Top 10 Cutest Dorm Bedding Available This Year That All Freshman Need To See

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This post is all about dorm bedding.

cute and inexpensive dorm bedding

One of the main focal points in a dorm room is made through the dorm bedding you choose.

You can go so many different directions with the type of bedding you put in your dorm (color, texture, price) that it can be really overwhelming.

For me, finding cute dorm bedding was a major pain in the butt. I looked everywhere and everything came across really tacky and not something I wanted to have in my dorm room.

This post is an extension from my Dorm Essentials for 2018 where I go over everything and anything freshman need moving into a dorm. I highly recommend all freshman to check out that post, it will fill you in on all the things you actually need to get for your dorm.

In the original post, I include my TOP favorite dorm bedding. I add those here along with 6 other cute dorm bedding. I included all different color combinations since I know everyone doesn’t want the same color.

Here is the top 10 cutest dorm bedding available this year.

Dorm Bedding

dorm bedding twin extra long grey

Click here to view this bedding.

I am obsessed with this bedding! I love the different texture it has on it while remaining neutral.

The reason I like neutral bedding so much is that as your style changes, you can change the pillows and other decor pieces around it instead of getting a whole new comforter (which can be pricey).

This is the most expensive comforter that I recommend (it’s from Urban Outfitters for $129.00) but if you plan on using this for two years or more, it might be worth it. Also, since its neutral, it will stay in style.

gray twin xl comforter for a dorm room

Click here to view this bedding.

This is my favorite grey duvet for this year. Grey is such a popular color for a duvet that I knew I needed to add a lot of grey options. I really like this comforter because it adds a little something special to an otherwise plain and simple comforter.

This comforter also comes in white, pink, and blue! All are equally as cute.

It is very affordable at $76.49 and comes with four pillows (and in twin extra-long, what more could you want from a comforter set 😉 ).

white xl twin bedding from amazon

Click here to view this bedding.

This picture is showing blue bedding, but this is my best WHITE duvet for this year. I love how it looks much more expensive than the other plain white duvets out there but is only $34.99.

It is available in twin extra-long.

twin xl long pink ruffle bedding

Click here to view this bedding.

Such a great option if you are looking to find blush bedding this year!

Also, I love that it’s from Target and very affordable. This same bedding comes in navy for anyone interested.

boho tassel dorm bedding

Click here to view this bedding.

I think this bed gives off such a cool boho feel without it being too in your face.

This bedding is from Target (and is a great price). It also comes with a decorative pillow which is super nice!

click here to see by sophia lee dorm room essentials

white and navy dorm bedding

You can find this bedding here.

Such a classic option!

This has been a style that has remained through all different trends, so if you pick this piece, it is almost guaranteed that it will stay in style for a very long time.

I also love how it is just a little bit of color (the navy) so it makes just the right amount of impact.

One last thing about this comforter– it’s reversible!

dark grey dorm bedding

Click here to find this bedding.

This is definitely one of my favorite beddings available for this year.

My favorite parts are how it is one color throughout but has such great texture because of the detail on the comforter. And it looks super comfortable!

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girly pink dorm bedding

Click here to view this bedding.

If you’re looking for a girly and glam dorm room then this is the perfect bedding for you!!

This bed also comes in a silver if that is more your metal than gold.

black and white dorm bedding in twin xl

Click here to view this bedding.

How cute, right?!

With this bedding, you could go so many different directions in your dorm. If you want more “cool” vibes, add some blue pillows. If you want it more girly, add some pink pillows.

However, this bedding is low on stock so I would recommend purchasing it sooner than later!

trendy dorm bedding

Click here to view this bedding.

I had to add one more gray bedding option because it is so dang popular this year!

This one puts a twist on the usual gray bedding and makes it much more interesting.

Best part… it’s 41% off right now!

Other Bedding Essentials

white sheets twin xl for dorm bed

Click this link to view these sheets.

I only use white sheets in my dorms. Two reasons for this: White looks the best (in my opinion) and if you get a stain on it, you can bleach it and it will look brand new.

This is the exact sheet set I used this past year and I really liked it because it also fit over mattress pad. Plus, it comes with a fitted sheet, sheet, and a pillowcase.

soft blanket for dorm room

Click here to view this blanket.

My favorite blanket ever!! Get it in the queen… it is so soft and the best to snuggle up in. I used it all year and continue to use it at home (like every day).

It also comes in a million colors so you can choose one that mattresses your dorm room.

twin xl mattress topper

Click here to view this mattress pad.

This is the exact mattress pad I used and the BEST. I highly recommend looking at getting a 4in mattress pad. I purchased this one originally because it was the cheapest 4in mattress pad I could find and it is so good!!

I actually liked it so much that I even put it on my queen size bed at home because it was so comfy. I also had all my friends climb up on my bed so they could feel how good it was (yes, I was/am obsessed 😉 ).

Make sure to remember to get twin extra long!

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twin xl mattress protector

Click here to view this mattress protector.

I am a germ freak so this was a must for me. Even if you aren’t a germ freak I would highly recommend purchasing this. Not to put nasty images in your mind, but think about the things your dorm room mattress has gone through for years…. yeah, disgusting. 

I put this over my mattress and then put my mattress pad on top of it. It also protects against fluids hitting your mattress, dust mites, and bacteria.

Click here to view this clip-on fan.clip on fan

Your dorm room will get very hot (especially if you don’t have air conditioning) and it can be miserable at night.

My roommate actually had this and I thought it was so genius. It is battery operated (so no cords hanging off your bed) and you can attach it directly to the railing on your bed. It will keep you much cooler than having it on the ground (especially if you’re planning on bunking your bed).

It’s available on Amazon for $19.99.

I hope this post gave you some ideas on bedding options for your dorm. I know it can be hard to find cute bedding in the correct size for your dorm bed, and often times the ones they have that does fit look like they belong in a little kids room.

Along with the bedding, I included my favorite and most used bedding products. I highly recommend every freshman to consider adding these products to their dorm room packing list… I used them every single day!

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cutest dorm bedding available this year

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