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This post is all about the very best stocking stuffer ideas for everyone in your family this holiday season! I have gathered over *75* (!!) unique stocking stuffers that will make this the best part of Christmas morning.

stocking stuffers 2023

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I would be shocked if you told me that you plan wayyy ahead for stocking stuffer gift ideas like you do for regular Christmas and holiday gifts for others. I don’t fill many people’s stockings, but this is something that I forget about every year.

I am always running around last minute finding stocking stuffers for my husband because I always focus on every other Christmas gift before I even begin to think about what to put in his stockings.

I have promised to myself that this year, however, I am going to plan ahead and not cause myself any stress trying to find last-minute gifts for our stockings. And I want to help you out with this, too!!

I have gathered as many of the most unique, useful, and trendy Christmas stocking stuffers as I could for this upcoming season, and I am so excited to help you out and share them with you below.

This post is all about Christmas stocking stuffer ideas.


1. Cute Hand Sanitizer

Moms especially love to carry hand sanitizer and Tide sticks on them, so this gift is perfect for moms.

2. Herbal Tea Sampler

If your mom or sister loves tea, this is a perfect stocking stuffer for them.

3. Fuzzy Socks

Socks are the best gift to fill a stocking with.

4. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees are awesome, and a Christmas pack makes a super simple gift!

5. Nail Care Kit

This is the ultimate nail care kit for women.

6. Face Mask Applicator

A face mask applicator is such a good gift for someone who loves a good spa night.

7. Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Taking good care of your makeup brushes is essential, and cleaning mats like this make it so much easier.

8. Personalized Embroidered Bookmark

stocking stuffers for women

Such a cute gift idea for the women in your life who love to read!

9. Personalized Flower Keychain

stocking stuffers 2023

This is a very creative gift; look how pretty they are!!

10. Rub-A-Way Bar

If you’re cutting onions or cooking something smelly, rubbing your hands on one of these bars makes the smell go away entirely! It’s so smart and perfect for a woman who loves to cook.

11. Electric Facial Hair Remover

This electric face shaver gets rid of peach fuzz so easily, and it’s probably not something a girl would think to buy for herself.

12. Football Claw Clip

stocking stuffer ideas

Looking cute on a game day is such a necessity! These clips would make any outfit adorable.

13. Glass Nail File

Glass nail files last so much longer than regular nail files, and feel very luxurious to use.

14. Self-Care Card Deck

christmas stocking stuffers

I love this card deck idea! Such a positive thing to add to someone’s day.

15. Cute Pen Set

stocking stuffers for kids

Great idea for stocking stuffers for women who work in an office and deserve to have high-quality, cute looking pens.

16. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Duo

stocking stuffers for men

The perfect lip duo! And is an amazing stocking stuffer ideas for adults.

17. Monogram Notepad

stocking stuffers for teens

My mom lovesss notepads and would absolutely love this in her stocking.


18. Bombas

Again, socks are perfect to throw into a stocking!

19. Nice Office Pens

Great gift for men who love (or hate) their office job!

20. Poo-Pourri

This is a funny gift idea, but we all definitely know a guy who could (and should) use it!

21. “I’d Rather Be Golfing” Socks

Perfect stocking stuffers for men who love to golf, and maybe should spend more time doing other things haha.

22. Cold Beer Coats

christmas stocking stuffers

One of my friends has these and they are SO fun! Such a creative gift for guys.

23. Hockey Stick Drink Stirrers

stocking stuffers for toddlers

Great stocking stuffers for hockey-obsessed guys in your life.

24. Customized Chopsticks

stocking stuffers for kids

My family and I have customized chopsticks and my dad is probably the one who likes them the most!

25. Personalized Golf Bag Tag

stocking stuffer ideas

Another stocking stuffer idea for golf-obsessed guys.

26. AirPods Case

AirPods cases are really great options for inexpensive stocking stuffers.

27. College Football Coasters

stocking stuffers 2023

These coasters are so cute!! Great for the dad who lovesss where he went to college.

28. Apple AirTags

AirTags are a little more expensive for a stocking stuffer gift, but it’s a small enough gift that would fit perfectly.

29. Dip Clip for Car

This is a GENIUS invention!! If you love eating in the car, this will make it so much easier.

30. Beer Glass Chillers

Such a cool invention and great for guys who love cold beer.

31. Magnetic Tool Wristband

Great for handy guys.

32. AirPods Cleaning Kit

I honestly wish I had this… it looks like it would work wonders!

33. Hangover Balm

stocking stuffer ideas for adults

This is a great one for the partiers and the guys in college lol.

34. Money Clip

A cheap money clip is essential for guys.


