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Looking for small entryway ideas that will maximize your space? Here are 27 of the best ways to do just that!

small entryway ideas

Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, or small home, your entryway is going to be the first thing people see when they walk into your home, so you definitely want it to impress!

While you may be working with a small amount of space, this doesn't mean you can’t still create a stunning entryway. In fact, there are a ton of insanely good storage and decor options that you can use to maximize the look of your entryway, no matter the size.

From space-saving furniture to stylish entryway wall decor, these small entryway ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to create a small entryway that will make a big impression.

This post is all about the best small entryway ideas.


1. Organize and Store Grab & Go Items

Recreate this small entryway idea:

When it comes to small entryway ideas this is one of the absolute best because you can use it in almost any sized space!

Creating seating space in your entryway not only gives you room to get ready before heading out the door, but also creates a ton of storage space for you to neatly organize all your grab-and-go items like keys, shoes, and hats.

2. Use Individual Wall Hooks

Recreate this small entryway idea:

The best part about using individual wall hooks is that you can move them around and use as many as you need on the available space on your walls.

There are a ton of stylish wall hooks on Amazon and Target that are perfect for organizing hats, jackets, and other wall decor in your entryway.

3. Entryway Table Decor

diy small entryway ideas

Credit: @giaccodecor

Recreate this small entryway idea:

Regardless of the size of your entryway, using a variety of entryway table decor is a guaranteed way to take your space to the next level.

Decorate with a variety of decor such as lamps, table books, vases, and mirrors to give your entryway a professionally styled look.

4. Floating Shelves

Recreate this small entryway idea:

You could be working with the smallest hallway to ever exist and still use these small entryway ideas! Floating shelves save floor space and maximize the use of your vertical space instead.

Decorate your floating shelves with pictures frames, small vases, and baskets to add stylized organization to your front entrance. This is an especially great idea to use if you have small nooks in your walls that you don’t know what to do with.

5. Keep Decor Minimal & Functional

Recreate this small entryway idea:

When working with a small entryway, be sure not to over clutter your space. It may be easy to go overboard with decorations, but keeping your entryway decor simple will make any small space feel a whole lot bigger.

6. Dainty Wall Shelves

Recreate this small entryway idea:

This is another perfect example of how you can use wall shelves in even the smallest spaces. Mount a narrow wall shelf to any wall and decorate with a few simple pieces and a mirror to add style to your hallway without cramping up your space.

7. Simple & Functional Wall Decor

entryway wall organizer

Credit: @by_rldh

Recreate this small entryway idea:

Here is another great way to add organized storage to your entryway walls. You can find so many companies on Etsy that make a ton of different wall mounted racks!

I would definitely recommend these small entryway ideas if you live in a small apartment with other roommates in order to keep all your shoes, jackets, and hats organized in one area.

8. Add Wall Sconces

Recreate this small entryway idea:

Can we all agree that built-in lighting instantly makes any space look 10x more expensive?! And the best part is, it really isn't! Find a pair of wall sconces on Amazon, Target, or other home decor websites and install them in your entryway. This will add an elegant touch to your walls and requires such a small amount of space to do it!

9. Mirror & Storage Combo

Recreate this small entryway idea:

By now, the idea of incorporating a mirror into your small entryway should be engrained in your head. But, you may be wondering if you actually have enough room to do it. This mirror/shelf combo is your answer! No matter how small the size of the space you are working with it, you can guarantee this mirror/shelf combo will add organized storage and style to your walls.

10. Use A Variety Of Frames

small entryway ideas with mirror

Recreate this small entryway idea:

I am working with a super small amount of entryway space myself in my apartment. I honestly have less of an “entryway” and more of a 4x6 square foot space at the top of my stairs. But hey, I think I did pretty good given what space I had!

My absolute favorite part about my entryway is the variety of sizes I used in my decor. I used a tall framed piece of artwork that I DIYed, layered a slightly smaller mirror in front of it, and to finish it off I added a few small picture frames, vases, table books, and other small decorative items. The best part about the simplicity of my entryway is the ability it gives me to decorate it for all the different holidays. 

You can find all the furniture and decor I used to create my entryway here!

11. Keep Clutter Off The Floor By Hanging Your Decor

Recreate this small entryway idea:

While this entryway isn't exactly “small” it still gives you the idea of how much bigger a space can look if you stick with wall-mounted decor instead of bulky furniture that will take up hallway space. This is a clean and sleek design solution that can be mimicked in a variety of entryways and looks stunning regardless of size.

12. Save Space By Creating Seating With Stools

Recreate this small entryway idea:

Want to add seating space but don’t think you have the room to do it? I’ll let you in on a little secret… you actually do! To create seating that won’t get in the way of your walking space all you need to do is buy furniture that can be slid under your entryway table! These stools from Target fit perfectly under this entryway table which creates a seating space that you can easily pull out when you’re using it and put away.

13. Circular Entryway Design

Recreate this small entryway idea:

You can always use a circular table like this one if you have a small corner entryway area! Fits perfectly and still looks just as stylish as a bigger/longer one. Add a sleek ladder to create cozy storage for your blankets and a few baskets to store shoes in.

