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Looking for the best 21st birthday themes ever? Here are 37 insanely good 21st birthday themes that you will never forget! 

best 21st birthday themes

21st birthday parties are SO much fun! And guess what, they do not have to be about drinking exclusively. Planning parties makes me SO excited, but it was not easy coming up with 37 party ideas. 

I am actually obsessed with these 21st birthday themes, you have to see all of them. Whether you want a complete dress up party or a fun, classy theme, there is something here for everyone!! My personal favorite is the "Joe party" (just keep scrolling and you'll find it).

Most of these parties can be fully put together with one or two things from Amazon!! I'm telling you, this is the only place you will ever need to look to find 21st birthday themes.

This post is all about 21st birthday themes.


1. White Lies Party

Recreate this 21st birthday theme:

Have you ever heard of a white lies party? They are hilarious. Basically, everyone wears a white t-shirt or tank top and you write a lie about yourself on there.

I've seen the funniest ones like "I am not going to blackout tonight" and other drinking-related ones. This is a super easy party to pull off.

Pair it with everyone wearing pink or another fun color and it'll be even cooler!

2. 818 Tequila Theme

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

21st birthday party themes

An 818 Tequila theme is PERFECT for the tequila girlies!! I am a tequila girl and I would have absolutely loved this theme when I was turning 21.

These prints are pretty cheap (or you could make them yourself in Canva) and so easy to tape to a wall for decor and taking pictures. Then, of course, just pair it with 818 tequila and you're all set!

3. y2k themed 21st birthday party

21st birthday ideas

tiktok credit: @gr44c11e

I think this is maybe one of the best 21st birthday theme ideas ever. It looks so cool!! Not only is it super unique, but it allows for so much creativity and personalization to this birthday girl.

You could definitely get this done or order something similar off of Etsy or somewhere like that, but if you are really artistic or have an artsy friend, it looks pretty easy to recreate yourself as well.

4. Western Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

Sooo fun!! Who doesn't love throwing on a cowgirl hat for the night? These girls are adorable and that could totally be you and your friends.

Just make it known that it's a costume party, and maybe even have some extra hats just in case! 

5. Roaring 20's Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

I am obsessed with roaring 20's themed parties. I think it is such a fun, glamorous theme. It is also pretty easy to pull off with a gold, white, and black color scheme.

While everybody dresses up in suits and flapper dresses, put together a glorious champagne tower and you've got yourself a partyyy!

6. Bottomless Brunch

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

Your 21st birthday bottomless brunch could go two different ways! You could either plan a brunch party at home, or you could go out to a fun, boozy brunch. You definitely won't remember this party ?.

7. Disco Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

Recently I have been obsessed with disco-themed parties. I mean, look at this photo backdrop, it's amazing!!

This is such a fun party to have because you can blast 70's funk music all night! Seriously, this will be the best party you have ever had. 

8. Pink & Bows

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

I think the current bow trend is so cute and can be make such a fun and cute 21st birthday party. If you are a girly girl and love the color pink, adding some ribbon and bows to your decor and birthday outfits will add that extra touch you are looking for!

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9. 21st Birthday Fiesta

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

So obsessed with the idea of a 21st Birthday Fiesta! You could do a nacho bar, or taco bar and have margaritas flowing at ALL times. The bright colors and yummy food will make your 21st birthday party so much fun! 

10. Music Festival Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

Coachella is such a good theme for a 21st birthday because it really is just one BIG party! You could get out all of the festival decorations, wear crazy, funky outfits, and blast dancing music all night. You and your friends are going to be obsessed with this theme.

11. Barbie Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

This is such a fun theme!!! Everyone can dress up as a different barbie (tour guide Barbie, doctor Barbie, original Barbie, beach Barbie etc.). I think this is so fun (super trendy) and for anyone who doesn't want to throw a costume together, just have them wear pink! 

If you can get your hands on one of these Barbie box photo ops, that would be epic at your party! 

12. Painting Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

If you aren't a huge party girl, this is the absolute cutest party idea for you and your besties. Even if you need a daytime activity, this is perfect for that!

Just get some cheap canvases, fun paints, play some music, and hangout while you all paint together. Getting some fun drinks and snacks will complete this sweet party idea.

13. Wine & Charcuterie Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

Okay, sign me up for THIS! Wine and charcuterie is literally heaven.

 Invite your friends over, either dress comfy or dress up, and enjoy the spread! This is such a classy 21st birthday party idea and I genuinely think everyone would have so much fun. 

14. Mamma Mia Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

How gorgeous is this party theme?? Imagine dancing with your best friends to ABBA all night and getting dressed up in fun outfits!

I love the colors, music, and everything about the vibe of this party! There are a ton of Mamma Mia party ideas on Pinterest, so definitely look around if you want even more ideas! 

15. 21st Birthday Brunch


Source: @gracingtheglobe

If you're like me and you like to celebrate your birthday allll day, then you need to have a birthday brunch! Make or buy a bunch of breakfast foods, chill a bottle of champagne on ice for mimosas, and add some simply decor like a table cloth, and you've got the perfect birthday brunch! The perfect way to start your day.

16. Boho Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

If you are looking for purely decorative inspiration for your 21st birthday, these boho decorations are stunning!! There are no costumes or specific music genres you need for this theme, just pretty neutral decor! If you want a daytime party that's cute and classy, this is the theme for you! 

