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Looking for cute plates? Here are 21 amazing options we are all obsessed with right now!

cute dinner plates

I don't know about you, but there's nothing that makes me more excited than looking at all the pretty dishes and plates at stores like Crate & Barrel and even Target! There are just sooo many pretty ones out there, but it's one of those things where you really only get to have one set, and you have to pick your favorite. How hard is that?

Having cute plates makes a world of difference when you're entertaining or even when you're just making dinner for yourself. You deserve to have that luxury look even if you're just making boxed macaroni and cheese ;).

Lucky for you, you don't have to spend forever searching for cute plates that match your style because I have all of the cutest ones linked right here in this post. You are going to be just as obsessed as I am!

This post is all about the best cute plates.


1. Stoneware Dinner Plate

These are the perfect simple plates that will go with every kitchen aesthetic. The shallow edges are super trendy, and they also come in a pretty gray!

2. Marin Matte Black Dinner Plate 

If you want something super unique that looks expensive and luxurious, these black plates are perfect for you!

cute plastic plates

"I love this set of dishes - so elegant, and have a very nice finish and shape. They retain heat well, and are easy to care for!"

3. Stoneware Reactive Glaze Dinner Plate

You will not believe these plates are from Target! I love the rough edges and the speckled glaze.

unique dinner plates

"Love these plates! They are even prettier in person! They were heavy, stylish and a unique shape!"

4. Jolie Plate

This windowpane printed plate is so trendy and cute! If you want something artsy and fun, these plates are perfect.

5. 18th Street Salad Plate

This plate is so pretty and has a perfect raised spiral that looks like a handmade piece.

unique dinnerware sets

"The combination of great design and quality glazing make these a standout in our new home!"

6. Porcelain Paper Plate

How unique is this? I love the crimped edges that look like a classic paper plate, but the uneven edges of the porcelain make them look like the handmade goods they are.

7. Bosmarlin Stoneware Dinner Plates

These porcelain plates are so nice, you would never know they are from Amazon! The brown details on the edges make them look handmade!

"These plates look great! Versatile and understated, with a hand crafted look."

8. Gabriella Handcrafted Stoneware Salad Plates

These are the perfect simple plates with cute subtle details on the edges.

9. Navy Blue Stoneware Glazed Dinner Plates

These are such elegant plates that will impress your guests and complete any tablescape. Your guests will be shocked when you tell them they're from Target!

cute dessert plates

"Great quality plates for the price. Love the color and design. Has a handmade look without the price"

10. Variegated Coloring Stoneware Plate

H&M Home has the prettiest stuff that all looks so unique. The variegated colors in these plates make them so stunning!

11. Glazed Stoneware Dinner Plate

If I were to buy any plates on this list, this set definitely ranks as one of my favorites! Gotta love Target!

cute plates and bowls set

"Love the plates! Very sturdy, well made. Should be able to enjoy using for many years."

12. Porcelain Salad Serving Dishes

These are super simple dishes that you can't go wrong with! If you want plates with a minimalist design and an affordable price, these are perfect for you!

"These affordable plates have a timeless look that won't go out of style. The slight brown rim brings a pop of definition that's perfect for making your creations come alive."

13. Larkin Reactive Glaze Stoneware Dinner Plates

Wow, these plates are stunning! They almost look like they could be decorative pieces. Plus, they come in five gorgeous colors.

14. Deep Stoneware Plate

This black stoneware is so beautiful! I love how deep the sides are, they're almost bowl-like. I would love these for rice plates, or pasta!

cute salad plates

"Beautiful heavy and deep dish. Love the rustic color and fantastic style!"

15. Blue Bay Dinner Plate

I was really impressed by these plates from Macy's! The gold detail on the edge of each plate is so gorgeous and adds just the perfect touch.

cute dinner plates

"Love these plates, light, well made and beautiful."

16. Axel Caramel Dinner Plate

This plate is such a unique color, I am in love! CB2 makes a ton of stoneware in this color and I am dying to get my hands on some of it.

cute party plates

"The caramel color is gorgeous, it's held up against knives/dish washing, and looks great on my kitchen cart. Highly recommend."

17. Mora Ceramic Flat Plates

These plates from Amazon are so cute! I love the shape and the simple design with the single stripe.

"What a compliment to my kitchen! These are the perfect size for desert or a small lunch, and even snack platter.Very durable, lovely colors."

18. Madera Black Terracotta Plate

Another gorgeous black plate set! I am obsessed with these plates from CB2 and will probably get some of my own soon.

cute melamine plates

"Overjoyed with this plates and the rest of the set (cups, serving dishes). Gorgeous and very well made"

19. Levi Dinner Plates

These are such gorgeous plates, and they come in four really great colors. This is the beige, but they also come in lilac, dark teal, and light blue.

cute dinner plate sets

"Did a lot of research on plates and finally decided to buy! First I bought a set of four in the light blue and now purchasing additional in light blue and the carbon black"

20. Plastic Dinner Plates

You may be thinking, what, plastic?? But I think these are the perfect plates to have on hand for kids and even when you just want to grab something easy. They're only $2 apiece and honestly, they look pretty high-end.

dinnerware sets

"Love these plates so much!"

21. Hasense Porcelain Dinner Plates

Amazon is killing it with their plates and stoneware. These are so pretty and look like classic handmade pottery.

"Very classy but homey, nice surface, great mid size, perfect edge for eating and fits great in dishwasher."

This post was all about the best cute plates.

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