14. Use Poufs For Easy To Move Seating

Recreate this small entryway idea:

While the floating shelves are definitely the focal point of this entryway, these super cute poufs should not go unnoticed! Poufs can easily be moved around so you can use them when quickly putting on shoes but slide them right back into place before heading out the door. This is a hassle-free seating solution you will be sure to love in your entryway.

15. Shoe Storage Cabinet

Recreate this small entryway idea:

With how good this storage cabinet looks you would honestly never know you store shoes in it! This sleek shoe storage cabinet allows you to discretely organize shoes so that they are out of sight but still conveniently located by your door. This specific shoe storage cabinet is from IKEA but there are other similar options on Amazon as well!

If you aren’t a fan of the knobs that come in it you can also create a custom piece inspired by this small entryway idea by adding these leather drawer pulls from Amazon!

16. Create An Accent Wall With Wallpaper

Recreate this small entryway idea:

Using wallpaper to create an accent wall is a small entryway idea you can use no matter the size of your space! As long as you have at least one wall you’re good to go. This wallpaper from Relativity Textiles is such a fun way to add a pop of color to your space. But, Amazon and Target also have a bunch of cute and more neutral wallpaper options if that’s more your style.

17. Accent Artwork With A Wall Sconce

Recreate this small entryway idea:

I used wall sconces to highlight artwork in my apartment living room so I can tell you first hand how good this will look! Like I mentioned before, wall-mounted lighting is a guaranteed way to make your space look professionally styled. You can find a variety of different wall sconces on Amazon that are super reasonably priced so you can definitely add this to your list of small entryway ideas!

18. Make Your Space Look Bigger With Mirrors

townhouse small entryway ideas

Design Credit: @kardiniainteriordesign & Photo Credit: @thebrandedbosslady

Recreate this small entryway idea:

I’ve said it already but I will say it again, use mirrors when planning your small entryway ideas to make your space look bigger!! This is my #1 interior design suggestion when designing smaller sized areas. If possible, try to place your mirror on a wall facing a window to reflect extra light and make your space look 10x brighter!

19. Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

Recreate this small entryway idea:

Even if you are designing a narrow entryway, you likely still have vertical space to work with. Expand on the height of your space using tall mirrors and plants to make your entryway feel much more open.

20. Built In Seating & Storage

Recreate this small entryway idea:

Built-in seating and storage are the perfect solutions to designing a small entryway in your home. It may take a little DIYing or help from a contractor but this small entryway idea will save you tons of space. Incorporate shelving into your built-ins and add baskets and create a seating area with a bench or “floating” seating.

Obviously, “real” built-ins can only be done in a place that you own but there are also storage and organization units that you can buy that give you a similar look but are still renter-friendly.

21. Add A Pop Of Color With Green Florals

small entryway ideas with bench

Design Credit: @gosbeeshomesweethome & Photo/Styling Credit: @ldshoppe

Recreate this small entryway idea:

Adding greenery into a design is my absolute favorite way to make the space feel brighter and more natural. Incorporate a bright green plant here and there as a refreshing accent piece.

I also want to point out this stunning entryway table from Crate&Barrel… Is it a little pricey? Yes. But, I am obsessed with it.

22. Incorporate A Variety Of Texture

Recreate this small entryway idea:

I am a bigggg advocate for incorporating a variety of textures when designing spaces and that goes for entryways too!

Play around with wood elements, wallpaper, plants, vases, and different finishes to piece together an interesting focal point in the front of your home.

23. Use A Narrow Entryway Table

Recreate this small entryway idea:

Just because you are working with a narrow space does not mean you can’t have a stunning entryway table! If you are set on having some sort of furniture in your entryway to throw keys on or even just to make a statement, a narrow entryway table like this one from Target is the perfect option for you.

And as always, add a mirror. 😉

24. Make A Statement With An Accent Rug

Recreate this small entryway idea:

Not only are rugs great to use in entryways to eliminate mud being dragged through the house, but they also make a great statement piece as guests walk into your home. Even if you have a narrow entryway, you can still incorporate this idea into your design with a narrow floor runner!

25. Use Picture Frames To Create A Collage

Recreate this small entryway idea:

You can never go wrong with a well-put-together collage wall in your entryway. This set of picture frames from Amazon is an inexpensive way to add a ton of character to your home.

26. Add A Storage Ledge

Recreate this small entryway idea:

If you are living in a place you own you can design a storage ledge by just adding a few extra inches at the top of your wainscoting and mounting wall hooks.

But, if you are living in an apartment or just don't want to go through the hassle of constructing this design, there are a ton of wall-mounted storage ledge options you can buy on Amazon that look just as good!

27. Wall Mounted Organizers

Recreate this small entryway idea:

One more wall storage entryway idea just for good measure. There are so many different ways you can go with this design idea and it is guaranteed to give you all the storage space you need by your front door.

This post was all about the best small entryway ideas.

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