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This post is all about apartment decor.

apartment decor

Nothing gets me more excited than decor. Ever since I was a kid, I would find ways to decorate my little spaces around the house - it gave me a sense of independence and an outlet for my creativity. Now then I’m (technically) an adult and have my own apartment, the world is basically my oyster.

I have a few stores that are my current obsession. To start, H&M has reinvented themselves and I am all over it. So many of the decor pieces are from here and you’re about to become just as obsessed as I am. 

West Elm and CB2 are also some of my current favorites. Honestly, a lot more things from this post would be from there if it wasn’t so darn expensive. Sorry CB2, a $300 pillow is not in my budget right now. I do really love their stuff, but extremely pricey! 

And of course, we always have to include more of our budget-friendly finds from Target and Wayfair. I'm obsessed with all of this apartment decor and hope you are too! 

This post is all about apartment decor.


1. Remington Nightstand

There are so many options when it comes to nightstands (even though when you google “nightstands” only hideous ones show up) and I had a hard time choosing but I love how classic yet modern this piece is! You can do so much with it.

2. Nightstand decor

When it comes to nightstand decor, I like to stick to some staples: frames, candles, lamps, and vintage books. I’ve added in a few extras in the mix here, but those are the items I would start with if I were you! 

Marble Tray: I couldn’t NOT show you guys this tray: I’m in love. It’s perfect for your phone, a notebook, your 10k ring, you know- the simple things. 

Gold frame: You can never say no to a simple gold frame. Choose your favorite photo and voila! You have just made your nightstand personal and unique. 

Candles: They’re perfect for decor purposes and for those times when you want to set the tone. There are so many gorgeous candles out there to choose from, so let your heart run wild! 

3. Gunnar Ceramic Table Lamp

I love the details on this lamp and think it would look fantastic on the nightstand I’ve chosen out. I’ve decided to stay with my neutral tones and go for a more textured lamp that incorporates those colors!

4. Vintage Books

Vintage books are a MUST. But if I were you I would go to your local thrift store and pick up vintage books there. They will be so much cheaper and still get the job done (unless you really want a Chanel coffee table book). I love to take the paper covers off of mine (so make sure the books your getting look good without them) and stack them!

5. Flounced Duvet Cover Set

The bed! Starting with the duvet - you can never go wrong with white, however, this neutral-toned bedding caught my eye and I had to say yes. Choose whatever colors work for you, just make sure the bedding is not too overpowering (I personally try to stay away from patterned duvet covers). 

6. Pillows

Pillows are where you can add a lot of texture. I love the subtle details in this pillow and think it will be amazing paired with the bedding! Also, I try to always add in a long pillow. I feel like it solidifies the whole bed!

7. Throw Blanket

You always need a throw blanket at the end of your bed. It will complete the whole look! Throw blankets are always extremely easy to switch out depending on the season. For Christmas, you could do a gorgeous deep green throw blanket, for summer a striped throw (this is where you can play around with patterns) - have fun playing around!

8. Full Length Mirror

college apartment decorations

Full-length mirrors will make your space look so much bigger than it actually is (a little illusion trick for you there). I am obsessed with the arched mirrors right now and think they make a space look so luxurious.

9. Artificial Olive Tree

I’ve learned adding plants to your space can also take it to the next level. If you can’t keep a plant alive for the life of you, don’t worry - this one’s fake (and so is the one in my room). But fake plants look so real nowadays, you can barely tell unless you’re hardcore inspecting it.


10. Coffee Table Decor

Tray with Rattan: Not the best angle of this tray (I tried my best), but I love adding trays to coffee tables - it defines the space and will stick acting like a decor piece. In here you can add coasters, candles, books, your remotes, etc.! 

Stoneware Vase: Sculptures are so luxurious and now that they’re becoming more of a staple decor piece you can find them all over the place! This is supposed to be for a plant, but personally, I would leave it empty! 

Agate Coaster: How gorgeous are these coasters? Perfect to put in your tray! 

Cursive Candlestick: Candles will add an amazing touch to your coffee table. I love the intertwined bases of this one!

11. Plant

Like I said before, plants just take a space to another level. You can put a real plant or a fake plant in this base, I just thought it would look amazing in the living room! 

12. Couch Pillows

Couch pillows are a must. Try to switch up the textures and really make sure you are incorporating the room's color palette. The color palette of this space is beige, black, and white. So I’m making sure the pillows I am using also have those colors in some way, shape, or form!

13. Throw Pillow and Basket

Throw blankets in the living room are for you to actually use, so choose the blankets you like the most! Baskets are a must if you do have blankets!!


14. Makeup & Jewelry Organizer

If you have a few staple makeup & skincare items you want to display, then a small makeup organizer would look beautiful on your bathroom sink. Every night I take off my jewelry in the bathroom before I wash my face, so I love having a small jewelry case right there for me to place my stuff in.

15. Wastebasket

cheap apartment decor

Have you seen a prettier wastebasket? Neither have I. You could put that wastebasket in a museum and I wouldn’t question it.

16. Soap Dispenser

Since I chose a few flashy pieces (makeup & jewelry organizers) and neutral ones (wastebasket and the vase which is up next), I wanted to keep my soap dispenser black to balance out everything. I love the look of this one!

17. Vase for Sink

I love a vase with (cough **fake**) flowers in the bathroom. It makes me feel like I’m at the spa.

18. Hooks for Bathroom Towels

You always need some hooks for your bath towels and these ones look gorgeous and vintage! You can also go to your local thrift store and see if you can find any hooks that are similar to these (I’m sure you can).

19. Bath Mat

apartment decor pinterest

I have always been obsessed with this bath mat - I have no idea why. I think it adds some humor to everything which I love. Highly recommend this!!

20. Vintage Artwork

small apartment ideas space saving

Vintage artwork in the bathroom is always a YES. It will truly take your space to the next level. Now, I’m not talking about Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, I love them a lot but their photographs are too overdone. Try finding a vintage poster that’s unique and it will make your space look even more amazing.


21. Diffuser

Everyone needs this diffuser, I am obsessed! It is just as useful as it is gorgeous. Essential oil diffusers have so many health benefits (I’m not a doctor so do your own research) and will make your kitchen smell fresh and clean!

22. Marble Fruit Bowl

apartment decor on a budget

I am a big fruit eater so I love to have a fruit stand visible on my counter! The marble is effortlessly beautiful and classic.

23. Stone Salt and Pepper Bowls

I never had salt and pepper out on my counters growing up, but now that I do, I use it all the time. All the time. They’ve become an essential part of my kitchen. 

24. Round Mod Charcuterie Board

I’m a big fan of wood charcuterie boards behind the stove and I think these ones are beautiful. The mix between black and natural wood is perfect!

25. Paper Towel Holder

We can’t forget about the paper towels! I chose another classic marble to match the fruit stand bowl!

26. Kitchen Utensils Holder

For your utensils, you’re going to need a holder and classic black will look amazing next to the charcuterie boards and the marble fruit stand bowl.

27. Kitchen Runner

This kitchen runner is thicker than you would imagine and looks even better in person. I love the way it ties together my kitchen and I highly recommend it!

This post is all about apartment decor.

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