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This post is all about the best Amazon Prime Day college deals. 

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Amazon Prime Day is a HUGE sale where they put over 100,000 products on sale for two days. 

I'm an Amazon Prime member and bought so much dang stuff for my apartment it's actually crazy. Now that I moved in, I have my eyes on some things that I can't wait to see go on sale.

This year, Amazon Prime Day is on July 11-12th Tuesday, July 11 at 3 a.m. ET through Wednesday, July 12. Get ready to buy, things sell out FAST.

Don't worry, if you're not an Amazon Prime member you can get a FREE six-month student trial or a FREE 30-day trial for everyone else. It's the best!!

To prepare for Prime Day, make sure you are an Amazon Prime Member.

I went through and am finding everything from first apartment essentials, best home decor, kitchen appliances, rugs, couches, mattresses, cute beddings...basically, anything that is a really good deal for an apartment and home (and is cute) I am including in here. IT IS GOOD!

To sign up for a free amazon prime account...

STUDENTS: Amazon Prime offers a FREE six-month trial for anyone that has a valid .edu address (college and high school students). Having prime in college is the actual best and having it free is even better!

Click here to sign up for a FREE Amazon Prime Student account.

PARENTS: Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day trial which is so nice and allows you to save a TON of money when buying college products for your child.

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Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for College:

(SALE STARTS TODAY!! We are busy adding in products right now!!!

NOTE: I will be updating this list constantly throughout the 11th and 12th crossing off all items that sell out. These deals do not go on sale until the time listed!!! Get ready to buy, things sell out FAST!

College Prime Day Deals:

Area Rug


Mattress Topper

(this is my mattress topper and it's a GAME CHANGER)

Black Futon

(this was my futon.. I was obsessed with it!!)

10 ft Lightning Cable Charger

(This weirdly comes in handy a lot!! And can be transitioned to college apartment after dorm)

Apple Air Tag

Blackout Curtains

(these saved me freshmen year!)

Shag Carpet

(Great price and comes in a TON of colors!)

Sound Machine

(CHANGED MY LIFE in the dorms. Blocked out all noise so I could study and sleep)

Dorm and Doc College Medical Kit

(So great to have on hand)

Tool Set

(This weirdly comes in handy a lot!! And can be transitioned to college apartment after dorm)


  1. Dorinda Ahonsi says:

    When will you put the upcoming deals out?

    1. Working on it now!!! And going to be staying up all night to update it ?

  2. Will the weighted blanket fit a dorm size bed. Twin XL is recommended.

    1. It will mostly cover it…. my sister got a twin size duvet less year and you honestly couldn’t tell the difference since it wasn’t something right fitting like a sheet!

  3. Alexi Smith says:

    Thank you so much , I love your blog!!

  4. Will the Amana, two door mini fridge be going back in stock? Or will there be another two door mini fridge going on sal on Tuesday? Thanks!!

    1. Okay, I just looked into it and as of right now I can’t see that it’s going back on sale 🙁 BUT, I found two other two-door mini fridges that are actually cheaper than Prime day deal one. Here are the links- (this one is actually marked down) and Hope that helps!

  5. Catie Maloney says:

    Have you personally tried the afitne leggings? How good of quality are they?

    1. No, I haven’t tried them but I ordered them!! I stalked the reviews and they looked super good. People did say to go down a size though

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