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BSL had a big week last week...we bought a house!!! We've named this house "Go Big or Go Home". Fitting, right?!

This has been a dream of mine from the very beginning of starting this website. I always knew that the end goal of BSL was to become a design resource for people moving into dorm rooms, then apartments, and eventually houses.

This is the first step in getting into the home decor world and we are SO excited to take you along with us. 

Our plan is to record the entire process of flipping this home. The inside is a total gut job (there's a tour of it below) and we're going to make it look like a million bucks (it may in fact be costing us a million bucks so it better look good).

After we finish the construction, we will be furnishing the entire property and will be able to give you ideas on how to decorate your current/future home.

You know our memo over here - we like things to look really expensive while still sticking to a budget. That's what we're trying to do (especially with the furniture). 

We'll be documenting the entire behind the scenes process but we have also hired a professional production crew to film the entire thing. It will be just like a TV show but we will be putting it on our Youtube channel. 

TBH, I'm really scared. I graduated with a degree in interior architecture and design but this is the first house that I will fully be designing. I've been working on plans for this house for over a month now and I can't wait for you to see them. 

Even though this is a "flip", we're not really treating it like one. Traditionally, if you're flipping a house then you are trying to do it with as cheap of things as possible and then move on to the next flip. Because we are sharing all of this with you, it's a lot more of a home and will not look like a traditional flip (aka not white cabinets, laminate floorings, know what I am talking about). It's going to be GOOD.

In the next few months, we will be taking you through the entire process. This week's video is the tour of the house and next week I'll be showing you everything I want to do. Getttt ready!!! BSL is ready to take on the world.

**We're actually launching a website, By Studio Lee, that will be a sister site to By Sophia Lee. Eventually, everything flip home and interior design related will be over there. It's like the uber professional version of BSL in case clients want to hire us. It should be launching in the next few weeks and it's just about the cutest website I have ever seen! Don't worry though, we will still keep all the decor hacks and blog posts over here at By Sophia Lee. 

Update - it launched! You can see the BSL Studios website by clicking here.

GBOGH (go big or go home) HOUSE TOUR:

some more 'before' pictures...

by sophia lee
by sophia lee
by sophia lee
by sophia lee

Us signing the papers with our banker, Brian Gold!!

Our realtor, Tracy Lalonde and Brian the banker (hah! he'll probably hate me for that). These two are the BEST and made this whole experience so much fun!! Sarah and I have never bought a house before so we had no idea what was going on and they helped us so much.

by sophia lee
by sophia lee boyfriend

Ben came to see the house and did a typical "eat on the floor" type of move in dinner. We were pinching ourselves about this whole thing. I've talked about the plan for so long that the fact it's actually happening is crazy!

by sophia lee

We're pretty dang excited about this and can't wait to take you on this journey with us!!

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