30+ Insanely Cute DIY Gifts for Boyfriend That Show How Much You Care

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This post is all about DIY gifts for boyfriend.

diy gifts for boyfriend

Your boyfriend is special. Really, really special. Sometimes you just want to show him how much you love him.

These DIY gifts for boyfriend are the perfect way to show him how much you care with a handmaid gift.

This post shows you 42 insanely cute DIY gifts for boyfriend that he will be obsessed with.

DIY Gifts for Boyfriend:

1. Note Jar

If you are looking for cute DIY gifts for a boyfriend this one is a great idea that requires little money!

You can easily create this at home with just a sheet of paper and all the things you love about your boyfriend.

I love this idea because you can write cute love notes that mean so much to the person you love.

2. Photo Cube


This DIY is awesome... this is so cute and easy to do!

3. Kiss Print

So basically anyone with a pair of lips can create this gift idea!

This has to be one of the simplest DIY gifts for him and this Youtube video does such a good job showing you how to do this DIY!

Put on your fav shade of lipstick and get kissing ( The paper of course).

4. Love Coupons 

Love is knocking on his door with this DIY  gift idea!

If you want a cute romantic but still creative DIY Gift for a boyfriend then this is such an easy gift that costs less than $10!

5. Photo Box Gallery

Ever heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words?

Well in this case that is true!

This unique DIY gift for a boyfriend is 100% customizable- meaning you can use polaroid pictures or print out pictures of you and your boyfriend and make almost like a photo gallery in a box!

6. "Just Because" Letters

We ALL love those cute just because gifts that mean so much!

This DIY gift for a boyfriend just because is something they can have forever!

All you need us mini envelopes, a poster board , and your kind words for your boyfriend.

This video does a great job at explaining how to do this DIY.

7. Love Blocks Game

Love conquers all even Jenga!

This love tower idea is the perfect romantic DIY gift for a boyfriend that he will love.

All you need is blank tower blocks, a marker, and some love phrases.

You can make it more fun and put questions on it so when the persons block is taken out the other person can answer the question/ phrase!

8. "Reasons Why I love You" Cards

This DIY is a must!

If you have a boyfriend stop what you are doing and make this DIY gift for a boyfriend just because!

You need playing cards which you may have at home, you can just write on the cards or purchase some post it notes and make them more personalized!

The cool thing is it costs little money and can be so meaningful.

9. Wheel of Memories

How cute is this?! 

Love how easy but how special this DIY long distance gift is!

10. DIY Ornaments 

Obviously, you would have to change the image to one of you and your boyfriend ;).

...but this is the perfect DIY for a boyfriend Christmas gift!

11. Mini Bar in a Jar

How cute is this "Bar in a Jar" from Salt Lick Lessons?! (also love the blog name haha)

Definitely check out her tutorial - it's awesome!

13. Happy Birthday Box

A birthday box is ALWAYS a good idea!

This DIY gifts for boyfriend's birthday is easy to portray because you can fill the box with memories and photos or items your boyfriend loves.

14. Candy Message Jars

This Candy jar idea is extra sweet for the man you love!

DIY ideas always mean so much more and if you need a DIY gift for a boyfriend, this a a great craft.

15. Lottery Bouquet

Test your luck!

This DIY gift for a boyfriend and your anniversary that is romantic.

You can easily create this with a vase and some lottery tickets or scratch offs! 

16. Couples bucket list

We all make bucket lists and this one is the couples edition!

Anyone could do this for little to no money, all you need is a poster board and some markers, and dreams!

PS- This is super cute because it speaks into the future with your current boyfriend.

17. Picture Perfect Puzzle

I NEED to gift my boyfriend one of these!

If you are looking for a unique DIY gift for a boyfriend than this is right up your alley.

Amazon creates a personalized photo of you and your boyfriend into a puzzle.. I KNOW!

18. Shoes with a meaning

All men LOVE shoes, so this DIY gifts for him idea is fashionable and useful!

Okay, how simple is this idea?

You can purchase a pair of shoes that he has been wanting and added a cute message on the box is an extra cute touch he will appreciate.

19. "Hooked On You" Candy Box

This is a romantic DIY gift for a boyfriend that is so cute and unique.

20. "Where We Met" Frame
21. Gum Gift


I saw this on Pinterest and thought this is a creative DIY gift for a boyfriend that cost little to no money.

Purchase a few packs of gum, add some ribbon, and a tag with a sweet note. 

22. Scrabble Piece Frame

This cute DIY gift for a boyfriend is 100% customizable to whoever you are making it for or for whatever occasion. 

Add some scrabble pieces, a shadow box, some cute photos or messages and you are good to go!

23. Adventure Book

I am the type of person who LOVES to remember memories and things I have done and this is the best way to remember you and your boyfriends memories.

Add items like pictures, show tickets, or memories that help keep everything in one book for later on in life.

24. Sticky Note Heart Collage 

This DIY is the easiest cheapest idea hands down!

You may already have post it notes at home but if not you can purchase them for cheap.

Basically you write things you love about the person on post it notes and stick them onto their wall somewhere they will see it everyday!

25.  Photo Lamp

For this idea you can literally use a tomato sauce jar and a photo you have of you and your boyfriend!

This is a WOW gift idea for a boyfriend and will be so meaningful.

Use a mason jar or tomato sauce jar, add string lights, and a photo of you ad  him and you are good to go!

26. Beer Cap Picture Frame

Picture this!

This takes a total spin on a picture frame- you can collect beer caps from when you guys go out together or just use beer caps from his favorite beer to add to any picture frame!

This is simple and if he is in college odds are this is a great DIY gift for him.

30. Love Mixtape

Do you remember in the old movies people who make mix tapes or CD's with love songs on it?

I may be cheesy but this is SO romantic!!

Talk about a cute DIY gift for a boyfriend this is so cute to add your favorite songs or love songs and give it to the person you love.

This is extra sentimental because it is a hard copy that they will ALWAYS have with them in their car!

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This post was all about the best DIY gifts for boyfriend.

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