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Looking for the trendiest bedroom ideas? From new bedding to complete transformations, here are the best bedroom ideas to inspire everyone.

bedroom ideas

The bedroom is honestly the most important room. Your bedroom should be your safe place and retreat after a long day, and having a bedroom that is well decorated and comfortable is so important! If you're feeling uninspired, do not stress because I have all of the trendiest bedroom ideas here in one place!

Whether you're looking for a new paint color or some new decorations, it's all covered! Get ready for some major inspiration, and check out these Pinterest-worthy bedroom ideas!

This post is all about bedroom ideas.



master bedroom ideas

1. Layer comforters, throw blankets, and pillows for a hotel bed look

This is my apartment bedroom, so obviously, I love it! I want to share all of my tips and tricks about how I made my bedroom feel so luxurious and cozy!

For all of my bedroom ideas, you definitely should check out my bedroom tour!


2. Stick to a very simple color scheme

Neutrals are your best friend!! You can never go wrong with them, and they give off such a warm, cozy vibe. Every aspect of this bedroom works so well with the others, I want it all!

What I am most obsessed with (and you will be too) are these gorgeous throw pillows from Tonic Living! The texture is everything!

3. Don't be afraid to incorporate black accents

See how this room is light and fresh, but there is still a decent amount of black and dark colors? Using black accents like wall lamps and baskets is the perfect way to add something unique and bold! 

If you're worried about black looking too intense in your space, make sure you are pairing it with whites and natural wood (just like they have done in this picture).

bedroom ideas for women

4. Limit wall decor, add interest through plants & textiles

If you are going for a clean, simple look, don't worry about wall decor! That may seem odd but look at this photo and how pretty the room looks with the bare walls.

 To contrast the lack of wall decor, there are wall sconces, a unique headboard, funky rugs, plants, etc. that all balance it out!

5. Go with one piece of art instead of a gallery wall

Sooo obsessed with this bedroom! This would just be a normal, basic bedroom if it wasn't for the gorgeous wall art! I mean, the brass frame and vintage-looking painting, too good.

This look totally reminds me of Studio McGee, which is one of the most popular styles currently.

6. Contrast simple bedding with a patterned rug

This bedroom is giving me recently updated Upper East Side NYC apartment vibes, and I am here for that! The bed looks heavenly, the wall paneling is gorgeous, the rug is so unique, and that crystal palm pendant light is what art deco dreams are made of.

Plus, if you're having a hard time with wall art, you can never go wrong with a simple framed vintage print. It looks classy and clean!

7. Get a unique bed that makes a statement 

This bed is absolutely gorgeous and so unique! I've been looking for beds with natural wood, and this one really stood out. Every element of this room is so cozy and homey. 

You will love sticking to all neutral colors with pops of olive and charcoal because it's easy to accomplish, and it pretty much always looks good.

8. Add beadboard paneling for depth & texture

When in doubt, add some unique paneling to your walls! The addition of this beadboard paneling completely transformed this room! Let's not forget about all of the other elements though!! 

This room is so well put together, with the natural wood nightstand, subtle decor, and neutral bedding, it looks like one of the coziest spaces ever.


9. Create a bold accent wall

Like I just said before, paneling of any sort is one of the trendiest looks for homes right now!! This board and batten look is probably the most popular right after the shiplap craze! 

Along with the paneling is this gorgeous black color that adds so much depth to the room. People are always afraid to add black, but I say do it!!

bedroom layout ideas

10. Incorporate rattan and pampas grass for an earthy vibe

It's all about adding those textures. If you want a boho, warm, earthy vibe, make sure you are incorporating things like rattan baskets, natural wood, and dried florals!

The decor in this room is so minimal, but it looks clean and cozy. As you can see in this bedroom idea, always opt for decor that is functional and pretty! 

11. Mix warm colors with lots of rattan and natural wood for a boho oasis

You can't tell me this room doesn't look like the most relaxing place to crash after a long day. There are times when you can go a little overboard with boho, but somehow this room is just right!

The console, mirror, pendant light, and small accents all just go together so well.

bedroom ideas pinterest

12. Layer textured throw pillows and pair with plant anatomy posters

Looking for a boho look that's not too boho? This is the look you need to copy out of all of these bedroom ideas! Get your hands on some fun botanical prints and some warm-colored, textured throw pillows and you're set. All you need then is some white bedding!

13. Color coordinate your rug and pillows

This bedroom has been living on my Pinterest feed!! The color scheme is so gorgeous and so well incorporated! There is plenty of white to balance out all of the colors, and the touches of rattan and natural wood make the space look warmer.

With rooms that are very bold and colorful, it's all about balance. Here, the simple wall decor and bed frame balance out the super busy rug.

14. Use a mirror to make your space look bigger

Best magic trick ever!! If you're living in a small space and want it to feel more open, get a big mirror, and you will immediately feel like you opened up a wall. 

This arched mirror is so trendy and cute, you will absolutely love it! I have a similar one in my apartment behind my bar cart

15. Pair bright colors with white for an airy, light look

This room looks so vibrant and yet light and airy at the same time! This room has got it all: plants, a pond mirror, pretty wall art, fun throw pillows, and a unique comforter.

There's not much to say about this bedroom except that you should definitely copy the look!

16. Mix patterns and colors for a boho look

This is such a fun, traditional boho look! If you want that classic boho look, a mandala blanket is definitely an essential room accessory. My personal favorite part of this room is the photo wall!! The string lights mixed in with all of the color-coordinated photos are so aesthetically pleasing.

