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apartment laundry room decor

My apartment laundry room is something that has been on my to-do list to decorate for FOREVER. It was by far the ugliest room in my apartment and since it is directly next to the kitchen and the door is open 99% of the time, it needed some major loving.

I debated going all out in this space. Maybe adding wallpaper, painting, replacing or covering the shelf to hide the wire shelf currently there, etc. I thought about this way too much for like an entire month.

I just kept going back to it being a waste of money since I will probably be moving out of my apartment in the next few months.

Instead, I decided to give my laundry room a little loving with an easy laundry room decor makeover. Plus, it is 100% renter-friendly (okay, maybe 99%. I did screw in that coat hook to the wall...a few holes never killed no body ?). 

Here's what my laundry room looked like for an entire year...

by sophia lee laundry room
by sophia lee laundry room
by sophia lee laundry room

And here is my laundry room after her little makeover...

apartment laundry room decor

So much better, right?! There were a lot of things I did from a practical sake so let's break it up...

apartment laundry room decor ideas

This is an apartment rental so I tried to put as little holes into the wall as possible. These frames are being held up with command strips (which I use allll over my apartment...such a great invention!). 

The black frame is from Target and the gold frame is a thrift find.

The prints inside the frames were a whopping $4. Win-win. Here's the Ocean Wave print. Here's the Sketched Floral print

laundry room decor ideas

I wanted a place where we could hang clothes to dry if needed. This wood peg wall hook was only $12!! I loved the color of it too.

The rug just adds a little cuteness to the space and it was extremely affordable. Btw, the rug looks black but its actually navy (I wanted it to be black but you win some and ya lose some).

The basket is LARGE and its from HomeGoods. You can see below why I have the basket...


I have two hacks I swear by for using in my laundry room. The first one revolves around Shelby and I being incapable of removing our clothes from the dryer for days on end :).

Shelby and I are both at fault for washing our clothes and then letting them sit in the dryer for days. Then, one of us will go to do our laundry and get annoyed that the other person still has not taken their clothes out of the dryer. Usually I just throw Shelby's clothes on the ground but she throws a little temper-tantrum that her clothes are now dirty again because they touched the ground ?. #dramaqueen

I wanted a large basket to go in the corner of the laundry room so that if we ever leave clothes in the dryer, we can simply throw them in the basket instead of on the ground. It does block the door so if someone needs to get into the closet they can simply move it!

laundry room decorating ideas

This was my version of prettying up the wire shelving hahaha. There's only so much you can do to make it look better so I reserved a little corner to add some laundry room decor.

The canister is from Walmart for $5 and the white clothes pins are from Amazon.

Both black frames are from Target. The one on the wall is connected with command strips and the other frame is just leaning on it. 

The cloud print is another $4 find on Etsy.


Sarah strikes again with a really cute printable you can frame! I'm going to be honest, we had a tough time with this one. It's tough to find a non-tacky laundry room print with no words on it!

She drew these laundry room symbols in charcoal and I love how imperfect they are. It couldn't have turned out better!

Here's the link so you can download this art for your own laundry room.

laundry room designs
small laundry room

I used the same Jute baskets as I did in the decor closet to hide the laundry supplies. When we need detergent, we bring the basket down. Maybe a little impractical, is pain ;). Really, I just had the way laundry supplies look (aka the before of the laundry room) so these baskets were the perfect way to cover them.

by sophia lee laundry room
apartment laundry room decor

I am so in love with my little laundry room makeover! Should have done it a long freakin' time ago.

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