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Looking for the best bathroom decor from Target to complete your space? Here are the top Target bathroom decor pieces that are guaranteed to take your bathroom to the next level!

target bathroom decor

When decorating your apartment or house we all think of the main rooms first- bedroom, living room, and kitchen. But the small rooms like your bathroom need some love too! Decorating your bathroom can be tricky but so much fun if you find the perfect pieces.

Target has just about everything you need in everyday life but they also have some killer bathroom decor. From bath towels to vanity organizers, Target has everything you need to turn your ordinary bathroom into a room you will never want to leave!

This post is all about Target bathroom decor.


1. Shower Curtains

What would a bathroom be without a shower curtain! Whether you are going for a modern, boho, or colorful look, Target has a ton of stylish shower curtain options for you.

I am personally loving the grey tassel shower curtain from Magnolia. Chip and Joanna Gaine's always pull through with the cutest decor options from their Magnolia line and this one is pretty similar to the one I have in my bathroom now!

2. Shower Hooks

Shower hooks are a small part of your bathroom decor but they can surprisingly make such a huge difference in the look of your bathroom. 

Target sells these cute gold shower hooks (the exact ones I have in my bathroom now) that are the perfect accent for the gold lovers out there. If you want a more traditional option they also have these sleek and modern black hooks as well!

3. Bath Mats

Anyone else obsessed with bath mats as much as I am when it comes to decorating bathrooms? I know it can't be just me. Bath mats are a necessity when it comes to keeping your bathroom floor dry after showers. Plus, they just add a sense of comfort to your bathroom that really makes it feel like a spa.

You really can't go wrong with buying bath mats from Target. Once again, Magnolia at Target has the absolute cutest bath mats to design your space with.

4. Soap Dispensers

Say goodbye to your ordinary plastic soap containers and allow me to introduce you to these gorgeous dispenses. Simply fill one of these stylish soap dispensers with your favorite hand soap and voila, your bathroom looks luxurious.

Once again, this is such a small piece of decor that you may not have even thought of but can really add to your bathroom decor and keep it looking clean and sleek. Target has an amazing line of soap dispensers to choose from that are perfect for any type of bathroom.

5. Laundry Baskets

Keeping all your dirty clothes off the floor and in a basket will instantly make your bathroom feel bigger, cleaner, and more organized. You will definitely want to find a cute laundry basket to throw them in and all of these options are perfect to keep your dirty clothes out of sight.

If you really want to make things easier, buy a rolling laundry hamper from Target to easily move your clothes from your bathroom or closet to the laundry room

6. Organizing Trays

I know everyone uses serving trays as decor in kitchens, but they actually work amazingly well in bathrooms! You can place them on your bathroom vanity to store soap or even above your toilet to keep a candle, air freshener, or additional decor. 

This is one of my all-time favorite decor hacks to instantly transform your ordinary bathroom into a spa and it's so easy to do!

7. Vanity Decor

Okay, currently loving this toothbrush holder that is part of Target's bathroom decor line. I mean who knew a toothbrush holder could look so good?

Replace all your old basic dispensers with stylish matching sets like these ones! Target bathroom decor always pulls through in the vanity decor section.

8. Bath Towels

While you want your bathroom towels to be soft and cozy, you also want them to look good in your bathroom. I recommend buying a set of cozy fluffy towels to use frequently and then a couple to hang on hooks as decor; this will bring together the look of your bathroom while keeping your "cute" towels looking nice and new!

9. Hand Towels

Whether you want to match your hand towels to your bath towels or want to mix them up with different patterns, Target has every option when it comes to hand towels.

Again, I recommend having a couple of softer, plain towels set out for frequent use and your nicer hand towels hanging to keep them looking fresh.

10. Baskets

Baskets are the easiest and cutest way to decorate your bathroom and bonus, they help you stay organized! Use stylish baskets like these to store extra toilet paper, towels, and cosmetics. 

Target baskets have been my number one decor obsession for years and it won't be stopping anytime soon with the countless options they always have.

11. Vanity Organizers

If you love the look of gold accents, these vanity organizers are the perfect ones for you. You can use these to keep makeup brushes, cotton swabs, or other frequently used bathroom products you want within close reach. 

12. Rolling Cart

If you have the space in your bathroom, adding a small "bar cart" or tiered organizer is a great way to spice up your bathroom decor while also adding easily accessible storage. You can find these amazing pieces at Target for a great price. 

I have seen so many people use one of these in their bathrooms to store lotions, perfume, and other products. You can also keep the "bathroom" cart looking stylish by adding plants and picture frames at the top!

13. Towel Hooks

Towel hooks are such an underrated bathroom decor piece. If you don't have a towel rod in your apartment/house and want an easily accessible place to hang your towels, Target's towel hooks are the perfect solution.

These are a super stylish and functional bathroom decor option everyone should be hopping on board with.

14. Picture Frames

If you want to keep your bathroom wall decor looking simple but sleek, hang cute frames like these ones from Target. I even used these in my bathroom to set on my floating shelves and it really brought my bathroom wall decor together.

I personally love printing out photos in black and white to put in these frames but you really can't go wrong when it comes to