard workout 3 days a week and a walk 2 days a week. So, usually how it goes is hard workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then I walk on Tuesday's and Thursday's (again, it doesn't always happen like this but this is the ideal situation).

Morning Routine #1: Hard Workout Day

5:00am: First alarm goes off.

I am a chronic snoozer. I need time to let my body wake up haha.

5:30am: Get out of bed.

Brush my teeth, throw my hair in a pony, and get into workout clothes.

6:00am: Workout.

This is where my morning routine changes based on when I need to be at the office. If I have a meeting early than I workout at my apartment but if I have more time I workout at Orange Theory. My closest OT is 20 minutes away from my house so that adds a lot of extra fluff time.

For this morning routine #1, we'll pretend that I am going to Orange Theory. 

7:00am: Workout is done and I drive home.

I get home around 7:20 and hop right into the shower. I can usually shower/blow dry my hair/put on makeup/and clothes by 7:50.

7:50am: Make lunch/story.

I don't really like storying at the office so I usually try to get a few stories out while I make my lunch. I'm a creature of habit so I usually eat the same lunch every day. 

Right now my go-to lunch is:

  • Sandwich: Thin bread from Aldi's, Laughing Cow Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese spread on the bread, and a few slices of turkey/ham
  • A few cups of Skinny Pop
  • Apple

It's easy and delish.

8:00am: Get to the office.

I get to the office and make myself some chai tea. It's my new thing ;).

At the end of a workday, I ~try~ to time-block for the next day. If I actually did that, I review my schedule for the day or I time-block my day.

Morning Routine #2: Hard Workout Day

This routine is pretty similar to the one above so I'll just add notes where it changes. This is the routine I do when I need to get to the office earlier.

5:00am: First alarm goes off.
5:30am: Get out of bed.
5:45am: Workout

My apartment has a gym which is so nice because I don't have to drive anywhere. This saves me SO much time in the morning. At the gym I do the 30-12-3 routine (I know, basic) which if you dont know is 30 minutes on the treadmill at a 12 incline, at a 3-speed. Apparently its the secret juice to getting fit ;). I then do an arm and ab routine for another 20 minutes.

6:40am: Get back to the apartment and shower.

By the time I get back to my apartment it's usually 6:45ish. I hop in the shower and get ready for the day.

7:20am: Make lunch/story.
7:35am: Get to the office.

This sets me up perfectly for 8:00am meeting days.

Morning Routine #3: Walking Therapy Day

This is BY FAR my favorite days. I wish I could do this morning routine every day haha.

So, this involves walking which changes the times this happens during the year. When I am writing this, we are in the thick of winter which means that sun doesn't come up until 7:00am. During the summer, I can go on a walk at 6:00am.

I'll just write this out like I am doing it currently.

6:15am: Get up, put makeup on, pretty much do my hair, get in walking clothes, pack nicer clothes for work.

I drive to my walking destination and plan on going straight to work after I walk. I am not a sweater, so I don't smell bad when I'm done with this (at least I think hahah). Because of this, I try to fully set myself up to be able to go to work right away.

I put on makeup and do my hair. I'm going to be honest, I definitely don't look as good usually on walking days but its worth it haha.

I put on workout clothes but pack nice clothes to change into. I also make my lunch but usually I just go home during lunch on walking days. 

7:00am: Sun rises, so I go on a walk.

These walks have changed my life. I'm not kidding.

I go on a walk and listen to a podcast. 99% of the time they are business/productivity podcasts and they set me up so well for my day. It helps my anxiety and I just take a lot from it.

Here's some of my favorite podcasts:

  • The Skinny Confidential (Him & Podcast)
  • How I Built This with Guy Raz
  • Second Life
  • Ed Mylett
  • Jenna Kutcher
  • Arm Chair Expert
  • Skimm'd From The Couch
  • Tony Robbins Podcast
  • 888-Barbara (these were so good but she barely posts anymore)
  • Bigger Podcasts
  • Juicy Scoop (this is just entertaining haha not about business)
  • A Well-Designed Business

These walks usually last around an hour. Sometimes I plan my walks for lunch or at 3:00 and if I do this, I just go into the office earlier/work later.

8:00am: Get to work.
So, all in all, it's really not that special but it's what works for me. What time do you get up? Do you have a set morning routine?

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