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This post is all about the very best gifts for new homeowners to receive this holiday season! New homeowners are so fun to shop for, and I am here to help you find the best gifts to give them this year.

gifts for new home buyers

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Buying and moving into your first house is SO fun and exciting, but, if you've done it before, you know it can be extremely stressful. Finalizing the purchase, packing your life into boxes, and unpacking in a brand new space is a LOT of work.

If you know someone who is moving into their first home soon and want to get them an amazing housewarming gift, you've come to the right place! My friends and I are at the stage in our lives right now where we all are finding houses after leaving apartments so I have a pretty good idea of what new homeowners need for their first home.

All of the gift ideas down below are perfect for a friend or family member you know moving into a brand new house! From things I received from other people to things I want for my own houses, this list of 35 gifts for new homeowners ideas will do the work in finding a great gift for you.

This post is all about gifts for new homeowners.


1. New Home Ornament

Gifts for new homeowners couple

This is such an adorable idea and absolutely perfect for a Christmas gift!!

2. Festive Icon Shot Glasses

Gifts for new homeowners couple

An amazing idea for younger homeowners who love to party and entertain!

3. Monogram Christmas Mug

Housewarming gifts

These mugs are perfect for the holidays and would make a great gift.

4. New Home Candle

Housewarming gifts

How cute is this?? This is a perfect housewarming gifts idea.

5. Personalized Charcuterie Board

Gifts for new homeowners amazon

A personalized charcuterie board is a great gift idea for new homeowners who love to host.

6. Watercolor House Painting

Useful gifts for new homeowners

This painting is gorgeous and something that homeowners will keep and love forever!

7. Kitchen Towels

Unique gifts for new homeowners
Traditional gifts for new homeowners

Kitchen towels are something that I don't think anyone can have enough. Holiday themed towels also make the perfect Christmas gift!

8. Cocktail Glasses

Gifts for new homeowners first home

I love giving cool glasses as gifts! This is such a useful gifts for new homeowners, too.

9. Cheese Chopping Board

Gifts for new homeowners ideas

A cheese chopping board is a great gifts for new homeowners that also would go perfectly with a charcuterie board!

10. MacKenzie Childs Salt & Pepper Shakers

These are soo cute and MacKenzie Childs is such a high quality brand.

11. Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet is such a cool thing to own, but definitely not something that someone would buy for themselves right away. Great gift idea for those who love to cook!

12. Wreaths

Gifts for new home builders

I love this gift idea! There are so many different wreath options out there so you can get really creative with this gift for new homeowners.

13. Throw Blanket

A nice throw blanket is the perfect gift for decor and comfort for homeowners.

14. Bookends

This is such a unique gifts for new homeowners! A very cool gift for big readers or anyone who has a bookshelf in their new home.

15. Room Spray

Room spray is a super useful gift that is also perfect if the homeowners are in a brand new house.

16. Diffuser

I love my diffuser and my house would truly not be the same without it.

17. Door Mats

Gifts for new homeowners first home
Gifts for new homeowners ideas

I have an incredible DIY door mat that makes door mats for super cheap, but these are such cute ones that I definitely couldn't recreate! And they make a super unique housewarming gift.

18. Champagne

Gifts for new home builders

They need something to celebrate the new move, right?? This is a must for gifts for new homeowners first home.

19. Ouai Hand Soap

A nice hand soap makes a great gift for kitchen or bathroom!

20. "New Home" Keychain

Useful gifts for new homeowners

Perfect (and adorable) idea for gifts for new homeowners couple! If your bestie couple is getting a house, they need this.

21. Candle Warmer

A candle warmer makes any home feel so luxurious, and it's super useful for the girls who always love having a candle lit.

22. Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are not cheap but they are a decor necessity in my opinion! This is a great gifts for new homeowners amazon gift idea.

23. Pizza Grilling Set

Gifts for new homeowners amazon

A pizza grilling set makes cooking so much more fun (and the pizza tastes better ;)).

24. Electric Wine Opener

An electric wine opener is up there with electric salt and pepper shakers. Love them both!

25. Coasters

Useful gifts for new homeowners

Coasters are a gift you can get really creative with, and it's a great piece of decor.

26. Glass Coffee Cups

These trendy glasses are a great unique gift idea for new homeowners.

27. Tequila Shot Board

Gifts for new homeowners baskets

I love this gift idea!! Perfect for a young couple that loves to host parties.

28. Measuring Cups

Gifts for new home builders

These measuring cups are a really cool twist on a traditional gifts for new homeowners idea.

29. Popcorn Seasoning Pack

If your new homeowners love having movie nights, they need this popcorn seasoning pack! Such a fun gift idea.

30. Hatch Alarm Clock

Obsessed with my Hatch alarm clock. 10/10 recommend this gift for anyone in your life!

31. Waffle Maker

Getting a waffle maker will really elevate their Sunday brunches!

32. Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are the perfect mix between a fun Christmas gift and a useful new homeowners gift.

33. Rice Cooker

I love my rice cooker and think it makes a super useful gift for new homeowners.

34. Electric Tea Kettle

If you're a tea lover like me you need an electric tea kettle!

35. Fun Vases

Gifts for new homeowners couple

A fun vase with flowers or greens makes such a great gifts for new home builders.

This post was all about gifts for new home buyers.

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