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This post is all about my Sunday cleaning routine, with tips and tricks for keeping your apartment fresh, organized, and smelling amazing 😝.

sunday cleaning routine

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My Sunday cleaning routine is one of the main events that keeps me sane throughout the week 😝!

I'm a routine type of girl, so I thought I’d share with you all the little details in my routine! A clean and fresh apartment can never be beaten, especially on Sundays.


1. Laundry: I got this hamper that has three sections. I love it because then I don't need to spend time separating my clothes.

These are my favorite laundry products for the best smelling clothes:

2. Wipe Counters: I use my favorite spray to clean my counters, even though I think it’s just for your dishes 😂.

3. Clean sink: I clean my sink using this product, which I buy at Target. I prefer the liquid version, but this leaves my sink clean and shiny.

4. Clean disposal: This is my favorite disposal cleaner. It makes my apartment smell so good. So I just pop it down there and then you can see stuff coming out of your disposal. It's disgusting.

5. Wipe appliances: I use a stainless steel appliance cleaner that I love along with microfiber washcloths that I buy in a pack from Amazon (great for using all over my apartment, including the sink).

6. Clean rings: I use this mixture that I'm obsessed with to clean my engagement ring. It makes it so shiny, and so I'll just let it sit in there while I finish up cleaning. You can click here to view my super easy jewelry cleaner recipe.

7. Organize shoe closet: Ben and I will put all of our shoes where they’re actually supposed to go (but somehow never make it during the week) on the shoe racks.

8. Tidy up bedroom: Our bedroom somehow always becomes a nightmare during the week so there’s usually miscellaneous things we need to clean up. We make sure to always make the bed on Sunday… or at least we try!

9. Vacuum: I vacuum with my cordless Dyson. If you live in an apartment I highly recommend getting a cordless Dyson! I got as a gift, and it’s the BEST.

10. Make everything smell good: My final and favorite step to my Sunday cleaning routine is to light candles and replace the wall scents if they’re empty. This is my favorite spray that I spritz all over and it makes my apartment smell amazing!

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This post was all about my Sunday cleaning routine.

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