35. Summer Fridays Lip Gloss

stocking stuffers for teens

If there is one thing that will be on tonsss of girls’ wishlists this year, it’s Summer Fridays lip gloss!

36. Gold Earrings

Can never have too many gold earrings for cheap.

37. Hair Claw Clips

Love this idea of claw clips in a stocking.

38. Monochromatic Multi-Use Stick

A makeup stick you can use for basically anything!

39. Cord Holder & Organizer

Guys and girls who have tons of cords and chargers could really benefit from an organizer.

40. Custom Guitar Pick & Case

inexpensive stocking stuffers

This guitar pick is super unique and thoughtful for the teens who love to play guitar!

41. Scalp Massager

These are essential for hair washing days.

42. Disposable Cameras

Such a cute gift idea for girls or boys who love to take photos!

43. Gua Sha

Every girl needs a gua sha. And they’re small and inexpensive so perfect for a stocking.

44. Salt & Stone Deodorant

There is so much hype around this deodorant and for gooood reason. Smells amazing and great for your body.

45. Sneaker Balls

Perfecttt stocking stuffers for teens who play sports a lot and have really stinky feet haha.

46. Trendy Phone Case

stocking stuffer ideas

A little bit more expensive but girls would absolutely love this gift!

47. 10 Foot Charging Cord

A long charging cord is a super useful gift idea.

48. Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

I didn’t know they made magnetic phone holders like this but I love it! Such a smart product.

49. Essence Mascara

This mascara is famously amazing, and extremelyyy cheap. Which makes the perfect gift.

50. Tower 28 Face Spray

stocking stuffers for teens

I don’t necessarily know what this is for, but I guess it works wonders!! And a mini version is a great stocking stuffer idea.


51. Hot Wheels Car

Great gift for little guys who love cars and collects Hot Wheels.

52. Wash-Out Hair Chalk

stocking stuffers for kids

How fun is this??

53. Name Crayons

stocking stuffers for toddlers

These crayons are honestly so beautiful and could even just be used as fun decor!

54. Christmas Pez

I used to absolutely love eating Pez. I would even still love this gift today.

55. Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty

Like slime but without the mess!

56. Mini Brands

I’ve never actually seen these in real life but they are so cute and great for older kids.

57. Wikki Stix

I used to love these!! They can be used over and over again and can let kids be really creative.

58. Fidget Toy

A fidget popper toy like this one is such a perfect stocking stuffers 2023 idea.

59. Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal makes Monopoly feel more manageable and it’s surprisingly really entertaining for all ages.

60. Learning Chopsticks

If you want your kids to be really good at using chopsticks, you gotta start ’em young!

61. Lego Set

You can definitely fit one of these in a stocking.

62. Kid’s Camera

These cameras are so cute and a great starter gift for getting creative with photo taking.

63. Kanoodle

A challenging game that’s perfect for kids of any age!

64. Lipsmacker

Who didn’t love getting Lipsmackers as kids?? Such a nostalgic gift to give this year.

65. 3D Stickers

Kids absolutely love stickers and I don’t think that will ever change!

66. Kid’s Uno

Another fun game gift idea.


67. Lickable Flavored Bubbles

stocking stuffers 2023

My nanny kids would absolutely dieee over lickable bubbles! Love this gift idea.

68. Bath Crayons

Bath crayons to make bathtime a lottt more fun!

69. Toothbrushing Turtle Timer

christmas stocking stuffers

Getting toddlers to brush their teeth is definitely no easy task. But this turtle timer will make it so much more fun for them and way easier for you.

70. Wash-Off Nail Polish

stocking stuffers 2023

This is one of the most perfect stocking stuffers for toddlers. They love doing their nails, hair, and makeup typically but it gets so messy!! This will keep the mess at a minimum which is any parent’s dream.

71. Mini Rubber Ducks

Rubber duckies will never get old.

72. Toddler Watch

Teaching them time while also getting them cute accessories!

73. Water Wow!

Another gift idea that isn’t messy! Super fun and cool to watch, too.

74. Kids Yeti Rambler

This might be a littttle big for a stocking depending how long it is, but it’s a great idea I think!

75. Jellycat

Is this not the cutest stuffed animal?! I am obsessed with it.

76. Toddler Training Toothbrush

A cute toothbrush will also make teeth brushing time way easier.

77. Wooden Sound Shakers

Simple but will entertain toddlers for hours.

78. Minnie Mouse Brush & Comb

If the toddler you’re shopping for is in a Disney family, they need this hair brush and comb set!

79. L.O.L Doll

My nanny kids also adore L.O.L Dolls. Definitely a newer toy but it’d make a great stocking stuffers for toddlers!

This post was all about stocking stuffer ideas.

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