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We are really ending the GBOGH house reveals with a bang...the TWIN BEDROOM! 

To really get a *wow* moment, let me show you a picture of the room before. This was mid-wallpaper which made it look really really bad but for dramatic effect...


sophia lee restoration
by sophia lee homes

Before you see the after, I need to set up a room a little bit. I've been naming all of the bedrooms with fake kids that I make up to be living in them (haha). There was the nursery and now this, the twin boys' bedroom.

Think two six-year-old boys who love sports and the mom is really preppy. Borderline boarding school vibes.


It's classy, the wallpaper is perfection, and even though it would probably be trashed in real life if actual 6-year-old twins were living in it, I am soaking up every second of it.

As far as I know, this room has always been wallpapered. I wanted to keep up with the tradition and picked this really beautiful but subtle striped wallpaper. When designing our restorations, I try to not really think about resale but in the case of wallpaper, I feel like I would be an idiot if I picked something super gender/age specific. I love that this wallpaper looks just as good in this boys' bedroom, as it would in a girl's bedroom, or even as an office.

The chest was a fun Facebook Marketplace find. I dragged Ben like an hour away to pick it up haha. He doesn't understand but I know all of my home decor lovers will ;).

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little boys bedroom ideas

Frame | Flag (vintage) | Racket (previous owners left in the garage!)

Funny (but not so funny) story about the chair rail happening in this picture. This home is almost 100 years old so, like any home that is that old, it has settled. This means, that some rooms slope slightly. This room specifically had a decent slope (nothing structural, just again, settling). 

The person who wallpapered the room was ready to kill me I think hahaha. Apparently striped wallpaper is one of the hardest wallpapers to work with. Who knew! After it was hung, I came into the room and there were these air gaps all along the slope of the room. If he would have flushed it tight to the edge, the stripe would have been totally crooked.

To solve this issue, I had him cut the edge so that there was no gap happening anymore. To hide that, we added the chair rail which ended up being SO cute. One of my favorite details in the room!

If you have missed seeing some of the GBOGH reveals, you can see them all here. I really feel like this home is my firstborn child haha.  I can't wait to get my hands on another house and show it just as much love as I gave this house!!

^Speaking of, say a little prayer that we find a house soon because OMG, the market is rough right now. I have had my heart broken multiple times now on getting offers rejected! I keep saying, "it'll happen when it's supposed to happen", but dang, I am getting antsy!


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