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Looking to hang curtains to elevate your space but don't want to spend a ton for custom curtains? This post is all about how to hang curtains.

how to hang curtains

Curtains can be expensive but they can make a huge impact on your space.

I am showing you the easiest way on how to hang curtains in 4-easy steps. Plus, I am giving you the top tips for making inexpensive curtains look like really expensive custom curtains.

This post is all about how to hang curtains.

How to Hang Curtains in 4 Simple Steps:

Step 1. Gather all your supplies.

You'll need:

  • Curtains
  • Curtain rod + the hardware. Make sure to know if your curtain rod comes with hardware or if you're going to need to buy those separately.
  • Ladder
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Anchors (optional, if you're not going into studs)

Step 2. Measure to see what size curtains + curtain rods to use.

how to hang curtains

Here's my rule of thumb in getting curtains that will make your space look more expensive -

  • Get curtains long enough so they can hang 2-3 inches from your ceiling AND go all the way down to hit the floor. The wider your curtain panel, the more expensive your room will look. The curtains I bought for my bedroom are from Amazon but I got cheaper ones for my living room from Target.
  • Your curtain rod should extend 6 inches on both sides of the window. This will make the space look more balanced and complete. 

Step 3. Install brackets.

how to hang curtains

Use a screwdriver or drill to install brackets. These should be installed about 2-3 inches from the ceiling. I recommend measuring it out and marketing the wall with a pencil so that the location of the bracket is precise. 

If the rod and curtains are on the heavier side, use a stud finder or anchor (if you're not going to use a stud) to mount the brackets to ensure that they are sturdy. 

Use a level when installing the brackets to make sure that everything is straight. 

Step 4. Add rods and curtains.

how to hang curtains

Recreate this apartment:

This is the fun part. Add the rod and curtains to the brackets. This is when I like to steam my curtains but if you don't have a steamer, you can iron them before hanging it up. Then you're done!

Watch Me Show You Step-By-Step How to Hang Your Curtains:

Curtain Styling Tips:

Now, that you know how to hang them, let me give you some of my favorite Curtain Styling tips and tricks to help you make your curtains look as expensive as possible. This is just how I get the "custom" look at the "Walmart curtain" budget hah!

Hang curtains 2-3 inches from the ceiling

By hanging your curtain rod 2-3 inches from the top of your ceiling or molding, you are instantly making your room appear taller. When I am purchasing curtains, I always make sure that I am getting a curtain that is long enough to start at that 2-3 inch point below the top of the ceiling, and extend all the way to hitting the floor.

For example, my living room is 9 feet tall so I purchased 108" curtains. 

Large curtains that sweep the floor

It is nearly impossible to get curtains that perfectly sweep your floor AND go all the way to ceiling without getting custom curtains. Custom curtains are really expensive. I ordered curtains that were too large to ensure they would go up to the ceiling and hit the floor. I then hand-sewed the bottom of them to have them perfectly sweep the floor. This honestly was really easy to do so don't be scared to do this on your own curtain but yes, again, I realize this is SO extra.

For a more casual look, hang the curtains on curtain clips.

how to hang curtains

Depending on the vibe you have going on in your room, you can figure out if you want to hang the curtains directly on the rod or if you want to hang them on a clip. The pic above shows you to the two different styles.

For the living room, I ended up going with the left side which was more of a formal look but for my bedroom I ended up using these curtain clips to make the room look more casual.

Pleated curtains

Pleated curtains are really in right now and give your room a polished look. You can either get curtains that are already pleated or you can do this hack that I saw on TikTok. It is genius!! She basically just took curtains and added cut up paper towel holder into each of the sections and it made the curtain look perfectly pleated and expensive.

Major props to her for thinking of that. I didn't see that and I literally paper clipped my curtains and then straightened them with my straightener to get a really precise look which is hilarious now seeing how easy her hack was for the same look.

Where the curtains in my apartment are from: 

by sophia lee curtains

In my living room, I wanted a pleated look at a non-pleated budget. I was also trying to find curtains that weren't extremely sheer. 

I ended up getting these curtains from Target because they were a great price. I sewed the bottom of them to sweep the floor and took a straightener down it for fake pleat lines.

My curtain rod and curtain hooks are also from Target.

bedroom curtain ideas

I splurged a little more on my bedroom curtains because I wanted them to be black-out. I also majorly struggled with what color I wanted to go in here. Like, a year later, I still don't know if I like this color ?

Another thing that I just haven't spent the time figuring out is how to get these curtains to not bend so you can't see the white part. Eventually, I will update this picture haha

These curtains are from Amazon and the curtain rod is from Target.

This post is all about how to hang curtains.

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