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If you're looking for the most realistic fake flowers, you're in the right place! Here are all of my favorite fake flowers that look real.

fake flowers

Having florals or greenery in your space is essential. Butttt, if you’re like me, you probably can’t keep a plant alive no matter what. Of course, there’s always the option for a vase of fresh flowers, but they die so quickly that sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my money on them. 

The best solution that I have found is fake flowers that are realistic looking and so beautiful! That being said, I am super picky about what fake flowers I buy. I like to invest in high-quality faux florals and greenery because they look far more realistic than the cheaper faux florals I have seen, and they are durable so that they will look good for a long time. I mean, I don't like to spend a ton of money but I am also very anti bad fake florals.

My absolute favorite places to buy fake flowers are Magnolia, Afloral, and Pottery Barn. I’m going to be honest; I hate fake flowers. If I am going to put them up in my apartment, they have to be GOOD. Even Hobby Lobby and Michaels don’t make the cut for me 😬. So, you can take trust my opinion because I seriously am only giving you the best of the best! 

This post is all about fake flowers.


The Fake Tulips On My Spring Bar Cart

bar cart decor


This is my more recent fake flower purchase and holy s$it, these look so real!! I got them because the review section was so great talking about them.

I have them on my bar cart and put them in a case with real water (which really helps them look even more real). 

The Pussy Willows In My Front Entryway

faux florals


In my front entryway I got this pussy willow (lol) and love how it gives a lot of height to the room.

The Dried Greenery In The BSL Office

fake flowers


I lovveee these dried eucalptus. I actually have used these in both my apartment and the BSL office. I think why I like them so much is that they are technically "real", just dried.

Faux Greenery Branch

best fake greenery


This is one of the more expensive branches I have I bought but I would buy it over and over again because it looks so good. I have accumulated like four of the branches at this point and have two in the office, two in the apartment.

The Dried Grass and Pompas On My Counter

dried arrow grass
best fake flowers


For my fall decor, I have added these dried grass and white pompas to some cute vases.I personally think I like the white pompas better from Amazon, but they're both great options!

Faux Cyprus Greenery For The Holidays

real looking faux greenery

Not the best picture, but this is how I decorated my front entry way for Christmas this past year and really loved the Faux Cyprus I got from Crate and Barrel! They only have this exact one during the holiday season, but they bring it back every year! If you're looking for good holiday branches, definitely get your hands on these.

On a side note, Crate and Barrel is one of my favorite places for a lot of stuff lately. I feel like they have majorly stepped up in the last two years. We've bought so many things for the GBOGH house from C&B.

The Dried Hydrangeas On My Coffee Table

dried hydrangeas


Another fall decor find! The only complaint I have to say about these is that they shed a lot. But, again, love that they are preserved.


magnolia fake flowers

I cannot tell you how much I love Magnolia faux florals (coming from a girl who hates fake flowers). I saw their fake flowers in person last year when I was in Waco, and they were SO good. They looked natural, and they even felt real. I will forever trust them now when going to order fake flowers.

I bought this particular bouquet when I was there, and I have styled them in so many places throughout my apartment. The color is so gorgeous and (I know I sound like a broken record), but they really do look so real.

Unfortunately, these exact florals are no longer available online, but I trust that their other options are just as beautiful! They're like the first place I go when looking for fake greenery because I feel like they have never have let me down. 


good fake flowers

Can you see those little berries coming out of the vase on my nightstand? Those are from Afloral! Afloral goes through new flowers all the time, so this is sadly another one I can't link but definitely stalk their website.

I have just dabbled into the Afloral faux flowers, but I swear by their dried flowers. I love this option because they are real, but they won’t go bad. I have these all over my office and the apartment. The other good thing about the preserved florals is that they are much more environmentally friendly than the ones made of plastic! Trust me; you will be just as obsessed with them as I am.  

1. Blush Peach Dahlia Silk Flower

How stunning are these faux dahlias? I think these would be the absolute perfect fake flowers for spring. You could arrange a few stems in a dainty vase, and it would be so gorgeous.  

2. Pink Faux Bundle of Peonies

If there’s something you should know about me, it’s that I LOVE peonies. They’re my favorite flower, and they almost look too beautiful to be real. These faux peonies look so realistic; I would probably think they were real if you had them in a vase in your house.  

3. Artificial Real Touch Magnolia Flower 

Magnolia flowers are so gorgeous, and this one looks incredibly real! This would look so cute in a bud vase on a bathroom counter or styled on some open shelving.  

4. Green Artificial Hypericum Berries 

If you’re looking for greenery, these berry bud stems are a unique, realistic option! You could mix these in with other faux florals as a filler or style them in their own vase.  

5. Pink Excoecaria Sebifera Tallow Berries

Okay, I don’t own these exact berry stems, but I own something super similar from Afloral that they don’t sell anymore, and I am obsessed with them. Seriously, Afloral can do no wrong in my eyes; everything is so gorgeous!  

6. Dried Petite Arrow Grass

If you are looking for something neutral, you will be obsessed with this dried arrow grass. This is not necessarily a fake arrangement, but it is completely dried, so it should last a very long time if you’re gentle with it! I absolutely love this stuff.  

7. Mauve Pink Preserved Hydrangea Flowers

Again, these aren't necessarily fake flowers; they're preserved. That's what makes them so stunning. They may not last as long as actual fake flowers, but they're just dried real plants instead of being made of plastic! This is the environmentally responsible choice, plus they look SO good.  

8. Bundle of 10 Preserved Leather Leaves

Okay, come on!! These preserved leaves are so gorgeous and look just as fresh as the day they were cut. Preserved florals are the new way to go, and I am a huge advocate for them!  

9. Blue Dried Echinops Globe Thistles

How cool are these? I have these same flowers (but mine are pink), and I think they are the cutest thing ever! So unique and so cool that they are just dried florals, not made of plastic.  

10. Olive Colored Preserved Seeded Eucalyptus

This preserved eucalyptus is seriously stunning. I have styled this in both my apartment and the office, and I could not be more obsessed. Out of all the florals and greenery on this page, this has the be my favorite. 


11. Faux Coffee Branch, Dogwood Stem & Ficus Branch Bouquet

West Elm killed it with this branch bouquet. The whole arrangement genuinely looks so natural. The best part is the simplicity; it would complement any space. 

12. Artificial/Faux Pussy Willow Spray

Okay, I have literally bought real pussy willow sprigs for my apartment before, and I was obsessed! These fake stems look just as good as the real ones I have purchased in the past, and I will definitely be ordering these! 

13. Faux Queen Anne’s Lace Bunch

How gorgeous is this little bunch? I would style these fake flowers in a short, wide vase for a full look. The simple colors would look perfect on a coffee table or even on your kitchen counter

14. Faux Waxflower Stem

Waxflower stems are the perfect filler option for a larger bouquet, or they make the cutest dainty vase of flowers. These would be adorable in a minimalistic small vase on a nightstand or dresser. 

15. Faux Green Petal Leaf Branch

Pottery Barn faux florals and greenery look SO real; I don’t know how they do it. These little branches are seriously so good and would look stunning in a front entryway vase or even in a small white vase in a bedroom or bathroom. 

This post was all about fake flowers.

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