I can't finish talking about this room without mentioning the leopard throw pillow. It is the perfect final touch that adds another pattern and gives it a complete boho vibe. 


bedroom ideas for girls

17. Stick with black and white colors and go with a cool chandelier

This bedroom is small but gorgeous!! In most modern spaces the colors are usually black, white, and grey tones. With that color pallet, many modern rooms tend to look cold.

That is not the case with this bedroom! This room looks so cozy, classy, and inviting.

18. Use a black and white color scheme and natural wood as an accent

Remember how I said the modern color scheme tends to look cold? An easy solution to preventing a room from looking bare and uninviting is to add natural wood! This ceiling is so gorgeous and still has that sleek, modern look!

The light fixture adds some unique texture, but again it is a clean, elegant design.

19. Don't use a ton of decor, stick to a few statement pieces

Somehow this room manages to be super simple and yet unique at the same time! The soft frame bed paired with the all-white bedding is a match made in heaven. Both the lamp on the side table and the light fixture on the ceiling are so unique and add a lot to the space.

The choice in art above the bed is what really can make this room what you want it to be. If you're going for a very subtle look, some neutral abstract art would be perfect, but if you want something a little bolder, go for a funky print like this.

20. Use touches of black throughout the space for a modern, elegant look

Wow, this is such a gorgeous and unique space. Bold light fixtures are very trendy right now, and this room proves exactly why! Without the light fixtures, this room would feel under-decorated and somewhat empty, and with them, it looks so bold and well put together!

There is still natural wood included in this space on the nightstands and bench to keep it looking warm and inviting!

21. Use black and white, add warmth with natural wood and greenery

As gray starts becoming less trendy, its counterparts (black and white) are becoming extremely popular. But as I've said so many times now, black and white had the potential to look cold, so you have to add other elements to make it look inviting!

The addition of the natural wood nightstand and branches add some earthy tones that balance out all of the black and white.

22. Use oversized, modern art for a bold, yet subtle look

This piece of art is so simple (and also very expensive) but I think it is so cool!! I would be interested in trying to DIY a piece like this. What makes it stand out is really just its size!

This room comes together so well with the art, the faux tree, the black bed frame, and the pendant light.

23. Use wallpaper to create an artistic, tasteful space 

Fun fact about me, I am not a huge wallpaper fan unless it's really simple and classy (like this one). The combination of the extremely simple furniture, bedding, and little to no decor works so well with the artsy wallpaper. The wall paneling also makes such a huge difference!

24. Get dark and moody with minimal lighting and grey paint

This bedroom gives me sexy, mysterious vibes ?, and we are here for that. Seriously though, this looks like the coziest bed ever and the perfect place to spend a rainy day. 

The decor is extremely minimal and the lighting is so artsy and unique. If you are looking to be as simple as possible while still looking good, this is the bedroom idea you need to copy!


bedroom ideas aesthetic

25. Make a desk space between cabinetry to utilize space

This bedroom is the result of an insane bedroom transformation, that you can see here. They tore out the existing glass cabinetry in the center and put a really trendy desk/vanity space.

This is definitely a colorful bedroom, but it isn't overwhelming! The dusty pink color is incorporated very tastefully and complements the style of the space perfectly. 

26. Go for a maximalist look by mixing bold colors and patterns

This is another one of those bedrooms that literally lives on my Pinterest feed. The teal velvet, leopard print, and hot pink combination has been very trendy lately.

And come on, the wallpaper on the ceiling, amazingg!!! This look is just so well put together, and definitely one of the best maximalist bedroom ideas I have ever seen! 

bedroom ideas 2021

27. Pair muted colors for a subtle colorful look

Nobody ever said colorful bedrooms had to be bright and bold! This bedroom is super trendy and so gorgeous. The color scheme with the muted colors is exactly the look that everyone wants right now.

The accessories may just be the best part! You will only find a Matisse poster, one of those circular vases, and hanging plants in the most trendy rooms.

28. Pair funky prints with pastels for a very trendy look

Now, these are the apartments that are taking over my Instagram feed! One thing I didn't think I'd be seeing this year is checkered print making a comeback, but hey, I'm not mad about it!!

If you're looking for bedroom ideas that are Instagram-worthy, grab some wavy mirrors and all the pastels you can find! Oh, and definitely get a checkered rug.

small bedroom ideas

29. Layer textured pillows with different patterned and colored pillows 

Remember how I said the teal velvet, leopard print, and hot pink combination was super popular right now? Here it is again in all of its' glory! 

This tufted comforter is so cute and even if you think it wouldn't match the other colored and patterned pillows, it does! This whole room works so well together, especially with all the little quirky accents on the wall!

30. More color + more texture! 

So obsessed with this bright, happy room!! It seriously looks like it's straight out of a magazine. The pendant light is so unique and cool, and you would never think it would look so dang good paired with a navy blue velvet headboard. 

This whole room is seriously so cool. If you're looking for bedroom ideas that will make people literally say "wow", this is the bedroom for you!

31. Stick with a pastel color scheme for a light and cozy look

This super simple, all pastel look is everywhere right now!! The sage green comforter is so pretty and works so well with the lavender pillow and poster!!

Plus, the Capri book on the nightstand is part of one of the cutest collections of coffee table books everThe whole vibe of this room is so fun and funky, and if that's what you're going for, you need to take inspiration from this room! 

32. Mix in house plants to add life and vibrance to the space

Wow!! This room is giving me life. It is so bright, colorful, and fun! If you ever feel like your room looks dull, add some plants! Even if they are fake, plants add something to a space that you can't quite replicate with anything else!

The coral velvet armchair, the rattan side table, and the mustard curtains all somehow work so well together. This space is super spunky and unique, and even if you don't want to be this colorful, definitely take note of this space! 

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