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the best way to sample paint colors

We are knee deep in making all of the design decisions at the GBOGH House and this weeks main task was choosing paint colors. Paint colors are a HUGE decision and you bet your bottom dollar I took a hot second in deciding which color I was going to use in each room of the house.

I was always that kid that constantly wanted to re-decorate my room, and luckily, my parents pretty much allowed me creative freedom. If I had my own money to buy paint, I was allowed to paint my room. Because of this I learned how dang important testing paint was from an early age.

It really is crazy how different paint colors can look depending on what room you are in, and I have figured out the best way to sample paint a way that is super easy and honestly, even fun. Plus, it allows you to bring the paint color on multiple different walls which is crucial for nailing the right color ;).

The Best Way To Sample Paint Colors...

the best way to sample paint samples

First up, the supplies. I am an Amazon through and through and it's my go-to for getting paint sample supplies. For the actual paint, I hit up my local Ace Hardware. Apparently, Benjamin Moore doesn't give samples out at their actual stores anymore so try your local Ace Hardware. 

best way to sample paint

We sampled 24 different paint colors, so it was quite the production. Unless you're doing a whole house like we're doing for BSL Studios, you probably won't have so many things to set up. 

The foam boards are KEY...don't use regular paper. It won't work. And also, painting the foam boards is so much easier (and better) than painting the wall because paint color on one wall could look completely different than paint color on a different wall.

how to sample paint colors

Make sure to write the name on the back of the foam board so you know what color you painted. Been there done that ;).

how to sample paint

We did two coats of paint, which is basically a must. The brushes I bought we're cheap and not the best quality, so the first coat was super streaky. We ended up doing one coat at night and one in the morning. 

The colors we chose for the house are truly drool worthy🤤.

paint sample cards

By doing it on these little boards, you can bring them all around your home and make sure that no matter what room and what type of light it gets, the paint is going to look good. It's more upfront work but I think we can all agree its WAY better than having to repaint a whole room after hating your original paint color.

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