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This post is all about bedroom organization ideas.

small bedroom organization ideas

The bedroom should be the most peaceful, relaxing, decluttered space in your home. We decorate our bedrooms with these high hopes and always think we’re going to keep it tidy and charming. When in reality, most bedrooms turn into a chaotic drop zone for everything we own, and aren’t quite sure where to put them in our homes.

Bedrooms can become so messy… so fast. And if you’re like me and have millions of things to keep in your bedroom, it can be really overwhelming to try and find ways to organize your room so that it doesn’t become a complete mess five minutes after it’s clean.

These 24 bedroom organization ideas are going to help get all of our bedrooms right and tight with very little stress! No more cluttered and chaotic bedrooms after using these ideas, and you’ll feel so much better laying in your bed after a long day of work.

This post is all about small bedroom organization ideas.


1. Use large, multi-drawer nightstands

10 small bedroom organization ideas

Using a small nightstand or baby dresser is one of my absolute favorite bedroom organization hacks I’ve ever come up with! In my old apartment, I used one of these on both sides of my queen-sized bed and I absolutely loved it. These were small enough that I was able to get two which was perfect for my husband and me. The greatest part, though, is that they give you SO much storage which is amazing for bedroom organization. If you want to be the most organized, you need to make sure you have a lot of storage space, and nightstands with multiple drawers are perfect for this.

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2. Create a coat rack

If you have a capsule wardrobe, using a coat rack to display clothes and save closet space can be so pretty. This is also perfect if you have a bigger bedroom because this may make smaller bedrooms look a little too cluttered. I wish I had a better closet to make this look cool in my house, but because I don’t, I hope one of you can! I think this can make a bedroom look so aesthetic.

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3. Use a storage bench

I absolutely adore a bench at the end of a bed. It can make your bedroom look so luxurious, and a storage bench can offer tons of space for random items in your bedroom. You could also probably get away with making this kind of like a “junk” storage bench. There are tons of ways to organize it and make it look good, but because it’s completely hidden by the top, you can throw so much in it and hide all of your clutter! If you’re looking for bedroom organization furniture, this is hands down the best option if your bedroom offers you the space.

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4. Get blanket baskets

Blanket baskets are super popular for living rooms, but they can also be used in bedrooms! If you’re a blanket girly like me, you probably have so many blankets scattered around your house, and probably tons in your bedroom. A blanket basket is the perfect way to make your blankets ultra-organized and also cute!

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5. Create an accessories wall

Hanging accessories on your wall is especially perfect for the hat girlies! Hats can be a pain in the a$$ to store especially if your room is already cluttered or your storage is limited. This is a super fun bedroom organization ideas DIY that you can make your own. If your hats look cute with the rest of your bedroom decor, you should double them as more decor and hang them on a blank wall!

6. Hang floating shelves

Floating shelves are another easy organization DIY that can easily be put together by yourself. If you have random decorations all over your room, like candles, picture frames, and other knick-knacks, floating shelves will help make all of those look actually good in your room. Putting up floating shelves might also force you to go through things in your room which, let’s face it, we could all use some motivation for.

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7. “Marie Kondo” your clothes

Did anybody else go through a Marie Kondo phase in 2020? I was so obsessed with her Netflix show and organizing my entire house after watching the series. The one thing I really took away from the show, though (and still do to this day) is the way she folds her clothes! This is the smartest and most efficient way to hold your clothes, hands down. If you stick to it, it keeps your drawers organized and makes it so much easier to find things (which is definitely the most important part).

8. Try covered baskets

If you have an empty corner in your room or your nightstands have an open bottom shelf, adding a basket that has a cover is a genius idea. This creates another space in your bedroom that can hide a ton of random sh!t but make your room still look super put together. Having baskets like these forces you to put something in it, which means that some things that don’t have a spot in your bedroom, will now!

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9. Find a cute jewelry organizer

bedroom organization ideas diy

The absolute worst thing is when your jewelry is unorganized, tangled, and spread out around your room. I hate having unorganized jewelry because it makes getting ready and even packing for trips so much harder. Cute jewelry organizers can be found anywhere, and they’ll make your room so much more organized and create a really cute piece of decor! This is a great thing to have on a dresser or even in a closet to keep your jewelry organized and easy to find.

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10. Add bins to your closet

Using bins is an excellent way to organize your closet, especially if your closet is small or doesn’t have a door. A lot of college campuses don’t have closet doors or let you use a curtain for your closet door, so it’s pretty essential that you keep your closet cute and organized. When I was in college, I found that the best way to do this with limited options is to use cute woven bins on closet shelves! This is an amazing way to keep sweatshirts, t-shirts, swimsuits, etc organized and looking super good.

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11. Make space with drawer organizers

I am obsessedddd with drawer organizers! If you’re on the side of TikTok that I’m on, you’ve seen drawer organization videos and know how satisfying they are. And I’m here to say that they will truly change your life. Having messy drawers is so common in any place of your house, but definitely in desks, nightstands, and vanity drawers in your bedroom. Buying some organizers will force you to keep your drawers organized and it’ll make you feel so much better.

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12. OR drawer dividers

If you don’t want to use organization containers, another great bedroom organization ideas is drawer dividers. I’ve never tried these and I don’t know if I would like them as much as containers, but they look like they would give you more flexibility with organization than acrylic containers would.

