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Looking for cute lamps to put that final touch on your space? Here are 28 trendy lamps for every style and budget!

cute lamps

I have been looking at well-decorated spaces carefully lately, and one of the main things that can make or break the space is the lighting. Overhead light always seems to be harsh and uninviting.

If you want your space to look like a warm, luxury home store, you need cute lamps galore! There are so many stunning lamps out there, and it can be hard to choose which ones you want for your home. You're in luck because I found 28 gorgeous lamps that will match your style and fit different price ranges!

This post is all about cute lamps.


1. Caufield Metal Table Lamp

Out of all the cute table lamps, this black lamp is one of my very favorites! It has such a vintage vibe to it but still looks modern. I would 100% put this on my desk. 

cute nightstand lamps

“This silverware tray is very well made, love that it acrylic! It has high sides and lots of room.”

2. Algarve Ceramic Table Lamp

Ever since I saw this lamp, I have been obsessed!! The color, the abstract shape, the texture, it's all just too good. They would be cute lamps for bedroom or even on a side table in a living room!

cute desk lamps

“These are heavy lamps - really great looking. I'm so glad I bought these...they really bring a WOW moment to the room.”

3. Edie Prismatic Table Lamp

Can we talk about how stunning this lamp is? I would buy this lamp if I wanted the vibe of a chandelier, but I was renting and unable to switch out the light fixture. It's so glam, and I love the way it's styled in the photo with a stack of coffee table books.

small lamps

“Its vintage-inspired look adds a touch of glamour to any side table, desk or nightstand.”

4. Pleated Table Lamp

There are so many cute lamps Amazon has to offer, but this has to be the best one available! These pleated lamp shades have been extremely trendy lately and add just the right amount of character to the space. This small lamp would be adorable on a kitchen countertop or on some open shelving.  

“This lamp looks so lovely on my desk and does not look so trendy that I see myself having to replace it in the future."

5. Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Marana Table Lamp

Looking for a lamp that is an art piece in itself? This lamp is gorgeous and makes a statement in the room where you put it! This is for sure the type of lamp to put in a living room or front entryway where everyone can see it!

little lamps

“This lamp is absolutely beautiful! I have it in my office and am buying the smaller one for my home because I love it so much! I get so many compliments!”

6. Kalani Table Lamp

It may be a little hard to see in a photo, but the texture of this lamp is so unique and pretty! This might be one of my favorite cute desk lamps ever. Burke decor is pricey, but you always get something super cool and different!

7. Matte Brass Table Lamp

Who knew Walmart would have such a stylish lamp? One of my favorite interior designers had this lamp on her buffet table, and I was obsessed with it, so you can imagine how shocked I was when I found out it was from Walmart! I love this lamp for a desk!

cute floor lamps

“Beautiful lamp. Nice size and finish. I love it with marble and brass accessories.”

8. Natural Open Weave Rattan Marta Table Lamp

Going for a natural, boho vibe? A rattan lamp is a perfect way to incorporate earthy colors and texture into your space without going overboard. The round shape of this lamp also provides a fun, unique profile that will stand out.

cute lamps for living room

“versatile neutral hues, its natural-fiber construction adds a warm outdoor element to your modern, coastal or beach house decor.”

9. Douglas Ceramic Accent Table Lamp

This lamp is so rugged and vintage-looking; I'm in love! Something that takes your space from a house to a home is having pieces that look weathered and lived in. This lamp definitely has that vibe and will make your space feel incredibly homey.

cute night lamps

“A beautiful lamp. So glad I bought it.”

10. Light Rods LED & USB Table Lamp

How stunning is this desk lamp? I seriously am about to order this because I love this lamp's sleek, simple look. It also has a USB port, making it super easy to charge your phone using the lamp!

cute lamps cheap

“It's more than good looks with a built-in USB port and integrated long-lasting LED bulb.”

11. Harmony Table Lamp

Urban Outfitters has so many cute bedside lamps! The shape of this lamp is so fun and funky, and I think it would be a great accent in a bedroom or living room. The matte black is also very unique and stands out!

cute lamps amazon

“I have the large and small and I’m in love with them. If you’re wondering if you should buy it.... the answer is yes.”

12. Concrete Table Lamp

I'm telling you, Amazon has been coming through with all the best home finds lately. This concrete table lamp is so pretty, and its shape is unique and modern.

“I'm even more obsessed with this table lamp in person. It is a substantial piece that is not too heavy, but sturdy and well constructed.”

13. Scallop Concrete Table Lamp

This scallop table lamp is so amazing! If you want to bring some texture into your space, this lamp will do the job. As the review mentions, they're the perfect size for bedside tables!

cute bedside lamps

“These are the perfect size for bedside tables. I'm in love with the concrete look and the scallop detail!!”

14. Buffet Stick Metal Table Lamp Black

You have no idea how many cute lamps Target has! This is another lamp I saw styled, loved, and was shocked to find out it was from Target and not some super fancy interior design studio.

cute lamps for bedroom

“Love it. Looks just like the picture, excellent quality, and perfect size for buffet table. Another perfect McGee accent lamp.”

