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This post is all about Valentines Day decor.

I’m the type of girl who absolutely loves decorating and getting super festive for allll the holidays! I have fun decorations for any holiday you could think of and I probably go shopping for each holiday every year to get even more decor. In all my experience, though, one of my favorite kinds of decor to find is Valentines Day decor!

This year for Valentines Day I went pretty minimalist but I think I was still able to find some super cute Valentines Day decor ideas! My favorite place I went to this year to find these items was Target, but it’s also really easy to find cheap and cute decor at HomeGoods and Amazon.

If you’re looking for heartfelt home decor, festive love decor, or just some simple, cozy Valentine’s Day decorations, you’ll definitely LOVE all of the things I put in my own house and linked down below!

This post is all about Valentine’s Day decorating ideas.

1. My Kitchen Counters

I think a super fun way to decorate for any holiday is with colorful candlesticks. Candlestick holders can be found pretty much anywhere for super cheap (I’ve gotten them at the Dollar Store before for $3!!), and candlesticks are super easy to come across as well.

I’ll either find colorful holders with neutral candles or the other way around for each holiday I am decorating for and they turn out so pretty! Doing this for Valentines Day would make incredibly cute red and pink Valentine’s decor.

2. My Bar Cart

My bar cart is probably my absolute favorite thing to decorate when it comes to decor in my house. Every holiday and new season I have new decor to put on my bar cart and a new way to organize it. This year’s Valentines decor are such sweetheart decorations that I absolutely adore.

I wasn’t able to find all of these decor pieces online but I have linked similar (or honestly even better) ones below!

3. My Living Room Throw Pillows

If you know me, you also know that I LOVE throw pillows! If you have neutral furniture this is such a simple and adorable way to spice up your Valentines Day decor. Target and HomeGoods are always guaranteed to have soo many different pillows for every season and holiday.

4. My Behind-The-Couch Table

Valentines dishes are probably some of the cutest dishware I’ve ever seen! I got this bowl at Target and filled it with some of my favorite candy. So cute! If you’re looking for major love-themed decorations, this is perfect for that.

5. My Kitchen

How cute is Honey in this?! I’m obsessed with her and obsessed with these Valentines straws! I always like to add festive towels to my kitchen stove, too for easy Valentines Day decor ideas.

6. My Dining Room Table

Little knick knacks like these are some of my favorite random holiday decor finds. These XOXO letters have become one of my Valentine’s Day centerpieces this year and I love how they’re so neutral and subtle.

I found these in the dollar section of Target which I can never find online afterwards, BUT I found this wood letters paint kit from Target that would make such a fun DIY Valentine’s crafts! And would still look so sweet as a centerpiece.

This post is all about Valentine’s Day home accents.

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