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Here's how we transformed the office with one of the best dark paint colors ever.

I am a sucker for a dark, moody room. Especially when the molding is painted a dark color too...SO GOOD. It can be extremely hard to nail down the best dark paint colors, and it's so easy to go with the wrong color. I did so much research on what dark paint colors other interior designers liked, made samples of them all, and then spent hours standing in this office deciding which one would be the best color.

I have seen firsthand how picking the wrong color can make the entire room feel off, so I am giving you my ultimate list of dark paint colors. These colors are the ones I have personally used and loved or were recommended by some really good interior designers. I swear by testing paint colors on boards like this and moving them around the room, so no matter what paint colors you decide on, I highly recommend doing this sampling technique. Not really a technique, but I wasn't sure what else to call it ;).

Before I give you the rundown on my favorite dark colors, let me show you what a difference painting this whole room dark made...


before office


Gold Lights | Frames | Gold Pens | Bowl (Vintage)

This specific paint color is "Flint" by Benjamin Moore. In some lights, it's navy; in others, it's gray. It is beautiful!! If you go dark, paint the molding too... it makes the prettiest statement!

Chandelier | Desk | Glass book end | Books (vintage) | White Vase | Desk Lamp (Vintage) 


Like I said, these are a mix of the paint colors we used in the GBOGH house, and the paint colors I saw used the most by interior designers. 

best dark paint colors

The lineup...

  • Soot by Benjamin Moore
  • Tricorn Black by Benjamin Moore (this is what we used on the exterior of the GBOGH house)
  • Flint by Benjamin Moore (GBOGH office color)
  • Gloucester Sage by Benjamin Moore (color we used in the GBOGH pantry)
  • Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore
  • Anchor Gray by Benjamin Moore
  • Dark Pewter by Benjamin Moore
  • Kitty Gray by Benjamin Moore
  • Mohegan Sage by Benjamin Moore
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