15. Metal And Glass Globe Barnett Table Lamp With USB

This lamp is giving me all the 1920's vibes, and I am obsessed!! If you want a desk lamp that's just as glamorous as it is functional, this is the one for you. The brass mixed with the glass is a match made in heaven and would look stunning in any space.

nightstand lamps

“An exquisite lighting option for your desk or nightstand”

16. Form Studies Ceramic Table Lamp

If you want a lamp that looks like you just made it using artisanal clay in your charming backyard pottery studio, you need a "form study" lamp from West Elm. Okay, I know that was a little overboard, but they really are so pretty and handmade-looking, which makes a space feel 10x homier!

table lamps

“Each lamp's terracotta clay body is formed by hand to bring out its organic texture.”

17. Natural Wood Sierra Table Lamp Base

World Market has been killing it with their lighting for years, but this wooden table lamp has to be one of my most recent favorites! They have some really cute floor lamps and even unique chandeliers that I have had my eye on forever.

cute lamps target

“The lamp sits next to my couch and the wood base fits in beautifully with my houseplants to achieve the all natural look to my room.”

18. Beige Southwest Style Pot Table Lamps

I'm not going to lie; I often have a hard time finding charming decor from big box stores (like Lamps Plus). However, I was so excited to see these table lamps with a fun, unique pattern! If you have an earthy, southwestern space, you need to get these pot table lamps!

cute little lamps

“These lamps are absolutely beautiful. They go beyond my expectations in terms of size and look.”

19. Handwoven Jute Table Lamp

Okay, if you liked the rattan lamp I shared above but want something that looks a little more elevated, this is the perfect lamp for you. The jute adds some fun texture to the space, and the shape is fantastic!

cute table lamps

“Inspired by the beach, it has a handwoven jute base and a hand-loomed cotton shade that allows for plenty of bright light to filter through to your home.”

20. Mills Pond Table Lamp

Talk about unique!! This Burke Decor lamp is so stunning! I am obsessed with the three little legs and the organic shape of the lamp. The pop of gold ties everything together and makes it even better!

lamps amazon

“Reminds us not to take things so seriously. Three oversized tubular shapes form the tripod-like base of this delightful table lamp.”

21. Miller Ceramic Table Lamp, Black

I didn't think I would be so obsessed with these shiny ceramic lamps, but I think one of these lamps would be stunning in my apartment! If you like that classic, earthy, homey look, these lamps will help you achieve just that.

22. Miriam Table Lamp

This lamp is so subtle and pretty! The glass base is just slightly opaque and looks so fancy and girly. I would love to style this in a girl's bedroom or even in a living room with coastal accents.

bedside lamps

“The detail in the base is subtle but also adds so much to it and the blush color is beautiful. I also love the translucence.”

23. Round Cream Lemeni Table Lamp

Looking or something super simple? This white lamp is about as simple as it gets, but I think it would be adorable in a kids' bedroom or on a desk! You could also switch up the shade and add something really fun and colorful.

lamps for bedroom

“Featuring a tapered white cotton shade that beautifully filters light, this classic accent lamp is right at home in contemporary spaces.”

24. Besa Table Lamp

This lamp is so unique and pretty! The black organic-shaped base is so stylish it looks like an art piece itself. I would style this lamp somewhere where everyone could see it in my home because it's so pretty!

25. Resin Table Lamp Tan - Designed with Studio McGee

I'm serious; Target (especially the Studio McGee line) has been killing it with the home decor lately!! This lamp is so pretty and makes a statement! They're also pretty big and would really fill in a side table or a nightstand.

cute lamps for nightstand

“This table lamp is so beautiful love how it has the option to deem the lights the quality is so good I love it so much and for a great price!”

26. Gray Concrete Bell Fuller Table Lamp

Here's another concrete lamp that I love! The bell-shaped base is super unique and would look pretty in a front entryway or on a dresser. Again, the base is so simple that you could easily mix it up and add a fun lampshade with more texture or color.

floor lamps

“With a sculptural, minimalist silhouette, the Fuller table lamp creates a contemporary focal point on a console, side table or nightstand.”

27. Allure Table Lamp

This lamp is so trendy and cute! The pleated shade mixed with the slightly translucent base and warm light is the perfect combination. This lamp would be so beautiful in a bedroom or even on a living room table.

cute touch lamps

“Such a beautiful bright lamp that fits my room perfectly. It is elegant and minimalistic. Very happy with my purchase.”

28. Wooden Mini Table Lamp with Circle Base

This is one of the cheapest cute lamps you can find! Target has super cheap lamps that are tiny and perfect for a desk or mini bedside table. I have one on my windowsill, and I love the way it looks. This little wooden lamp is adorable and highly affordable!

cute bedside table lamps

“Love this cute little lamp! It’s perfect for my kitchen counter. It looks far more expensive that it was.”

This post was all about cute lamps.

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