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laundry room organization

Welcome to my new favorite spot in my apartment...the laundry room closet! Or, as I am calling it, the decor closet (doesn't that sound prettier?!).

This has been my "throw it and forget it" closet and it was majorly time for an upgrade. I've been putting off the laundry room in general for a year now, but now since it's done, I'm wondering what took my so dang long.

The before...
laundry room

A HOT MESS. Do you believe me now when I say that it was a throw & go situation?!

I am so lucky (and literally picked my apartment because of it) that my apartment has so many closets. The laundry room alone has two closets. This specific closet is BIG too. 

This became the hub for all the leftover decor I was using like pillows, bedding, party supplies, extra food, etc. 

I knew that I would be able to fit everything in here if I was smart so tried to utilize the space as best as possible by taking it vertical. Here's how it turn out:

The after...
apartment laundry room
organization ideas closet
closet organization ideas

I'm pretty obsessed with this little corner of my apartment. So much so that I open the doors of it frequently when I am at home just to remind myself what it looks like. hah!

Let's talk about where I got the different products...

The Shelf:

I knew I wanted this closet to be presentable so I opted for a white shelf versus one that was metal or plastic. Believe it or not, finding a white shelf was a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be.

I ended up getting this shelf from Bed Bath and Beyond. I looveee it and highly recommend. 

^Realizing it's sold's the same exact shelf at Target!

The White Bins:

I used these same exact Jute bin and white plastic bin in my pantry and liked them so much that I wanted to use them again in here.

The white plastic bins are my go-to because they are cheap. $5 each! From Container Store! You can't beat that. I got the large size. Here's the link for those white bins.

The Jute Bins:

These bins are more expensive than the white ones so I strategically place them in as little places as possible. This closet looked a little bland so I added two at the top. I ended up putting the food in there since that was the least visually appealing.

Here's a link for the jute bins.

Large White Tub:

This is storing my extra comforters and blankets. I honestly needed this to be even bigger but I do love how this tub is white and not an orange or something like that! Here's where I got this tub from.

The Labels:

We used my new Cricut Joy for the labels and I am obsessed with this thing!! On the plastic containers, we just stuck the labels right on there.

On the jute baskets, we used these gold clips and had the Cricut use the pen feature for the little note card. The Cricut makes it look like it was perfectly written (aka it looks like the Home Edit came haha).

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