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This post is all about Christmas dorm decorations.

christmas dorm decorations

Moving away from home and spending time in a shoe box-sized dorm can leave you missing some Christmas spirit. By now, you are probably used to decorating your whole house in lights with your family. 

I know it can be a little hard to feel Christmas-y when you only have one room to decorate, but these Christmas dorm decorations from Pinterest will hopefully give you a ton of inspiration! From lights, to pillows, to mini Christmas trees, you will definitely find some Christmas dorm decor inspiration from these ideas!

This post is all about Christmas dorm decorations.

Best Christmas Dorm Decorations:

1. Cool Toned Christmas Decorations

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

Okay, this is one of my favorite dorm decor ideas. This cool toned decor is giving me such snowy and Christmas-y vibes. 

You always see red, green, and gold to decorate for Christmas so this is a total switch up and I'm here for it. 

Use a small white tree instead of a green one and plant it in a metal vase! This will save tons of space compared to having a full size tree but still looks so festive and pretty.

2. String Lights Across Your Room

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

While this room technically isn't a dorm room, or at least one that I've seen, you can still use these Christmas decorations to make your dorm look festive! The snowflake string lights from Amazon would be the perfect touch! Plus, string lights are always a great dorm room decoration to add some extra cozy light.

Decorate your bed with some red accent pillows and blankets to give your dorm that extra touch of Christmas.

3. Make A Tree Wall From Pine Leaves

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

This DIY wall tree looks so classy but can be done easily on a budget. Making this tree on your wall would literally take minutes to put up and take down. If you don't have time to order from Amazon you could definitely run to your local craft store and find some pine leaves like these.

Since your leaves and ornaments are on the wall, you really can't save any more space than this while still having a cute Christmas tree in your room.

4. Decorate With Christmas Pillows And Blankets

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

Decorating your dorm room with Christmas pillows and blankets is a must to make your dorm feel festive for the Christmas season. You can have a lot of fun with this and decorate with any Christmas pillows or blankets you like! 

I personally love decorating with white, gold, and cool-toned throws for Christmas.

5. Make A Christmas Tree With Washi Tape And Ornaments

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

Washi tape comes in handy for everything including this DIY Christmas tree wall. This decor idea is perfect because washi tape will peel right off your wall without stripping the paint, making it dorm friendly!

You could even add some lights or photos to your washi tape tree to make it stand out a little more.

6. Incorporate Polaroids Into Your Tree Wall Decor

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

If you're like most college students living in a dorm, you probably have polaroids laying around or hung up somewhere. Christmas dorm decorating is the perfect time to put them to use! Using polaroids will make your decorations feel more personal and homey.

Every student needs a reminder of their friends and family during the holidays.

7. Hang Stockings Above Your Bed

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

Stockings are a staple Christmas decoration in every household and your dorm is no different! How fun would it be to hang these above your bed and you and your roommate could fill each other's up?! Or maybe Santa will come stuff them. ?

8. DIY Paper Christmas Lights

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

This is by far the cheapest and easiest one! Everyone remembers making these in church or school for the holidays so put your DIY skills to use!

You could also only use construction paper that coordinates with your room's colors to make it look super stylish. But, no matter what colors you use these DIY Christmas lights will make for a super cute garland in your dorm.

9. Hot Coco Bar

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

This hot coco bar is more of a yummy treat than a dorm decoration but it looks super cute anyways. You can totally set this hot coco bar up in your dorm room - all you need is a microwave to enjoy it! Everyone in your dorm will be sure to stop by when they hear you have this.

10. Cheap DIY Bow Wreath

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

Wreaths can be surprisingly expensive at stores so make this easy gift bow wreath on your own instead! This gift bow wreath would literally take minutes to make and you could use old cardboard boxes as the base circle. This is something you can make for literally under $5.

11. Decorate Your Dorm Door

Recreate These Christmas Dorm Decorations:

Now that you have all your Christmas dorm decorations planned for inside your room, decorate the outside of your door too! There are tons of fun ideas on how to decorate your door on Pinterest so this is just one. This will definitely spread some Christmas cheer in your dorm hallway.

This post was all about Christmas Dorm Decorations. 

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