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Looking for the cutest dorm bedding? This post is all about dorm bedding for every style & every budget. 

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dorm room bedding

Buying your dorm room is a big deal! It is really the biggest decor component of your dorm room and you want to make sure all of your wall decor and pillows pair well with your bedding. You can go so many different directions with the type of bedding you put in your dorm (color, texture, price) that it can be really overwhelming.

It felt like I looked everywhere for my dorm bedding, but everything I came across looked really tacky. Lucky for you, no matter what your style is, I have tons of options to make the cutest dorm room ever using different dorm bedding sets! 

This post is all about dorm bedding.



simple dorm bedding

I absolutely adore this simple look for your dorm bedding. The more simple you go with bedding, the more you can do with your wall decor. Personally, I would go with a style like this in my dorm room. 

The blush leopard sheets and blush throw blanket would look so cute together, especially with the white pillows! 

Get the look:

1. Simple White Comforter 

dorm room bedding sets

You can never go wrong with a plain white comforter. I think a white comforter mixed with a patterned sheet set and fun throw pillows is the way to go! 

2. Sheets & Blankets

I had leopard sheets in my dorm room and I loved them. Also, pairing the colors of your sheets with your throw blanket makes a really complete look. 

The waffle knit of this throw blanket will add a subtle texture to your room, making it look even more cozy!

3. Simple Throw Pillows

Ah yes, the pillow you have seen all over your Pinterest and Instagram feed. But seriously, this pillow is so cute and looks amazing in pretty much every style room. 

I love how simple these pillows are, but the added texture and little face detail will spice up the plain white comforter. 

Exciting News! 🎉 

The Dorm Room Essentials *for 2024* is officially live!

Click here to read the must-have dorm room essentials for 2024 you need to know about.

4. White Headboard

college dorm bedding

Having a headboard is a game changer. I didn't have one, and one day I sat in my friends' bed (who did have one) and I was blown away!! Literally makes it feel so homey and cozy!!

To me, a dorm bed doesn't feel like a real bed until you have a headboard! 


girly dorm bedding

If you're more of a pink girl, a girly dorm would be sooo cute. Add a bit of pale pink throughout your room, and you'll achieve that girly look you're looking for without it being too much. 

White, cream, and gold accents look stunning when matched with pink and will give your bedding that classy girly look. This would definitely give it a "classy" girly look which would look so good in the dorm. 


5. Girly Duvet Cover Set

bed bath and beyond dorm bedding

I'm obsessed with this duvet. It's perfect for a girly girl looking for more pink to add to her bedding! I have seen a ton of pink bedding that looks like it belongs in a five year old's bedroom, but I think this set is totally age appropriate.

6. Sheets & Blankets 

Love this blanket! Definitely more simple but a great way to even out all the pink with a pop of white. 

7. Girly Throw Pillows

I am obsessed with pillows that aren't your standard, rectangle shape. These bolster pillows make your bed look super expensive and the initial pillow is adorable and the perfect customized touch. 

8. White Upholstered Headboard

dorm bedding headboard

An upholstered headboard is not only super trendy but it also adds a cute, new texture into your room; this one is so cute and totally looks like the headboards from Dormify, but it's way cheaper. 


trendy dorm bedding

If you are super up to date on the latest trends, you know that bold and bright is all the rage for dorm room and bedroom decor. These tufted pillows have been ALL over my social media and I think there is no better place for them than a trendy dorm room. 


9. White Textured Duvet Set

Having a white duvet cover in a bright, bold room allows you to play around with more color in your blankets and throw pillows so it isn't too overwhelming. 

Also, trends are constantly changing, but a white duvet will always go with everything! 

10. Sheets & Blankets 

Adding bold, colorful sheets is a great way to add a pop of color without it being too much because you won't be able to see all of it! I love these mustard sheets so much, they would be so cute with the rainbow pillows below. 

11. Throw Pillows

For a colorful room, the throw pillows are one of the best ways to get creative and add some fun color and texture. These pillows I found are so much fun and really a good way to have your personality show through your dorm bedding! 



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12. Plush White Headboard

walmart dorm bedding

I have never seen a plush headboard before and I think it is so cool!! I don't know how it could really hold up over time, but hey for one year in a dorm room it would look cute and so cozy. 


boho dorm bedding

Boho themed bedding would be perfect in your dorm this year! The boho theme makes your dorm feel really cozy and warm which can be comforting when moving far away from home. 

You could definitely go a few different ways with boho dorm bedding too - switch up the color scheme, textures and pillows - there are sooo many options! 


13. Boho Duvet Cover

bohemian dorm bedding

I know, BOLD! But seriously, I can't get over how pretty this duvet cover is. All of the colors are so gorgeous. 

I know it seems like a lot in this picture, but I just know in person it would be gorgeous! I love that you can add throw pillows that pick up on all of the colors in the duvet cover. 

14. Sheets & Blankets 

When you're going with such a bold duvet cover it's best to stick with plain white sheets and a neutral throw blanket. I really like the white throw blanket because it's textured so it makes the whole bed feel cozier. 

15. Boho Throw Pillows 

As you probably have caught on, texture and tassels are perfect for boho dorm bedding. I love these pillows because they are all colors that pick up from the duvet cover. The velvet pillows are the cutest colors and only $10!! 

16. Pink, Velvet Headboard

dorma bedding sale

How pretty is this headboard?? The velvet texture and detail in the material is so cute and different. The mauve color would look so good with the colors in the duvet cover and throw pillows!

This post was all about the best dorm room bedding. 

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