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I’ve been all about trying new healthy foods recently and attempting to expand my small food liking. I am going to be honest, it has not been that successful but im working on it. I thought I would try chocolate covered bananas. this was kind of dumb of me because I don’t like bananas but don’t they look good? my…

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  2a// prom is in less than a week!! everything seems to be coming together and I am so excited to see how the night turns out. after prom our school hosts an “after prom” where you they have activities set up and food but heres the catch- you’re locked in there until 3 am. while my friends and I…

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  1// love this as a quick summer treat. 2// have to be honest, didn’t know san Francisco had this much color (hopefully that isn’t a known fact haha). adding this to my bucket list of places to see. 3// if you knew me you would know im a huge worrier and think of every detail possible. good reminder that…

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We (my mom and I) toured two big schools and two small schools. Going into this I thought for sure that I wanted a small school but through this process I learned that a bigger school is actually what I am more interested in. Basically this trip turned everything that I wanted to things that I didn’t wanted. The two…

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So, my long awaited (actually short, it was an unexpected trip but the long awaited is staying in there for effect) week of college tours is over. It was a crazy week where I learned a lot and realized that college will be here in no time. Touring four colleges in one week is definitely manageable but the last tour…

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      this spring break has been spent road tripping across the Midwest in hopes of finding a college that I could see myself going to. going into this I was really unsure about this whole process and didn’t want to come to the realization that this is happening and it will be here before I know it. it’s…

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wishing I was some place where I could have taken this picture but sadly no, 1. 1// Guess what?! It’s finally spring break! This couldn’t have come at a better time and I am ready to get away from everything- even if it’s on college visits. 2// I stuck to my word and actually joined track. I am terrible at…

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