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This post is all about best coffee tables to make any space look amazing.

best coffee tables


Best Overall:  Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

"This coffee table is stunning! I love how modern yet classic it is. It looks amazing in my living room."

Best Under $150:  Bodhi Nesting Coffee Table

"They're stunning and I love switching up the location of each depending on my design mood."

Best Value:  Studio McGee's Rose Park Round Wood Coffee Table

"I love Studio McGee's collection with Target and this coffee table makes me so happy! It's perfect."

Most Popular: Safavieh Mango Finish Coffee Table

"I mean how can you not love this coffee tables. It's everything I wanted and more!"

Best Round Coffee Table: Gilmore Coffee Table

"I love gold finishes and it's the perfect size for my living room. Very pleased with this purchase!"

What is one thing every living room needs?! I guess that's a couch but what's the second thing every living room needs? A coffee table!! I think I'm funny (haha).

But for real, I feel like a coffee table is a necessity in any living room; without one, the space wouldn't be complete.

Searching for a coffee table can be tricky; it's not every day you're saving them on your Instagram. So I thought I would put together a post on my favorite coffee tables.

Unfortunately, I only have one living room. So I couldn't buy all of them. But I hope you guys will find one that's perfect for you!!

This post shows you best coffee tables.

Tips for choosing the perfect furniture for your living room:

1.  Make an inspiration board on Pinterest, Instagram, whatever platform you use! I think first figure out what style you gravitating towards so you can make the searching process easier on yourself. Or just read my posts haha!

2.  Know your budget. If you can determine the price range that works best for you, then you better ensure you won't fall in love with furniture that's out of your budget. 

3.  Measure, measure, measure! Omg, I cannot tell you how upsetting it can be if you spend hours researching furniture, then finally buy a piece, put it together and find out it doesn't fit in your space. Measure before you buy anything so you can make sure you're not wasting your time!!

5.  Stay classic with big pieces. Furniture is not cheap, it's expensive and you want to purchase items you can keep for long periods of time. Whenever I'm about to make a big purchase I ask myself if I think I would actually like the piece five years from now. If the answer is yes, then I'll get it. Most times, deep down I know I actually won't like the piece in five years and move on.


My Coffee Table: 

coffee tables 2020

I love my coffee table and it works perfectly with my couch. The gold touch mixed with the wood texture was exactly what I was looking for!

1.  White Zane Coffee Table

For those looking for a classic, simple to style coffee table; this is it!

I love the white and gold combination. Modern coffee tables like this are the best to style, and I think this would make any living room look chic!

2. Horseshoe Ivory Linen Coffee Table

The horseshoe look is to die for!

This coffee table is definitely inspired by the designer coffee tables on-trend right now. I love the Parisian look the table brings, and I want it for my own apartment!

3. Sylvia Nesting Coffee Table Set

When I saw this on the Urban Outfitter's website, I died; how gorgeous is this nesting set?!

You can do so much with two pieces; the options are endless. I love it.

I've also included a more cost-friendly option below, which I think would look just as amazing as the Urban Outfitter's one!

Similar Cost-Friendly Version:

4. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

best coffee tables

Reclaimed wood is my favorite. The modern touch this coffee table has with the dramatic waterfall sides allows you to play around with your decorations.

If you need to add a bit of texture into your living room this coffee table was made for you!

5. Round White Marble Milan Coffee Table

For those of you wanting a chic look, here it is!

Perfect for smaller spaces and works with almost any color couch. I have seen this coffee table paired with velvet couches, and it looks stunning!

6. Marisol Coffee Table

This wicker look is in right now, and I'm here for it.

This is a cost-friendly coffee table and perfect for those who are going for a more boho look.

7.  Riverton Coffee Table

Any mood would work with this coffee table. So, for those of you who are guys or are living with guys, this is a neutral coffee table that isn't too overly feminine!

The storage aspect is also fantastic. You can really play with the baskets you use, or items you place in the table.

8. Rose Park Round Wood Coffee Table

When I found out Studio McGee was doing a collection with Target I freaked out!

I am a huggeee Studio McGee fan and admire their work so much!

Everything in their collection is stunning, and I highly recommend you looking at their work (or anything in their collection) for inspiration.

9.  Andre Coffee Table

Extra storage alert! In the middle of this coffee table is "hidden" storage, perfect for anyone living in a small apartment who needs extra room for your things!

I love the textured wood against the vibrant white.

10. Foundry Pop Up Coffee Table

This is a pop-up table done right (they usually aren't).

In my experience, I have been to homes that have pop-up tables, and they are amazing but usually hideous!

I love the white finish on the wood and brass feet! I think this is one of the best multipurpose coffee tables out there!

11. Stockholm

Here's one for those of you requesting an Ikea option!

I love the shape of this coffee table. The contrast this table can have against a lighter colored couch is fantastic!

12.  Natural Teak Coffee Table Brown

I actually saw this in a salon waiting room and was obsessed!

I had never thought about having a natural wood look like this in a space, but it looked amazing!!

13.  Hammered Rose Gold Finish Coffee Table

I had my eye on this coffee table for a while! The hammered finish on the metal looks fantastic. I love a coffee table with texture!!

14.  Folsom Coffee Table

This coffee table gives me all of the Restoration Hardware vibes I'm looking for but can't afford hahah.

If I had a bigger living room, I would lovveee to have this coffee table.

15.  Knute Extendable Coffee Table with Storage

The wicker look is stunning against the black in this coffee table! 

I love the dimension and texture. Perfect for those looking for a darker look that still feels light and bright (if that makes any sense).

16. Safavieh Mango Finish Coffee Table

Before I got my sofa from Ashely Home Store I was really skeptical. I honestly think it's because I see them everywhere and I didn't want to buy something at a store everyone went to. But boy was I wrong!

I am in love with my couch, and this coffee table does not disappoint!

17.  Hillsmere Wire Cage Coffee Table

Target has upped their game for sure!! I love this wired look!!

Not only is this coffee table a gem, but this room inspo is great too!

18. Gilmore Coffee Table

Hello gorgeous! I love the gold circular foot of this coffee table. I think it's the perfect touch of modern!

19. Round Gold Hammered Metal Cala Coffee Table

Another hammered metal coffee table! I love the look, what more can I say!

20. Keelin Mid Century Coffee Table

Perfect mid-century black coffee table. I love how versatile the table is, it has a classic look that would look amazing in any space!

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