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Have you picked all the furniture and now need some throw pillows to finish off the room? These are our absolute favorite places to buy throw pillows. We've even added a pillow sizing guide so you know exactly what size pillows you should be buying. 

throw pillows

If you're looking to find all the secrets to getting designer looking throw pillows, then you've come to the right place.

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use when choosing out throw pillows to take them to that next level. Even for my own living room, I spent hours trying to find the right pillows that looked really good but didn't cost an arm and a leg.

This post shows you where to find the most affordable throw pillows that LOOK expensive, a sizing guide so you know exactly what size you need for your bedroom and living room, a fool-proof pillow combo, and a money-saving hack I swear by. Whew! That was a lot of info ;). 

This post is the ultimate guide to throw pillows and breaks down every single thing you need to know about perfecting throw pillows in your own home.




It can be tricky to figure out what size throw pillows you need for different size beds. Here's some great references for twin beds and queen/king bedrooms. 

twin bed pillow size guide
pillow size guide

This is my bed!! I wanted something that didn't cost a lot of money and would be really easy to make in the morning. I throw these three pillows on my bed in the morning and I can tell you, I make the bed so crappy but the pillows cover it up and make it look really good.

Takes three seconds and my bed looks perfect. Also, did I mention that the pillow covers are $6?!

Here's the exact pillow covers I used:

queen bed pillow sizes
pillow sizes
Living Room:
couch pillow sizes

The 3 Pillows Every Couch Needs:

There's all different styles of throw pillows...boho, vintage, farmhouse, mid-century, etc. 

Everyones going to have their own opinions on which one they like, but for me personally, I'm very into the vintage-y more collected look. What I've realized is that pillows are not serious and especially with this vintage look, you can really throw any type of pattern/texture together and it will work.

Within that "vintage" look there is usually three types of pillows that I try to mix together so that it doesn't look so uniformed and looks a lot more high-end.

As a rule of thumb, I would stick to 3 pillows on each side of the couch. The three pillows consist of...

1. Basic Pillow

This is usually the largest pillow and what I have in the back. It's a pillow that usually has no pattern on it hence the name, "basic". It usually does have some sort of texture to it whether it be velvet, mud cloth, dyed linen, or some type of other fabric. 

Some basic pillows we are loving:

2. Embroidered Pillows

This is just what it sounds like. It's an embroidered pillow (or one that almost looks embroidered) that adds a little more of a design touch. This is probably my favorite style of pillow and you can get REALLY cheap options.

I usually make this the second largest pillow on my couch.

3. Turkish/Vintage Pillows

I am so into vintage pillows right now. For me, those pillows usually are usually harder to find so if you can get your hands on a vintage or Turkish pillow, grab it! They're one of a kind pieces and help make your home look more collected. TBH, a lot of those Turkish pillows look ugly to me alone but when they are in the mix of all the pillows they really complete the look.

My favorite places to get these are on Etsy. Specifically the store By Cloud Design and Antaolian Kilims House.


pillow inserts

Dying at this picture! This is from my 2017 blogging days. hah!

This hack has served me longtime and I SWEAR by it. I can tell right away a cheap versus expensive pillow just by the type of insert it has. I only buy pillows that have zippers on it or pillows that already have a down throw insert (which is rare). You can tell if a pillow is a down throw pillow based off if it is able to chopped or not (and yes, I know, you either hate this look or love it). The pillows below show you that chopped look.

where to buy cheap pillow inserts

For example, if I buy a pillow from Target, I ONLY buy pillows there that have a zipper so I can replace the pillow insert with a nicer one. But these inserts get EXPENSIVE. Sooo, I walk to the back of a HomeGoods or Marshalls and go to their clearance section. There, I find a pillow in the size I need and make sure its a chopping pillow.

It obviously doesn't matter what the pillow looks like because you'll be replacing the cover.

These clearance pillows are WAY cheaper if you just bought the down throw inserts on its own.


throw pillows

Here's a little breakdown of my favorite places to buy throw pillows. I'm very opinionated about things like this and these are by far the best pillow shops (that don't cost a fortune) that I have been able to find.

For pillows, I like to do a high/low mix. Mix some pillows that were really affordable mixed with some more expensive pillows.

  • Target: I NEVER buy their pillows if the cover doesn't come off. Otherwise, they look cheap to me. They're just starting to have more and more pillows with zippers so look out for those.
  • Woven Nook: Probably tied with Etsy on y favorite places to buy pillows. They have really, really cute options that aren't insanely expensive.
  • Amazon: I'm careful with Amazon pillows but they have great cheap velvet throw pillow covers that I often reach towards. Like, these on my bed were only $6 each.
  • Etsy: Allll different price ranges. I found this company that uses those old Turkish rugs and turns them into pillows. They are VERY affordable which is what I like but warning - the patterns can be way fainter in person. (orcunshop and AnatolianKilimsHouse)
  • Collectiv Co - A lot more expensive but gives more of that professional interior design look
  • Ruffled Thread - Same as above. A lot more expensive but gives more of that professional look.


throw pillows

The other two pillows are from Etsy! One is from this shop and one is from this shop.

how to make a bed look expensive

The long lumbar pillow cover was made by my mom, but this Etsy store sells a basically identical one.

bed styling ideas

That's the ultimate guide to throw pillows. Now you'll have the best pillows in your neighborhood ;).

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