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Whether you're looking to decorate your desk at home, or in the office, these desk decor ideas are guaranteed to make working 10x more enjoyable.

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Looking to spice up your workspace? We have just the thing. 

When it comes to decorating, a lot of times desk decor is pushed to the side of priorities especially if you are focused on decorating an entire home or apartment. But, no matter where your desk is or how you use it, you're sure to be spending a lot of time there so you want it to be as comfortable as possible!

Whether you're looking to personalize your cubicle at work, design an at-home office, or spruce up your vanity, these desk decor ideas are guaranteed to make the time you spend there 10x more enjoyable.

This post is all about the best desk decor to create a stunning work space.


1. Hang Floating Shelves

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Recreate this desk decor idea:

One of the most important things to keep in mind when decorating your desk is that it still needs to be usable! I know firsthand how easy it can be to go overboard with decor but trust me, it's best to keep desk space as clear as you can.

An easy way to spruce up your space is with wall shelves! These are easy to hang and allow you all the decorating space you could need while still keeping your desk space open.

I used all kinds of shelving in my office at filled it with all kinds of decor and with how well it pulled the space together I ended up being so happy I did.

2. Personalize A Grid Collage

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Personalizing a grid with inspirational pictures is not only fun and easy but it can also be done on a budget! This set from Amazon has everything you need to create a fun mood board to match your space so all you'll have to do is print out pictures! 

You can either buy collage sets on Amazon or print out your own to make them completely personal to you.

3. Make Inspiration Boards

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These DIY pinboards are basically just the bigger version or grid collages. Obviously, they are a bit more labor-intensive than other collage methods but don't they just look SO good?! These are especially great to make if you are looking to fill a large amount of wall space.

I had so much fun decorating the BSL office so I loved being able to include the rest of the team in its design. We all had the best time customizing these pinboards and it instantly made the office feel 10x more personal.

Ready to make one of your own? You can find exact instructions here on how to DIY one of these on your own! I promise you won't be disappointed...

4. Decorate With A Cute Desk Lamp & Gold Accents

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No matter how you use your desk space you are going to need some sort of additional lighting. Switch out your boring desk lamp with a cute and trendy one to match the rest of your decor!

5. Use Your Desk As Your Statement Piece

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Want to keep decor minimal? Good news: you can 100% create a stunning desk space without spending a ton of money on decor! Use your desk as your statement piece so all you have left is to add a few small pieces here and there.

Pro tip: when picking out desk decor, be sure to buy decor in all different sizes to add variety to your space. Stackable decor like table books and vases are super easy to do this with! 

6. Customize A DIY Bulletin Board

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This super cute desk decor idea is one you can use with even the tiniest desk spaces. A lot of office cubicles and dorm desks already have some sort of bulletin board but if not you can easily make one of your own to recreate this idea!

Hang pictures, notes, and other things that just make you smile with some cute tacks and you're good to go! Hands down one of my favorite desk decor ideas at the moment.

7. Customize A Letter Board

Recreate this desk decor idea:

If you're looking to decorate your desk, odds are you want it to feel more personal to you!

A letter board is a fun and inexpensive way to decorate any desk space. Add a few matching accents with lamps, candles, and cute organizers and you have a stunning desk space you'll actually enjoy working at.

8. Acrylic White Board

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Staying focused doesn't have to mean using boring organization products and calendars. Switch out your normal whiteboard for this cute and trendy acrylic one.

This is neutral enough to go in any space and will instantly make your space look 10x more put together.

9. Add A Small Mirror

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Adding a small accent mirror is the perfect solution to creating a variety on a budget. This way you don't have to go out and buy a whole new desk or spend money on a massive mirror.

You can go so many different routes with this low-effort desk decor idea and we're totally here for it in 2022.

10. Decorate A Tray

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