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This post has all of the details of the GBOGH house backyard makeover and decor. 

In Wisconsin, you get about three months out of the year where you can sit outside and actually enjoy it. So, you better bet our bottom dollar that we ENJOY those three months. I knew that even though this space might not be used year-round, it had to be the dream spot to come out to in those few (but amazing) warm months.

I keep envisioning a couple getting home from work, pouring themselves a glass of wine, and sitting down in these (insanely cute chairs that I think I am going to buy for my own future house haha), and watching their kids play in front of them. Can you envision it?!

To really enjoy how far this backyard has come, you need to see what we started with.

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And now, it looks like this...

Pretty dang good, right?! I think one of the biggest differences in this area was reconfiguring the cement. 

PS - If you're wondering, redoing this cement costs $5,000. I didn't know what to expect, but that was more than I personally thought it would be.

I also feel like this is a good time to talk about the weeping mortar on the brick! This was a popular brick finish back in the 1920's when this house was built. You rarely ever see it now, so it's a pretty special part of the home!

Let's revisit this pic below so I can go over where everything is from...

I have a major soft spot for pea gravel right now. It's the perfect mixture of timeless and neutral material that happens to be affordable as well.

I've already shown my love for these chairs, but I really do loooveee them. They're really comfy too. I got these from World Market. They were more than I wanted to spend but they were by far the best option I could find. 

I am always shocked at how dang hard it is to find outdoor pillows! I ended up lucking out with these from Target and Etsy. 

The door is painted in Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams to match the rest of the house. The lanterns I stole from my apartment, and they're from Target. They might not sell this exact style anymore, but they always keep them looking pretty similar year after year! 

Love, love, love the exterior light. This one matches the exterior light on the front of the home.

And one of the sweetest parts of the yard... this gate! I custom-designed this with a welder (the same one who did all the railings inside!). I pulled a ton of gates from the early 1900's and basically combined them all to get this design. I love it and think it looks like it could have been here forever (which was the goal).


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