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13. Utilize under-the-bed storage

One of the simplest bedroom organization ideas is to use under-the-bed storage bins. These can be simple and functional, or cute yet useful. Plastic ones are so cheap and can easily be hidden underneath beds while still holding so much stuff. If you want to be able to see underneath your bed, though, you can get pretty bins and keep your bed open on the bottom. Either way works and is such a smart way to utilize the space you may be losing underneath your bed.

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14. Try storage on top of your vanity

If you use your desk to do work and also get ready in the morning, then you absolutely need cute ways to keep all of your things organized. Even if you use a vanity, cute little baskets like these can help anyone out with organization. These baskets are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen, and I’m even tempted to get some for my vanity! I definitely have some random skincare or makeup that could find a home in something like this, and I’m sure you do, too.

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15. Use velvet hangers and color coordinate hanging clothes

small bedroom organization ideas

Using only one type of hanger in your closet will make it look so much more luxurious and put together. I always make sure to use velvet hangers, too, because they look 10x better than plastic hangers, and guarantee that your clothes won’t slip off (which is one of my biggest pet peeves). I also recently organized all of my hanging clothes to be color-coordinated and I love it! It looks so good and surprisingly it is so much easier to find my clothes.

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16. Try a bed with built-in storage

If you don’t love the under-the-bed bin storage idea, then you should get a bed frame with actual drawers built into the bottom. These can either look cute or ugly, but if you do it right, they can look so good and be so useful. Actual drawers will definitely hold more than under-the-bed bins, too, which is great if you have a lottt of stuff to store under your bed. If you have a small closet, I also recommend this for storing shoes under bed or other weird-shaped items.

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17. Organize with acrylic closet dividers

Not only are these closet dividers useful, but they’re pretty, too! These dividers are perfect for anyone who has a ton of folded clothes in their closets. I have millions of sweatshirts and could benefit from acrylic dividers to keep them all upright and in the right place lol. One of the prettiest and most aesthetic bedroom organization ideas!

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18. Display pretty perfume

This is a bedroom organization and decoration hack! For the girls who love to smell good and have lots of perfume, I highly recommend getting a cute tray for your dresser or desk and displaying your perfume on it. This gives your perfume a place to sit and that way you’ll always know where it is and where it should go.

19. Create a charger drawer

If you’re like me and have a whole Apple ecosystem, then you definitely also have wayyy too many chargers. Chargers throw off the whole aesthetic of a room, no matter what room it is in your house. I found this idea on Pinterest of creating a charging station in the top drawer of your nightstand and I thought it was genius. This will make your chargers more organized and not get tangled together every day, and keep them out of view! Which is every interior designer’s dream.

20. Make an accessories drawer

I’m a victim of cheap Amazon jewelry and have soo many more than I even get around to wearing. An accessories drawer like this would be so helpful and honestly would make me feel like a princess putting on jewelry every day. (Does this remind anyone else of Princess Mia??) If you have an empty drawer somewhere in your closet or your dresser and tons of jewelry or watches, then an accessory drawer is one of the best bedroom organization ideas I could give you.

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21. Spring for a closet storage system

If you’re lucky enough to have a pretty big closet, I promise you that you need a closet storage system!! It is genuinely life-changing and takes all the guesswork out of how to organize your clothes, shoes, jackets, etc in your closet. If you’re thinking of investing in something like this, take a look at what you need and go for it! You won’t regret it.

22. Invest in a Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is such a fun and smart idea for anyone who lives in a small apartment or studio. If you struggle with making your bed every day, this could also be great to just be able to put it away and not worry about it! Murphy beds can also come with extra shelves, cabinets, and storage which is super helpful in a smaller space. I’ve never actually used a Murphy bed but I honestly find them fascinating and think they can be so pretty.

23. Use a closet organizer for anything

There are tons of different kinds of shoe organizers and even more ways to use them. If you don’t need new ways to organize your shoes, then you may benefit from using a shoe organizer for something else! A closet organizer like this one is so useful for sweatshirts or bulkier items that may not have a good spot in your closet.

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24. Use labels!

Labels are super clever for childrens bedroom organization ideas because young kids don’t really care what their room looks like anyway lol. This will make parents’s lives 10x easier and everything just so much more organized. I also like that you can hide the labels so they don’t have to be so obvious, but they’re still so helpful!

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1. How do I organize my bedroom with too much stuff?

The best way to organize a room with a lot of stuff is to find ways to find it! I highly recommend storing things under your bed, using bins in your closet, and utilizing drawers as much as you can.

2. What is the best way to organize your bedroom?

The best way to organize your bedroom depends on the layout and how big it is! The 24 bedroom organization ideas I shared above should give you a great starting place.

3. How can I declutter my bedroom fast?

To declutter your bedroom fast, take a couple of days to go through your belongings and find a specific place for everything you’re keeping! And don’t keep anything you don’t love or need either.

4. How do I organize my room with little space?

There are so many ways to organize a bedroom with little space. This post gives some really great small bedroom organization ideas, but I also have so many other posts on my website specifically for small spaces!

5. How do you organize a minimalist bedroom?

The best way to do this is to hide a lot of your stuff lol. Use drawers, and under-the-bed storage, and maximize your closet space to keep your bedroom minimal.

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