I went to H&M earlier this week and found SO many great finds at really good prices. I haven’t been in a real life store in such a long time and it felt ammazzzing. I’m all about neutrals lately (shocker) and wanted classic pieces that stay in style for a little longer. I also went a little out of my…

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17 College Study Tips To Make Sure You Ace All Your Classes

This post is all about college study tips.Even if you were a straight A student in high school, it can still be difficult to do as well as college, especially your first semester. College classes are much harder and require a lot more time and effort.I know it can be hard to study in college with all the extra social…

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28 Halloween Costumes College Girls Need to Copy in 2020

This post is all about Halloween costumes college students should totally copy.Halloween parties are probably some of the biggest parties in college and they go on for weeks. Seriously, there are so many you will probably need two or three costumes.Halloweekend doesn’t need to be a time to stress over what costume to wear! Here are over 20 costumes that…

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How I Paid Off Over $58,000 Of Debt At 22

This post is giving you all my top tips on how I paid off over $58,000 of debt at 22 years old.Well, holy crap. I can not believe I am writing this post!! When I found out I had to pay for my own college four years ago, I made a lofty goal that I would graduate debt free from…

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25 Dorm Supplies You Will Definitely Need in Your Dorm in 2020

This post is all about dorm supplies you will need this year.When I was moving into my dorm room, I spent a lot of time planning what to bring and making sure I didn’t forget anything. This kind of helped me but I also ended up bringing a ton of things I didn’t need or just took up space.If you’re…

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Fridge Organization | Step-By-Step Guide on How to Organize Your Fridge

This post is all about fridge organization. I’m showing you exactly how to organize your fridge so that it looks so good people will think you got it professionally organized.Having an organized fridge was one of those things that I DREAMED about having in my apartment. I have so many pictures of organized fridges saved in my phone as inspiration…

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22 Must-Have Cleaning Essentials You Need In Your Apartment

This post is all about cleaning essentials you need in your apartment. Plus, I give you all the cleaning products I SWEAR by…believe me, they are good!I am a clean freak and I got weirdly excited when moving into my first apartment thinking about all the cleaning essentials I would need to get.I’m going to be showing you all the…

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