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small bathroom ideas

The half bath has turned into one of my favorite little spots in the home. Originally, we were going to leave this pretty much as-is, but we last minute decided it needed some sprucing. We were able to do some really budget friendly updates that completely rejuvinated the space.

Here's a before of what it looked like when we bought the home...

small bathroom

Nothing bad about it, but also, nothing special either! I actually really love the original tile and felt like it would have been a crime to get rid of it. It just needed a little spice!!

Here's a list of the updates I wanted to do:
  • Wallpaper
  • New Light
  • New Toilet
  • New Vanity
  • New Hardware (bathroom faucet, towel & toilet hanger)
bathroom wallpaper

I searched for HOURS for both the wallpaper and the vanity. Do you know how hard it is to find an 18" vanity that looks semi-decent?! Nearly impossible!!!

I ended up finding this vanity and the price was in the budget enough where I was able to replace the faucet with this beauty and change the knob out. Honestly, the faucet was more than the vanity :/ but I feel like that's what it really needed to take it to the next level. 

Side note - I am crushing hard on polished nickel right now. Can't believe I am even saying this, but I think I might do the next houses kitchen entirely in polished nickel. From a die hard gold/brass fan, that is a very large statement ;).

And then the wallpaper...THE WALLPAPER! Loveeeee. Back in March, I went through all different wallpaper samples trying to find the perfect one. I had everyone vote on Instagram stories between these three...

half bath wallpaper

I really liked all of these, but ended up going with the top one. Due to the house being almost one hundred years old, the walls have a little too much texture to them. I thought the business of the wallpaper would do an amazing job hiding the texture!

I got the wallpaper from a new company called Spoonflower. I am really impressed with the quality and would definitely recommend. They have all different textures, but I went with the non-pasted traditional pebble. 

Here's the final product!


small bathroom ideas


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