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Looking for the highest-quality apartment sofas to take your living room to the next level? Here are 26 exceptional apartment sofas for every style!

apartment sofas

When I was buying furniture for my apartment I really stressed over what sofa I should buy!! I didn't know if I should just get something super cheap that I knew I would only use for a couple of years or if I should get something more expensive that will last me for many years to come. What I decided was that you should never spend more than $2,000 on an apartment sofa. Aim for the $1,000-$2,000 range, and if you find some good ones under $1,000 that's a win! 

I have found 26 insanely good sofas that are all under $2,000 and work for so many different styles! Whether you are looking for something fun and bright or a simple, classic sofa, I've got you covered!! From Target to Pottery Barn, I have found sofas in every size, style, and material. There's definitely one for you!

This post is all about apartment sofas.


1. My apartment sofa

apartment size sofas

The exact sofa I have in my apartment living room and I couldn't love it more!! It does everything I need it to do, the fabric is holding up, and it didn't break the bank. 

One thing I will say is never buy this sofa full price!! Ashely HomeStore is constantly having big sales and this couch is always included so definitely wait for a sale before buying this!

You can also change out the furniture legs to give the couch have a more expensive look.

2. Mid-century modern, green velvet sofa

apartment sectional sofas

I could not be more obsessed with this green velvet sofa. It isn't too much (which a lot of velvet sofas can be) and I love the bolster pillows on it too! 

This would look gorgeous in a trendy apartment and make a great statement piece.

3. Benedict Upholstered Sofa

best coffee tables

All Modern is one of my all-time favorite furniture stores. I think they have products for every price range and they price everything fairly for the quality. 

4. Recycled leather sofa and bolster pillow set  

apartment sofas leather

I'm not a huge leather couch fan usually, but this leather color is so pretty and the style is very sleek and simple. I would 100% put this in my apartment, or something similar in a future house of mine. 

Again, you know it's on trend because it's from Urban Outfitters!!

5. Feather filled, RH cloud sofa look alike

apartment size leather sofas

Okay I love the Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa but it seriously can cost over $4,000 and that is just not reasonable for me. This World Market feather filled sofa looks very similar and would probably feel a lot like it too! Plus it's only $899, so that's an added bonus.

6. Trendy orange, velvet sofa 

apartment size sleeper sofas

Another colorful velvet sofa? Who am I? Very out of my comfort zone, but I really do like them in some spaces! 

This is from Urban Outfitters, so you know it's definitely on trend and could pair well with some of their other trendy decor!

7. Tufted nail head sofa ***

best apartment sofas

This sofa is only $900, and is neutral and gorgeous! The "shelter arm" design is super cozy and the fixed cushions ensure that nothing will shift out of place! There is a nailhead detail that adds just a little more character and interest. The wooden legs are a nice, neutral shade and wouldn't clash with any decor style.

8. Sdorens Fireside Chair

apartment sofas for sale

So this isn't a sofa, I know, but if you are in a studio apartment and only have a tiny bit of space, this armless chair could be the perfect substitute for a sofa. 

The shape of it could work really well in any space.

9. Modern, cozy sectional sofa

modern apartment sofas

Something about this sofa looks so expensive and fancy. The way it's constructed, the fabric, the fluffiness, it's all so good!

10. Maudette Upholstered Sofa

apartment sofass

Joss & Main is a brand I recently found out about, and I am super into everything they sell! This sofa with the long bench seat looks super cozy, and the construction of the couch is simple and would fit in any style space.

11. Velvet sofa with 32 color options

apartment sofas for sale

Talk about options!! This velvet sofa has 32 color options and would match any space with the right color!

Rove concepts describe it as a "wide-width and low profile piece inspired by modern and Nordic design." The sofa looks like the best place ever to take a nap :).

12.  Pemberly Row Sofa

cheap apartment couches

Does this not look like it's straight out of Kim K's minimalistic mansion?? This sherpa-like fabric is everywhere right now, and I love super trendy curved sofa for a minimalistic room.

