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This is the first thing you see when coming into my apartment so I wanted it to make a good impression. I live in a second floor apartment so right when you walk in the doors, it leads to a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs was just enough space to put an entryway table. I love it because I can switch out the leafs to be seasonal so it always looks festive. Also, layering the mirror makes the space appear way bigger than it actually is. 

I even took that white canvas from this to this....

by sophia lee canvas diy
by sophia lee white canvas diy

I'm working on making a whole post on how I diyed this canvas but for now if you're curious on the products I used you can watch this Youtube video.

(hah! clearly need to tag the tag off of that basket)

Here's what it looks like for fall:
by sophia lee entryway
by sophia lee entryway

You can download those cute fall printables that I use in the frames for free from this blog post.

Here's links for where I got everything...

Entryway Table: TBH, I didn't want to spend this much on an entryway table (it was $199) but I eyed this table for months because it was skinny enough that it could fit in my entryway. I ended up one night pulling the trigger and really do love it. 

Entryway Mirror: I wanted to layer a mirror here to make the space look bigger. I went back and forth on what style of mirror but ended up with this one since I liked the curved edges. Plus, it was by far one of the cheapest mirrors I was looking at (only $70 which is great for a mirror this size). 

Entryway Vases: The black vase came from HomeGoods but unfortunately broke so that's a goner (I was heartbroken hahaha I loved it). The striped vase and white vase came from At Home. At Home has the BEST vases these days. 

Similar vases:

Entryway Greenery: Okay, I'm going to preface this with saying I hateee fake looking greenery. Someday when in the future, I am going to splurge on Pottery Barn greenery because it really is the most realistic fake greenery on the market. For now though, I am using this greenery from Hobby Lobby. It doesn't look terrible but definitely doesn't look as good as some Pottery Barn leaves would look :). 

Entryway Fall Leaves: Love these!! 

Entryway Beads: I am obsessed with using beads as decor in my apartment. I think they add such a cute layer. I have had people dm me that the bead situation would be a disaster with kids/cats, but since I have neither I love them.

Entryway Tall Basket (similar): Love this to add extra storage. You could throw shows, umbrellas, etc in here.

Entryway Short BasketSame as above 😉

Entryway Clear Border Frames (wood + white): I just added this with my fall printables and now they're here to stay. Love them!!

Entryway Bowl: This is from At Home. It actually has a cover but I took it off so it's more like a bowl.

Entryway Fall Prints in the frames: You can find all these prints to download for free in this blog post.

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