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Looking for the cutest trendy wall prints? These are 23 of the trendiest prints that will be the perfect accent in your space!

trendy wall prints

If you’re redecorating your room right now, or just adding some finishing decorative touches, I’m sure you have seen framed prints everywhere. I swear, my Pinterest feed is 90% trendy wall prints (and I’m okay with that)! There is a very distinct style of wall prints that are currently trending and this post pretty much nails that style. 

Whether you are looking for the minimalistic look of Henry Matisse prints, some funky vintage photos, or some gorgeously designed inspirational quotes, there is seriously something for everyone. These trendy wall prints could be framed and hung, added to a gallery wall, put on a bar cart, or even propped up on a photo ledge! No matter what way you display them, you will be obsessed!!

This post is all about trendy wall prints.



1. Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe Poster

Seriously this is one of my favorite trendy wall prints in this whole post. Imagine having this framed on a bar cart with cute glasses and fun bottles. I am obsessed! They have similar prints for other cocktails too, but this cosmo one was really speaking to me!

2. Copenhagen Flower Market Poster

These flower market posters have been extremely trendy recently. Sage green is also the color of the year and can be seen practically everywhere. This flower market poster is seriously so cute, you need to order it asap!

3. It's All Love Baby Poster

How adorable is this? It's giving me all the Harry Styles vibes, and I am here for it. I can totally see this print being framed or hung in a collage with other fun posters!

4. Abstract Art Multicolor Poster

You know I love a good abstract vibe, and this is SO cute. I think you could definitely DIY some art like this if you are on a budget too! The colors in this are just so fun and bright, I am obsessed!


5. Watercolor Alcohol Bottles Framed Print 

If you don't know about Mixtiles, basically they come framed with adhesives that allow you to stick them on the walls with no hassle of hanging hardware.

I thought this was such a fun print and it would look so cute hanging about a bar cart. I mean, how much more can you ask for than prints that come framed??

6. Minimalistic Arch Framed Print

Going for a boho/minimalist vibe? This is one of the best trendy wall prints in this whole post for you! I'm not usually a big boho girl, but I am obsessed with this print! The subtle touch of color is so cute, and the overall style is just adorable!

7. "Take More Chances Dance More Dances" Framed Print

LOVE this quote. If you have this hanging in your space, you'll really start living by this quote, and hopefully, you will start taking more chances and dancing more dances ?. Even besides the quote, the design of this poster is adorable and the colors are so trendy!


8. Vogue Golf Issue Poster

Obsessed is an understatement. I am a huge fan of vintage prints, and I'm sure you are too. This vintage Vogue golf issue is everything. Seriously, how cute? The colors, the simplicity, the subtle grain, SO good! 

9. Matisse Pink Cutout Poster

You've been living under a rock if you haven't seen these Henry Matisse prints literally everywhere. Just about every influencer you follow has one of these hanging in her apartment, and they are so cute!

The reason that they have become one of the #1 trendy wall prints is how cute and simple they are, while still adding a fun pop of color. 

10. Vogue Spring Edition Poster

Another vintage Vogue print and I am obsessed!! If you're going for that chic, fashionable look, this is definitely the trendy wall print for you! The vibe is just too good! 

11. Party Pooper Photograph Print

Okay, hear me out on this one. I know it's kind of random, but imagine how cute this would be framed and hung somewhere in your bathroom! You could keep the color scheme in your bathroom black and white (very clean looking), and add this super fun print.


12. Flying Prada Or Sticking To Coach Art Print

I recently saw this print in the cutest apartment in New York City on TikTok and I haven't stopped thinking about it since! It is such a fun, unique twist on the classic designer brand posters that are starting to get a little tacky ?.

This artwork is seriously adorable, and you definitely should frame it and put it in your space!

13. Emotions Make Us Human Art Print

How cuuuute is this little print? Not only are the little illustrations so cute, but this poster is also a great reminder that it's okay to feel upset, it's okay to have normal emotions! This is precious and definitely a good reminder :).

14. Inspirational Quote Aura Art Print 

SO obsessed with this print. Hannah, one of our BSL content creators, has this wall print in her college apartment, and it is so trendy and cute!

Of all of the trendy wall prints she has in her room, this one is definitely my favorite. I love when a decorative piece is also functional (like this one motivating me to be the best me). 

15. Checkered Hearts Art Print

Talk about trendy!! This checkered hearts print is giving me all the good vibes. The colors, the little expressions, the unique style, it's all just too good!


16. Euphoria Group Photo Poster

Who isn't obsessed with Euphoria?? This is one of the most iconic pictures from the cast and the way it is displayed on this poster is so cute! They're all in their iconic Halloween costumes that we all know and love.

If you're a big Euphoria fan, this definitely needs to be one of your trendy wall prints.

17. Tame Impala Art Print

Anyone a big fan of Tame Impala? This is such a fun print, it's abstract, colorful, and has a cute nostalgic vibe. If you're trying to think of a trendy wall print idea that's a little more personal, search for artsy posters of your favorite musical artists!

18. Black and White Smiley Face Poster

I can't believe this is from Amazon!! This is one of my favorite smiley face trendy wall prints I have ever seen because it is so simple! They also have a version with the colors inverted if you want something a bit lighter!

19. Beverly Hills Hotel Photograph Print 

The Beverly Hills Hotel is an iconic aesthetic that you definitely need to incorporate into your space! I love a good Amazon find, and this might just be one of the best Amazon finds for trendy wall prints!!


20. A$AP Rocky Dior Poster

If you're an A$AP Rocky fan, you NEED this wall print. I mean, this is art ?. If you want a designer brand-inspired poster (but don't want it to look tacky) this is the perfect option for you! 

21. Chanel Photograph Print

How adorable is this print? Like I said before, I love everything vintage so this really speaks to me. Chanel is such an iconic brand, so this is just such a cute poster. You definitely should use this as one of your trendy wall prints!

22. Sun Bathers Photograph Poster

Obsessed is an understatement! I had a friend who had this print framed and hanging above her desk and I always thought it was sooo cute. The colors, the vibe, the vintage look ?, too good!

23. Girlboss Lounge Photograph Print

What a queen! I think everyone has a little jealousy of this girl somewhere deep down hahaha. I mean, she's such a mood.

I think this would look so cute in a group of trendy wall prints that all have a similar vibe.

This post was all about trendy wall prints .

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