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Looking for the best apartment aesthetic inspiration? Here are 15 gorgeous apartment styles.

apartment aesthetic

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If you're moving into a new apartment (or just looking to refresh the apartment you're currently in) you are probably on the hunt for the most popular apartment aesthetic that will perfectly fit your space. Lucky for you, I am all about exploring the different styles of apartment decor, and I found 15 of the hottest styles that everyone is trying this year. 

While you're choosing your apartment aesthetic, it's important to try and stick to one style, instead of pulling a bunch of inspiration from all over the place because that's when things can start to look messy. 

No matter what style you go with, don't forget to incorporate things that feel like you, because what's most important is that you feel happy and comfortable in your space! You are going to love these apartment aesthetic ideas whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist!

This post is all about the best apartment aesthetics.


1. Cozy Apartment Aesthetic

Having a cozy aesthetic is all about layering different textures and bringing in warm, calm colors. This space looks like the perfect place to curl up after a long day and be warm and cozy. To recreate this living space, get a rug with neutral, warm tones, a ton of throw pillows, a chunky knit blanket, and lots of textural decor pieces.

2. Boho Apartment Aesthetic

The boho aesthetic has been insanely popular in the past decade, and it just continues to become more refined and gorgeous. The key to having the perfect boho vibe in your apartment is to bring in warm wood tones, lots of plants, bright colors, natural textiles, and earthy, colorful wall decor. This space is absolutely stunning and shows how you can embrace your small apartment aesthetic. 

3. Minimalist Apartment Aesthetic

Minimalism has also been super popular in recent years, and this apartment is the perfect example of how you can achieve a minimalistic look that is still cozy and inviting. Minimalist looks are often heavy on black, white, and cream colors, which this apartment is doing perfectly. You can bring in marble for a natural element that is still sleek and minimalistic. 

4. New York Apartment Aesthetic

I have truly been obsessed with this city apartment aesthetic for years. It's not what you immediately think of when you think of a New York studio apartment aesthetic, but it is so homey and still ties in elements of New York. To achieve this look, mix rich velvet textures with lots of gold, warm wood, and pops of black. These are some of my favorite apartment decor ideas maybe ever.

5. Danish Apartment Aesthetic

Ah, yes, the apartment aesthetic that has been living on our TikTok for-you pages, Pinterest pages, and Instagram feeds all year. This pastel Danish aesthetic has been incredibly trendy, and it is just so adorable! To get this look, bring in a ton of pastel colors in your decorative accents like art, candles, coffee table books, and more.

6. Neutral Apartment Aesthetic

When it comes to apartment decorating, I am a neutral girl, and I love to stick to a color scheme of cream, natural wood, gold, and pops of black. This apartment is bright and airy, which makes the space feel clean and inviting.

7. Modern Apartment Aesthetic

If you're going for a modern apartment aesthetic, stick to sleek furniture with defined lines and a crisp appearance. This apartment is so pretty and has all of the minimalistic, modern vibes that are trending right now. 

8. Retro Apartment Aesthetic

How cute is this retro apartment? Imagine hanging out in here listening to vinyl records and making fun cocktails. I'm obsessed. To achieve this look, frame posters or artwork with older pop culture references, and bring in vintage decor pieces such as the chairs and lamp in this photo. Bonus points if you have a record player and record collection on display!

9. Eclectic Apartment Aesthetic

The eclectic decor has been everywhere lately. It is, in a sense, the opposite of minimalism, wherein in this case, you are bringing in as much texture, color, and vibrance as possible. To achieve an eclectic vibe, create a gallery wall by collecting vintage frames or prints, and don't hold back on throw pillows or tabletop decor. This is a great style to find apartment decor on a budget because a lot of it can come from vintage, second-hand stores. 

10. Girly Apartment Aesthetic

This exact apartment has been everywhere on my social media and I am simply obsessed with it. If you want a girly apartment, get that pink couch, make that rosé bar cart, and buy all of the fun pink decor pieces. All I'm saying is that the girls' nights in this apartment would be unmatched. 

11. Coastal Apartment Aesthetic

If you want a beachy, coastal vibe, there's a way you can do it without bringing a literal fish sculpture into the room. To get that coastal vibe, tie in beachy textures like woven seagrass, natural wood, tropical plants, sandy tones, and subtle pops of varying blue tones. This space is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of a classy vacation home. 

12. Desert Southwest Apartment Aesthetic

While this desert aesthetic is similar to a boho look, it is normally a lot more neutral and has aspects of minimalism, whereas boho style is colorful and more eclectic. To achieve the desert apartment aesthetic, your color scheme should contain mauve, dark teal, rust, sand, and black. Make sure to include desert touches like actual cactus or framed cactus photos, and lots of textiles with native-inspired prints.

13. Parisian Apartment Aesthetic

This Parisian apartment is what dreams are made of! You may be thinking, how on Earth am I supposed to achieve this look with an apartment that couldn't be further from Paris? It's not as hard as it seems. Put a large, ornate mirror on your mantel, buy vintage furniture with a lot of character, and bring in gold and crystal accents whenever possible.

14. Scandinavian Apartment Aesthetic

If you like things to be sleek and neutral, but also cozy and inviting, a Scandinavian aesthetic is for you. This apartment looks clean, and that has a lot to do with the sleek, straight lines in every furniture piece and decorative item. Pro tip: IKEA is a great place to get Scandinavian apartment decor on a budget.

15. Grand Millennial Apartment Aesthetic

The grand millennial style is becoming increasingly popular right now, and is somewhat well known as being "granny-chic". This style has all of the pastel colors, tea party vibes, and elegant gold details. It has aspects of the Parisian aesthetic as well as an eclectic vibe. 


How can I make my apartment aesthetic?

First, find a particular style that you like, or gather some inspo. photos. Next, figure out the core decor pieces and color scheme for the style you like. Shop second-hand first to get some unique pieces, and then shop in stores and online for decor that matches your style. 

What is aesthetic room decor?

Aesthetic room decor is making your preferred style refined and beautiful. Whether you prefer a minimalist or eclectic style, you can still have a gorgeous apartment aesthetic that speaks to your decor taste.

How do I get a dark academia room?

For a dark academia aesthetic, you're going to want to source a ton of your furniture and decor from vintage stores. Gallery walls are very popular for this style, as well as deep wood tones, old books as decor, and lots of candles. 

How do you make a girls room aesthetic?

There are so many different aesthetics out there for a girl's room, that it may be hard to choose. To make the room feel comfortable and inviting, mix textiles and bring in warm colors through decorative pieces. 

How many types of aesthetics are there?

There are an infinite number of aesthetics because it is really up to you to define your own style. I find that my decor style can be a mix of boho, minimalism, and a very feminine, girly space. Your aesthetic may be very different, and that is what creates so many new, beautiful styles!

How to make your room look bigger?

It is super easy to make a room look bigger with natural lighting, lots of light colors, and large mirrors. Mirrors really open up the space and can also be great statement pieces. There is a ton of small apartment decor out there that will transform your space!

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