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Looking for the best college dorm room ideas? You're in the right place! Here are 23+ super trendy ideas you're going to want to copy.

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Going to college is super exciting for a lot of reasons, but for me the most exciting part was getting to decorate a brand new room. Decorating my dorm room might just have been the highlight of my college experience. It can also be super overwhelming when you're thinking about the quantity of decor and essentials you need to buy. It's really not that bad as long as you know what aesthetic you're going for and don't buy unnecessary things. That's where I come in. I'm going to give you the best dorm room inspiration so you know exactly what to buy to create your dream dorm room.

This post is all about college dorm room ideas. 


1. Stick with white and pops of color

dorm room essentials

Recreate this bold, bright dorm room:

This dorm room is the perfect mix of light and airy but also cozy and warm. The little storage cabinet is something I would have never thought to put in a dorm room, but it adds a really homey feeling to the room. 

2. Mix textures for a boho look

Recreate this airy, light dorm room:

You know I love white, and this all white look is dreamy. Boho looks can be hard to do without looking tacky, and I really like the way this one turned out. 

I've also been a big fan of pampas grass lately, but I never thought to put it in a dorm room!! 

3. Get a functional, drawer cabinet


If you're on Pinterest looking at dorm rooms, you're going to see a lot of these drawer cabinets. People use them as nightstands and they are so functional. They also look nicer than cheapy, plastic drawers.

4. Use peel and stick wallpaper 

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Recreate this cozy, cute dorm room:

Everybody loves the dalmatian peel and stick wallpaper, but this brick look is SO good. 

If you want a less busy look and something with a little more character, this brick wallpaper is perfect for your dorm room. 

5. Ooh La La Dorm Room 

Recreate this cozy, comfortable dorm room:

dorm room checklist

Raise your hand if you would love to take a nap in that cozy bed. This little corner is honestly dreamy. More is more with pillows! 

The wall decor is perfectly laid out and everything coordinates so nicely. The neon sign I linked below would be perfect in this room! 

6. Get a neon sign

Neon signs might be one of the best trends right now. They can be super expensive for real neon signs, but for short term living (like in a dorm room) this $12 LED sign is perfect!!

7. Mix bright colors with bold patterns

trendiest dorm room ideas

Recreate this fun, bold dorm room:

I love the black and white base colors in this room paired with the bright pops of neon. The Dalmatian wallpaper strikes again, but this time with a matching pillow. 

Bonus points if your biker shorts match your room decor.

8. Use lights for cozy ambiance 

This cozy little corner ranks high on one of my list of dorm room inspirations. It seems like there's too much going on at first, but then you start to love it. 

The lips mirror I found on Amazon is made to stick to the wall and it is only $3!!!!

9. Get a cute desk lamp 

Trust me on this one, you're going to need a good desk lamp. You're going to be spending a lotttt of late nights working on assignments due the next day and you're going to wish you had a desk lamp. 

This one is super cute and the perfect size for your small dorm room space.

10. Frame posters for a more complete look

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Recreate this earthy, boho dorm room:

This "hippie chic" style is so cute and definitely on trend right now. I love the way the posters are framed because it makes them look nicer and more complete. 

Let's just take a moment for the disco ball in the macrame hanger - SO. freaking. cute. I love that idea and I think it would be easy to achieve the same "modern boho" look in any dorm room. 

11. Hang posters of your favorite artists

If you're an A$AP Rocky fan, this is the dorm room for you. Honestly though, you could achieve this look with any black and white poster and it would be SO cute. 

dorm room essentials

12. Use floating shelves for display & organization

I used to wish there were floating shelves that would work in a dorm room, and I always assumed there was nothing out there that could actually hold stuff up. 

Then, I found these photo ledges made by the command hook brand (so you know they're good) and I'm obsessed. You could put little photos and decor up there, or even school supplies as pictured. 

13. Mix different colors, textures, and patterns for a bold look

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Recreate this chic, trendy dorm room:

You would think that turquoise and pink velvet pillows, leopard print, and black and white polka dots would clash... but somehow in this beautiful dorm room, all of those textures, patterns, and colors work together to create a cohesive, eclectic look. 

I love the wall decor so much, especially the little nod to La La Land with the Seb's poster.

14. Add a headboard for a more put together look

Recreate this light and airy boho dorm room:

Ladies - what the heck?!?! Is this not seriously the nicest dorm room you have ever seen. I can't get over it. 

This dorm room was literally featured in People magazine. They thought of every detail.

15. Replace the dorm provided desk chair with a cute one

You wouldn't think a chair would make such a big difference, but it really makes your room look so much more complete. If you're debating on buying a chair, do it!!! It will transform your room. 

Now you just have to figure out how to get rid of the old dorm provided chair. 

16. Make your desk area pretty and functional

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Recreate this cute and classy dorm room space:

How cute is this desk set up? I think it is important to add decorations to every part of your room, not just your bed. That is what really makes a dorm room homey and comfortable. 

Bringing your own chair also makes the room a lot nicer and adds some style, unlike the provided dorm furniture.

17. You can't go wrong with a neon sign

Recreate this cute, cozy dorm room:

Something about this dorm room is so perfect. I loveeee some peel and stick wallpaper, but then incorporating it with other decor elements takes it to the next level. 

These little storage side tables were practically MADE for dorm rooms because they're tall enough to reach a raised bed and are pretty skinny to fit in a small space. 

18. Get a photo grid 

Photo grids could not be more perfect for dorm rooms. They are super lightweight and easy to transport, and you can hang up all the pictures of your family and friends from home.

19. Stick to a color scheme 

small dorm room ideas

Recreate this dorm room idea:

If you love blue, this is the dorm room for you! My favorite thing about this dorm is how much of the walls are covered! In dorm rooms, the less wall showing, the better.

I really like the coordinating posters she picked out, you could always pick out your own or buy the pack linked above from Amazon for an aesthetic look. I never thought about putting wall decals in my dorm room, but these stars are so cute they're making me wish I had.  

20. Use vines to fill up empty wall space

Recreate this bright, boho dorm room:

How cute is this dorm room? It looks straight out of Urban Outfitters. These vines are beyond trendy right now and really add an earthy feel to the room. 

21. Get some fake plants

I loveee a good fake plant. They add some life to your space without requiring any upkeep. 

This three pack from Amazon has a ton of 5 star reviews.

I love neon signs because not only are they super trendy, they create a super fun ambiance. Photo collages are also extremely popular because you can completely personalize the. You can order them premade or you can print out all your own pictures. 

Also, this duvet cover is a total Urban Outfitters dupe. 

23. Get a storage ottoman

I have never seen such a cute storage ottoman. They're always those super basic boxy ones that aren't that cute, but this one is sooo cute. 

The gold legs and little velvety top. It comes in so many cute colors too!

This post was all about college dorm room ideas. 

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