Imagine this in an extremely neutral, white space with earthy elements. So good. Apartment sofas this stunning are hard to come by!

13. Large sectional sofa

shallow seat depth sofa

If you have a super big apartment (first of all, lucky you), this massive sectional sofa would be perfect for you! I have never seen such a nice, big sectional under $2,000!

Amazon has started carrying a lot of furniture companies now and who can beat the shipping benefits of Prime?

14. Leather sectional sofa

studio apartment sofas

The sofa is similar to the other Urban Outfitters leather sofa I shared but it's a sectional, so you have a little more couch space!! Again, I love the leather, and I feel like it would look good in any space! Bonus, apartment sofas made of leather will last you for years and years.

15. (Basically) Fully customizable sofa

apartment size leather sofa

Apartment sofas that are also customizable? Yes, please. You can pretty much choose the length, depth, cushion style, fabric, etc., and make this couch exactly how you want it! It's classic, simple, and would match with any style of the living room.

16. Emerald green velvet sofa with gold legs

best apartment sofas 2021

Can you believe this is from Target?? It looks so trendy, just like something from Urban Outfitters, but seriously half of the price!

The emerald green velvet and gold legs go together so well and would make such a good statement in your living room.

17. Small & simple sectional sofa

apartment sofas sectionals

This sectional reminds me of the one I have in my apartment, but it is a little smaller! If you have a small space but still want a sectional, this sofa is perfect for you!

It a simple style that you really can't go wrong with, and (from experience) it is super cozy!

18. Sleeper sofa with memory foam mattress

apartment size sectional sofa ikea
apartment size sofa ikea

You may think this is a simple sofa, but it has a super nice memory foam mattress in it too! I think a sleeper sofa is SO nice. If you're living in a one-bedroom apartment and have a guest, they will be so happy to have a pull-out couch mattress!

19. Low-back, sectional sofa***

amazon sectionals

Amazon is a go-to for inexpensive, simple furniture. This sectional is under $1250 and reminds me of my couch! The quality would be good enough to last you in your apartment for a couple of years, but I don't know how much longer it would last you.

20. Chic, wood base sofa

apartment size sofas for sale

The wooden base on this sofa is so unique! I can imagine this in a modern, coastal-style room or even in a rustic-style living room.

The wood isn't too much though it would honestly even work in my apartment!

21. Sectional sleeper sofa

apartment size sofa bed

Talk about practical! This couch has all of the extra storage you could ever want, which is perfect for a small apartment with hardly any storage space! If I had a couch like this, I would store all of my blankets and extra throw pillows in there.

22. Tufted Vegan Leather Sofa

unconventional living room ideas

This Amazon sofa looks like it could be from CB2 or World Market, but it's under $600 and give you that same sleek, modern look! The tufted material adds a little more interest and texture.

23. Twin sleeper sofa with memory foam mattress

cheap apartment sofa
cheap apartment sofas

Okay, another tiny space "sofa". If you are working in a small space and want to have a place for guests to sleep, this twin sleeper sofa is perfect for you!

It's Pottery Barn, so I know the quality will withstand the test of time and can easily stay in-tact in a future home for years to come!

24. Boucle Fabric Upholstered Sofa

apartment sized love seats

This sofa is so trendy! I have seen so many sofas like this all over my Instagram feed, and I seriously think they are SO pretty. It wouldn't match with my apartment decor, but I adore it in the super trendy apartments.

25. Sleeper sectional sofa

small space tips

This might be the most functional sofa on this list! It's a sectional sofa with storage and a pull-out mattress!! Perfect for having guests sleepover!

26. Rocco Sofa

best sofas

How cute is this sofa? It would be perfect in a college apartment or a super girly, bright space. I still can't believe a couch that looks this trendy is from Walmart!

The style is simple and classic, but the curves adds a fun pop!

This post was all about the best apartment sofas.

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