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Looking for the under the bed storage ideas and products? This post is all about under the bed storage.

under the bed storage

We all know what it's like to get to the point where your closet is so full you could literally squish clothes in without a hanger and they wouldn't fall down. Running out of closet space can be really frustrating but we all know how hard it can be to get rid of that shirt you "might wear" some day. 

Luckily, the space under your bed makes the perfect area to store extra clothing, shoes, blankets, or anything you don't use on an everyday basis. Even if you aren't planning on storing clothing under your bed, having under the bed storage can be so useful to store extra bedding, blankets, shoes, or honestly anything else you want out of sight out.

Here are all the under the bed storage products to declutter your closet and optimize the space under your bed.

This post is all about under the bed storage.


1. Sturdy Cloth Containers With Lids

Having a bed that has space underneath is honestly such a blessing. Take advantage of this space by using bins to keep all the extra items you have in an easily accessible but discrete area!

These bins from The Container Store are perfect to do that. Not only are they large enough to store blankets, clothing, and shoes, they are also a cute patterned, neutral color that are way cuter than the usual plastic bins. If you don't have a bed skirt or a comforter that covers the space under your bed, definitely opt for some cute bins like these ones!

2. Wicker Storage Container

This wicker storage container from West Elm is another one of my absolute favorites when it comes to cute ways to design and organize your under the bed storage. 

After you are done organizing your items in the basket, just shut the lid and slide it under your bed! I honestly love the look of these and feel like they add to the decor just as much as they help your organize.

3. Cloth Storage Bag With Zipper

Flexible cloth storage bags are a great option if you have a very slim space under your bed and are planning to store clothing. These guarantee your clothes will be kept clean and organized and make for the easiest way to get to and from your items without having to take a lid off.

4. Dual Sided Openings Storage Box

If you are on a budget and want a more simple storage option, these cloth containers from Target are perfect for you! The lid opens up on both side which makes opening it from either side of the bed super easy.

5. Cloth Basket With Rope Handles

under the bed storage

Pottery Barn has tons of super cute storage baskets to choose from. These are perfect to store undergarments, socks, or even t-shirts in and easily slide them under your bed. 

6. See-Through Cloth Storage Bag

under the bed storage

I had to include a see-through storage bag! If you aren't planning on using the items under your bed a lot, it can be easy to forget what is in which container. 

These see-through bags allow you to pull them out and easily know what is in them, but still look nicer than clear plastic bins. They even have labels on the side of them so you can write what is in each one!

7. Cloth Shoe Organizer

under the bed storage

We all know how easy it is to go overboard with buying shoes and sometimes our buying habits don't agree with our storage space. 

If you are running out of space for your shoes or even just want to store certain shoes seasonally, consider buying these cloth shoe organizers from The Container Store! 

8. Pack Of 4 Cloth Storage Containers

Last storage bag I swear! But, if you are looking for inexpensive under the bed storage containers, this pack of 4 from Amazon is your best bet. Granted, they aren't as "cute" as some of the more expensive ones but if you have a bed skirt or have a low bed frame, that doesn't even really matter. Storing clothing, bedding, and shoes, is made super easy by these pack of 4 cloth storage bags from Amazon. 

PS. If you are planning to use these in a dorm or even an apartment that you may move out of soon, these make moving so much easier. I had them in college under my dorm bed and when it came time to move out I already had half my clothes packed.


9. Metal Storage Container With Wheels

under the bed storage

Having under the bed storage with wheels really makes accessing your items so much easier. These metal storage bins from Walmart have wheels on all four sides that make pulling them in and out super simple. 

You could even take these one step further by adding individual organizers and baskets into this rolling cart!

10. Under The Bed Rolling Drawer

under the bed storage

Buying a rolling drawer is the easiest and cheapest way to make your under the bed storage look like a part of your bed frame. Beds with built in drawers underneath can run a little pricey and who would buy a completely new bed just for a couple extra drawers?!

The drawers from are perfect for any bedroom that you want to add an expensive looking under the bed storage option for.

11. Underbed Storage Drawer

under the bed storage

This under the bed storage option is one of the pricier ones but it is totally worth it! With this storage drawer from West Elm, you can add a huge drawer to the edge of any bed frame. Plus, it is pretty much invisible when it is pushed under the bed so you can store extra items without being able to see them under the bed. 

This is the absolute best option if you are planning on using this storage space frequently and don't want to crawl under the bed every time.

12. White Wooden Under The Bed Storage Drawer

under the bed storage

This white wooden storage drawer from Home Depot is another great under the bed storage option that imitates the look of a bed with built in storage for under $160. If you don't have a high bed frame or a bed skirt, these drawers look as if they are part of your furniture which is pretty much the best alternative to buying a whole new bed with built in under the bed storage.

Plus, it has wheels on it so it won't scratch hardwood and makes pulling a drawer of heavy clothes out from under your bed super easy.

13. Shoe Rack With Wheels

Now back to shoe organization... If you are planning to store shoes you frequently wear, you may want to opt for a more easily accessible option than a zip up bag. In this case, a rolling shoe rack is one of the best options. This one from Amazon is a great price to pay for extra shoe storage.  

I actually have one of these in my college apartment and I can tell you first hand it changed my shoe organizing game. I originally had a shoe organizer bag but since I was frequently wearing those shoes, I got tired of having to unzip them back and forth every time I needed a pair of shoes. With this organizer, I can easily pick and choose which shoes I need and put them back under my bed at the end of the day.


14. Metal Storage Trunk

under the bed storge

Although trunks like these can be a little pricey, they are pretty much the best option to store lots of items. My roommate had one of these freshman year and put all her extra shoes and clothing in it and slid it under the bed. She is a shoe fanatic so this pretty much saved her freshman year. 

These are one of the cutest ways to add extra storage in your dorm room that won't look tacky under the bed.

15. Storage Cube

Storage cubes are a go-to dorm room under the bed storage option. Chances are, your dorm bed is either already high enough, or can be adjusted high enough to keep one of these organization cubes under them. Buy some cube shaped baskets and store all your extra items in this! I would suggest getting one like this that has a closed back to ensure none of your baskets fall backwards.

16. Three Tier Drawer

A lot of students choose to use plastic drawers to organize their under the bed storage but they are usually the clear ones which sometime look messy. These drawers are completely opaque and look so much more like real furniture. The are less than $30 on Amazon and provide a lot more storage than the normal clear plastic drawers.

17. Use A Tension Rod Under Your Bed

I wish I had taken a picture of my friends under the bed storage when I was a freshman but she basically had the most genius under the bed storage idea ever. She used a tension rod between the legs of her dorm bed to basically create a closet under her bed. She ended up being able to hang a ton of clothes under her bed that you couldn't even see under her bed skirt. 

Measure the length of your bed and buy a tension rod that can be extended to both ends. I promise you will be so grateful for this... I totally wish I had though of it my freshman year.

This post was all about under the bed storage.

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