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My Roman Empire has become the bedding five-star hotel rooms (me acting like I’ve been to a bunch of five-star hotels 😂).

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with the stunning hotel rooms you see on the screens and, of course, not only did I want to go to the hotels but I wanted to jump in the cloud-like beds and never leave.

Now that I’m an adult, I’ve made it my mission to figure out how to make my bedroom and bedding, feel like I’m in one of those five-star resorts.

Luckily, after many trials and tribulations (and becoming a professional interior designer), I think I’ve nailed the look- on a budget too (!).

Here are my secrets spilled and I hope if you recreate the look you’ll, like me, feel like you’re in a five-star hotel bedroom every night.

How to Make Your Bed Look Like It’s In a Hotel

1. The Sheets

These Mellanni sheets have been my absolute favorite for YEARS. They are a bargain at around $40ish and I could not recommend them more.

2. Use TWO Duvet Inserts

If you want to have the fluffy, cloud-like look that hotel beds have, then you need to use two duvet inserts instead of just one. Trust me, it makes the biggest difference.

Also, your duvet, and inserts, should be a size up from your actual bed size (if you have a Queen, get King-sized duvet and duvet inserts).

3. Velvet Pillow Covers

Velvet pillow covers will give you the luxury look for a fraction of the cost of actual luxury bedding products.

I have this exact pair of covers and they’re around $13ish for two !!!

4. The Pillow Inserts You Use Matter

These are the best pillow inserts EVER. Ever. I cannot recommend them more. I use them in my home, in my clients’ homes, everywhere. They’re available on Amazon and you need to get your hands on them.

Also, a rule of thumb is to always go one size up based on the dimensions of your pillow cover.

5. King-size Pillows

If you are really committed to making your bed look like it could be in a hotel then you need to get king-sized pillows (for actually sleeping).

Almost all luxury hotels use these and they’re crucial for getting the look right!

6. Satin Pillow Covers

These “fancy” satin pillow covers are the cherry on top of making your bed look luxurious.

They also have a zipper hidden on the size which gives your bed a cleaner look.

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