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how to decorate a nightstand

One of the most important parts of decorating your apartment bedroom is figuring out what nightstand you want and how to decorate it. 

But, let's be real, decorating a nightstand can be surprisingly hard! What do you put on top of it? Do you decorate the wall behind it? How can I decorate it without spending 133423 dollars?!

Don't worry, I've been there and I am giving you my best tips for how to decorate a nightstand that looks super cute but doesn't break your budget (or put holes in the walls ?). I also have that insanely beautiful print in my frames available for you to download for free!! 

This post is all about how to decorate a nightstand in your apartment.

How To Decorate A Nightstand:

Before + After:

nightstand decor

Doesn't that look so cute?! It looks way more complex than it actually was. No holes in the wall and even a hack on how to get those white books for $1 each!!

I'm going to be walking you through every step of how to decorate your nightstand but first I will give you my main tips:

  • Choose a nightstand that fits the space (aesthetically and size-wise).
  • Use decor with varying heights on top of the nightstand.
  • Either hang artwork/pictures on the wall or lean them against the wall.

1. Choose out a nightstand that fits your space.

how to style a nightstand

Here's the link for the nightstand I have:

The first thing you need to do is figure out what nightstand you want (obvi). I found this nightstand at The Home Depot and loveee it. 

I was having a tough time with how dark the bed was so I wanted a nightstand that would lighten up the space and this did exactly that.

I know a lot of apartments have small bedrooms, so make sure you measure before buying to make sure that the nightstand you want will fit in the room appropriately.

2. Add artwork to the nightstand. 

nightstand ideas

Artwork/pictures adds SO much to your nightstand. I wanted to make the room seem taller so I choose these two square frames and stacked them on top of each other.

And do you see that beautiful artwork in the frames?! My friend made it and we have it so you can download for free and use in your own apartment!!

Click here to download the artwork in the frames.

Because I am in an apartment, I used command strips that I also got from Home Depot so that I didn't put any holes in the wall.

You could also easily lean one of the frames against the wall which would look really cute!! 

3. Decorate the inside of the nightstand.

nighstand styling
nighstand diy

Obviously, this step only applies if you have open spaces in your nightstand.

Since this nightstand does have two open spaces, I wanted to mix practical and cute. On the bottom, we have a basket to be practical. That way you can throw whatever you want in it.

Right now, I have this cute blanket but I'm sure it will eventually be filled with other random things ;).

On the top, we have books and let me tell you, I have the best hack EVER for this!!

Black and White Book Hack:

I wanted black and white books so bad but if you Google "black and white books" they are SO expensive. I went to my local Goodwill and started playing around with the books to see if I could make them work.

YOU GUYS! All you do, is the flip the book cover over and it's easy right?! 

For the black books, a surprising amount of the hardcovers already had black covers so that was easy. 

This will save you so much money and looks super cute.

4. Style the top of the nightstand.

nightstand styling ideas

When styling the top of a nightstand, there's a few things I always think about:

  • Add a lamp
  • Add decor with different heights
  • Layer decor pieces

So, of course, I added a lamp. I chose this more open lamp so that you could partially see the art through it. 

I then used the same Goodwill book hack but this time I had the spines facing out to give it some more texture. And lastly, I added this cute vase with some flowers.

Notice how the decor pieces are all different heights?! I wanted to make sure that the eye was continually moving.

how to style a nightstand

...and that's how you can decorate a nightstand in your apartment!

Let me tell you, this room looks SO much more put together now that it has a nightstand!

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  1. I am so happy to have found this blog post! At the moment, I am in the middle of remodeling my room and I was having trouble with decorating the nightstand space. I never thought of putting framed artwork on the wall like that. This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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