17. Tacky Beach Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

This is a super cheap idea for you and your friends if you all just want to have a good time and have lots of laughs. It always cracks me up when I see people wearing these, and it will definitely make for a 21st birthday that will be unforgettable!

18. Wild Jungle Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

I have been seeing this party theme everywhere, and I think it is so cute!! Tell your guests to wear their best animal print, and you need to incorporate a ton of greenery into the decor! This party can be SO fun if everyone gets into the theme with their outfit! 

19. Girls Only Slumber Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

This is such a cute idea and I love the "no boys allowed" theme lol! Another great idea if you're looking for a chill night in with your closest friends. Grab some snacks and drinks, play some games or watch a movie, and you're set for a great night in.

20. Blackout or Back Out Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

It's your 21st birthday, if you don't blackout did you really turn 21?? Just kiddingggg (not really). This is a super simple party theme, wear all black and use all black decorations! Your guests will love this theme because everyone has a black outfit! 

21. 80's Prom Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

I saw this fun friend group on TikTok throw an 80's prom-themed party and it looked insanely fun!! Everyone went to thrift stores and got the most obnoxious 80's outfits.

The girls teased their hair way up, and went all out with the look. If you have friends who are committed to a good costume party, you definitely should throw an 80's prom party for your 21st birthday! 

22. Euphoria Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

What better theme than possibly the most popular TV show in forever? Everyone knows about Euphoria, even if they haven't seen the show, they know what aesthetic you're going for. You will need glitter, music, and more glitter! 

23. Birthday Picnic

21st birthday themes

credit: @tiffxnybui

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

I love this idea so much! I actually did something like this for one of my friend's birthdays a few years ago and it was one of our most fun birthday celebrations!!

The food was phenomenal and it made for a great photo op as well! This is an excellent idea if your birthday is during the summer or early fall.

24. Beer Olympics

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

Now, this is a 21st birthday party. Drinking games on drinking games on drinking games. It would be so funny to have everyone wear shirts with different countries' flags on them. You could even have teams!

25. Cute Dinner Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

If you are lucky enough to have a big enough space or table at 21 to host a dinner party, I highly recommend! This is also a great idea to do before going out to bars. I recently just hosted my first dinner party in my new house and it was SUCH a blast. I wish I was able to do them sooner, and if you are, I definitely recommend this for your 21st!

26. Take A Party Bus To Dinner/Bars

If you want to go all out, rent a party bus to take all of your friends out for the night! Whether you want a ride to a nice dinner or you want to go bar hopping, this is the best mode of transportation. It will be so fun dancing and singing with all of your friends on the bus, it doesn't even matter where you're headed!

27. Take A Booze Cruise

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

Um, YES. If you live near any body of water, booze cruise immediately!! This is such a fun and unique 21st birthday party idea. If you have friends who can somehow manage to decorate the boat with balloons like this, you're winning.

28. Casino Night/Las Vegas Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

I am obsessed with the idea of a casino night party!! Have everyone dress up in their best Vegas attire and pull out the poker chips! 

29. Out Of This World Party Theme

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

This party is about to be out of this world! Have your friends wear black, metallic colors, sparkles, or galaxy, and get ready to party! This would be a really fun party to have a black light at. Also, a body glitter station would definitely get some good use. 

30. Zodiac Sign Themed Party

If you are super into your zodiac and know alllll about it, then why not make it your birthday party theme?? I think a cake like this is so cute, and you can also make your outfit and other decor match you and your zodiac!

31. Jersey Shore Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

I have been dying over this party theme. If your friends are jersey shore fans, this party would be hilarious. Go get a spray tan, grab a Snooki wig, and make sure your pushup bra can be seen with your outfit. 

32. Taylor Swift Party

Literally love this swiftie squad. With a Taylor Swift party, everyone dresses as a different Taylor era. You can blast Taylor Swift all night and take some epic photos! 

33. Rosé All Day Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

Want a party theme that's cute and girly but also revolves around alcohol? This is the best party theme! It's your 21st birthday, and if rosé is your thing, you better be having rosé all day!!!

34. "Joe" Party

Here is the party I have been literally dying to host!! Basically, everyone dresses as a famous Joe. Trader Joe, Joe Biden, Joe Jonas, Jojo Siwa (you get it, right?). I find this so hysterical, so if you have friends that will actually go through with this, DO IT! 

35. Back In The 90's Themed Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

If you're turning 21 this year, you're not a 90's baby, but who says you can't party like it's the 90's? We all love this era and can definitely get down to some 90's music all night! 

36. Funny Sunglasses

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

This idea is SO fun and gets everyone involved!! If you plan on going out on your 21st birthday or maybe even bar hopping, this will make your night 10x more fun. Everyone will be asking what your glasses say and you'll be able to laugh with your friends about it all night.

37. Pizza Party

Recreate this 21st birthday themes:

This reminds me of when we would have pizza parties in like middle school and it was always everyone's favorite day of the year. I love how these girls put candles in the pizzas to make them extra special, too! Invite your friends over, get a ton of pizzas and drinks, and you are going to have one funnnnn night.

This post was all about 21st birthday themes.

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